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David Lett: Lessons From of a Legendary Wine Pioneer


David Lett

It’s no secret that the wines of Willamette Valley’s Eyrie Vineyards are among my very favorite on the planet. The wines, particularly the pinot noirs, are full of character and complexity that rival the great wines of burgundy, yet are uniquely Oregon. It was a sad day when Eyrie founder David “Papa Pinot” Lett passed away on October 9, 2008. David Lett essentially invented the modern wine industry in Oregon through the founding of Eyrie Vineyards, and his epic story is truly incredible. I came across this video of David’s son Jason Lett giving the commencement address at the Linfield College in Willamette Valley and was pretty blown away by it. David was also honored with an Honorary Doctor of Science degree by Linfield College faculty and trustees, and Jason’s address beautifully tells the story of this legendary wine pioneer and the lessons that can be learned from his journey.

Part 1 of Jason Lett’s 2009 Commencement Address
Part 2 of Jason Lett’s 2009 Commencement Address

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Stocking the Bar for the End of the World Party

BeerOther BeverageSpiritsWine

The Road

Viggo Mortensen reprises the role of “The Man” in the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” which hits screens across the country on Wednesday. The book was fantastic, and the release got me thinking about fine beverage (and liquids) in a post-apocalypse environment.

The Man and Robert Neville, the main character in “I Am Legend”, took different approaches to drinking. Now folks, I haven’t seen either movie (dead tree stories still hold a special place in my heart), so I’m talking about the novels. NO SPOILER ALERTS! The Man won’t touch the stuff, and Neville drinks like a fish for a good portion of the story. So how would you roll? Here’s my top ten: See the full post »

Last Week in Wine Blogs


Vallejo Wine Central Warehouse Fire

6 million bottles of wine are destroyed in a warehouse fire caused by arson in a botched attempt to destroy evidence relating to other crimes. [Fermentation]

The good doctor is pumped about little Italian kids getting wine themed coloring projects. [Dr. Vino]

Team Lenndevours is on a mission to identify the best of the best in New York with their New York Cork Report. [Lenndevours] See the full post »

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Wall Street Journal: Beverage Ratings are an “Illusion”


Anti-Wine Spectator Ratings

Beverage ratings are ridiculous: this much we know, but don’t take my word for it. The Wall Street Journal is shining a light on the absurdity of the situation, publishing a piece this past Saturday about wine ratings titled “A Hint of Hype, A Taste of Illusion“: See the full post »

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Yankees Pop The Cork on Fine Beverage


Yankees Celebrating

The Fall Classic was decided in six games, but two debates still rage on. Should players protect their glazzies during Champagne celebrations, and what is the best Champagne to soak your teammates with?

I’ll not wade into the fan side of the goggles debate. It’s a sticky subject that has a lot to do with tradition and general manliness I guess. The medical part, however, should be considered. The AP did an interesting article that consulted an ophthalmologist about the effects of Champagne on eyeballs. Turns out a little bubbly in the eye could lead to a corneal abrasion (this stuff does shoot out of the bottle folks). Having bum specs in a game where you’ve only got a split second to make the decision to swing is tantamount to going to the plate with your eyes closed. See the full post »

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AIG CEO Splits Time Between Saving Economy and Making Wine


Robert Benmosche

Robert Benmosche is aspiring to be a wine revolutionary as he tries to build a reputation for Croatian wines with his new winery. This would typically pump me up, except that when Mr. Benmosche isn’t making wine, he’s tasked with running one of the most important and unstable mega corporations in America, AIG, which enjoyed a $182.5 BILLION loan from you, me and everyone else in America, which is roughly the same amount as the entire Gross Domestic Product of Chile.

According to NY Daily News:

Wearing flip-flops, khaki shorts and a green polo shirt, the new chief executive of bailed-out insurer American International Group Inc says he’s getting a lot of work done from his massive villa overlooking the Adriatic. See the full post »

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Wine Tasting on Tim & Eric Awesome Show


Special news correspondent Dr. Steve Brule is featured in this clip from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show about wine and wine country. You may recognize Dr. Steve (John C. Reilly) from his work in Boogie Nights, Step Brothers, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, but this clip firmly establishes him as a wine personality right up there with the best of them. Here are a few quotables from his segment:

I don’t even like wine, but guess what, you’re gonna like it.

Supposed to spit it out…but no way Jose!

Sweetberry wine!

The Mutineer was tipped off to this glorious video by fellow Mutineer Corben Ketelsen of skiwineracks.com.

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Wine-fueled Sorbet!


Wine Sorbet

Just can’t get enough wine? Neither can we, so when I ran across Wine Sorbet Cafe at my local farmers market the sky opened up and the sun shone bright. Owners Mike and Cathy Kazmark were on site giving samples of this cool treat and I tried them all. Offering flavors such as Riesling, Rose, Sangria Rojo, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and my personal favorite Champagne. The ultimate dessert? For wine lovers very possible and for anyone that loves ice cream, sorbet, gelato or sherbet this may be your go to dessert. Check them out at winesorbetcafe.com

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