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Bitches and Wine: Let’s Party!


Wine & Bitch

People and their dogs are crazy, an idea verified by the up coming Wine & Bitch Weekend at The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana. Events include hand-made dog treats, gourmet human treats, fashion show, and a dog parade…WTF is a dog parade? Billed as “A luxury weekend of fine wine tasting and tail chasing“, this annual event finally brings together the worlds of psychotic dog owners and rabid winos. See the full post »

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Chris Rock Loves Champagne


Chris Rock Loves Champagne. So much so that hey made a video to say it. The video opens up on epic Lake Erie, with rock proceeding to fly the world in a hot tub with Champagne. Sounds AWESOME. This is a true Champagne tour de force.

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Prostitute Beats Man With Bottle of Thunderbird



I had totally forgotten about this story until a labyrinth of clearly inappropriate Google searches led me back…

As reported by the Kitsap Sun, Bremerton Wine-for-Sex Arrangement Turns Sour: See the full post »

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The Happening: 2009 Wine Bloggers’ Conference Photolog


2009 Wine Bloggers' Conference: Twitter Tasting
A Twitter tasting frenzy on Day 1 gets morale up. See the full post »

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10 Age Verification Screens


Absolut Age Verification Screen

Age verification pages on websites are insane to me. They are the equivalent to a blind, deaf, paralyzed old woman working the door of a nightclub. They baffle me. It’s the ultimate example of going through the motions…Obviously the alcohol companies don’t have much of a choice in the matter, so you can’t fault them. Here are ten age verification screens for your viewing pleasure. See the full post »

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…and then Atlas Shrugged and proclaimed, “Say No To Big Box Liquor Stores”


Concerned citizens of Braintree, Massachusetts have banded together to stop Wine Nation Inc. from building a fine beverage superstore in their fair town. A website has been set up to support the opposition, which can be viewed here.

On the surface, I like the fact that people are taking this matter into their own hands and staging a mutiny of sorts to try and keep the mega store out of their town, but I find it difficult to get behind the cause. See the full post »

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Michael Jackson Passes Away, Was Once Involved In a Fine Beverage Scandal

Michael Jackson Jesus Juice

Unless you live in a cave that does not have Wi-Fi, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Michael Jackson’s death from cardiac arrest today, but did you know about his fine beverage scandal involving serving wine to kids in soda cans?

Entertainment Weekly reported on January 29, 2004 that, “In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, [Jackson’s former business adviser] Myung-Ho Lee claims the singer tried to seduce at least one boy by serving him Coca-Cola cans that were actually filled with wine. Jackson called the white wine ‘Jesus juice’ and the red wine ‘Jesus blood,’ Lee tells the magazine.

Following this, The Smoking Gun would report about a Los Angeles couple trying to trademark a wine using Jackson’s term “Jesus juice” with label that was controversial to say the least.

Jacko will be missed by all at Mutineer, who will be abolishing wine glasses and drinking all wine and other libations out of soda cans for the rest of the day, a practice our layout editor Jordan Luckman does from time to time anyways…

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Vinexpo: From Inside the Belly of the Beast Part 1


A lonely glass of sparkling rosé by Sieur D’Arques

Like the centre of Bordeaux France, cafes line the “streets” of Vinexpo, the world’s largest wine and spirits exposition held in … well Bordeaux. It’s the modern day, bourgeoisie Moulin Rouge where Satin is played, this year, by rosé and sparkling wine selections. All other wine — and spirits to a much lesser extent– make up the chorus line.

This year some 40,000 to 50,000 visitors and exhibitors will flood the halls, which is not surprising given that wine and spirits sales totaled $330 billion worldwide in 2008. Come 2012 that figure will likely hit $390 billion with America taking the lead in sales that same year. See the full post »

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