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Earth Day Mutiny: Yellow+Blue Wines = Green Wines!


Have you all seen these Tetra Paks? These little packaging wonders are everything I love about juice box technology, but instead of merely quenching my thirst with delicious fruit juice, the juice box-esque devices are able to transport alcoholic beverages from the alcohol factory to my belly. I showed a Tetra Pak sample to Mutineer Energyologist Jeff Dorenbush, but when I told him that the technology hadn’t been applied to energy drinks (to my knowledge), he said that wine is stupid and that the Earth is doomed. As a last ditch effort to save the planet, Jeff has adopted a “scared straight” strategy by pouring motor oil in the yards of all our neighbors to show just how dangerous pollution is. See the full post »

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The Most Expensive Champagne…Ever


$21,200 will buy you the most expensive Champagne ever, unless of course you paid $21,201 for a different bottle. The new king of costly Champagne is a 1928 Krug, which sold on March 28 in Hong Kong at the Acker Merrall & Condit auction. While the grapes were from the 1928, the Champagne hit the market in 1939. While 1928 is supposed to be a great vintage (I haven’t had any myself lately), the vintages of the early 1930s were a bit of a lull according to the press release from Krug, making the wine even more desirable. See the full post »

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Wine Library Adventure


Wine Library Beverage Store
A shot from the second story looking down in the incredible Wine Library beverage store.

As part of the Mutineer Magazine National Promotion Tour, I stopped by the Wine Library in Springfield, New Jersey to film an episode of Wine Library TV with Mutineer Issue 3 Cover Guy Gary Vaynerchuk.

Watch the episode

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The Great Playmobil Mutiny


I got pretty freaked out when I saw this on the Dreg’s Report, because it confirmed my suspicions that there are indeed spy cameras in Mutineer HQ. This is an exact replica of our old office at around 9 AM every day, right down to the Delong’s Wine Chart (which is awesome)…Bastards. See the full post »

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As Seen in Mutineer Magazine: Wine Library Edition


Wine Library TV

Mutineer Magazine is lucky to have a killer group of advertisers supporting what we do. These companies have a commitment to fine beverage culture, and make some incredible fine beverages. I was at Wine Library on Thursday, April 9 to film an episode with Gary Vaynerchuk, and here are some of the brands he carries that have been a part of Mutineer Magazine: See the full post »

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DREGS REPORT: The Day The Wine World Stood Still, At Least That’s What They Tell Me…


So…I was hanging at the Boston Wine School on Tuesday night for the Boston Mutineer Launch Party (blog about that forthcoming…), and apparently not being in-the-know about the “Dregs Report” is the wine media equivalent of spending prom night at home, alone, with cats. This was first made clear to me by wine writer Dale Cruse, who dropped by the event to get his back issues of Mutineer Magazine signed by yours truly. Cruse is kind of like the East Coast equivalent of Steve Heimoff, except he is credible, personable, and hasn’t written any books (that I know of). See the full post »

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Arch Nemesis: Dr. Vino vs. Robert Parker Jr.


OK, so maybe this isn’t a full blown “arch-nemesis” situation ala Mutineer vs. Steve Heimoff, and the juiciest part of this story, which was posted on Coleman’s “Dr. Vino” blog, actually involves Dr. Vino (Tyler Coleman) and Parker contributor Jay Miller. See the full post »

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Boston Wine School: Mutineer Magazine Launch Party


If you’re in the Boston area tonight, come hang out with Mutineer Magazine Editor Alan Kropf at the Boston Wine School. I’ve been very psyched up about this event for awhile, but when I read the event description on the BWS website today, things really got awesome: See the full post »

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