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The Happening: Mutineer Sponsored Events for April 2010


The Happening - Mutineer

Interested in knowing what epic events your favorite Mutineers are appearing at in the month of April? Check out the list of events that Mutineer Magazine will be sponsoring this month. And if you are around during any of these events, we encourage you to come and check things out! See the full post »

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World Wine Tour Goes To China


Georges and Anja, the intrepid World Wine Tour travelers and organizers, are scorching through the Far East at breakneck speed. Check out their wrap up of the China leg of their trip…with video goodness.

Want to get involved in the World Wine Tour? Head over to the World Wine Tour blog and post questions you may have for Georges and Anja or the wineries they’ll be visiting. They will ask for you and post them on the site. You can also catch them in their regular column featured in each issue of Mutineer Magazine.

Georges and Anja: 有一个良好的旅程

Mutineer Interviews Available Online: Jim Koch, Max Riedel & Randall Grahm

Jim Koch Max Riedel Randall Grahm

L to R: Jim Koch, Max Riedel, Randall Grahm

Alongside Gary Vaynerchuk and Zane Lamprey’s Mutineer Interviews that are available for free online, we’ve also added Mutineer Interviews from Jim Koch of Sam Adams, Max Riedel of Riedel Glassware, and Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard to the online collection.

Check out the entire Mutineer Interview collection.

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Social Media Takes Me Closer To Time Travel & Seppeltsfield Tawny


Delorean and Seppeltsfield

If I’m honest, at times I have what could be considered a “Han Solo” mentality about social media. Like, the first time I was hanging with Gary Vaynerchuk in Jersey and talking about social media and eating lasagna, I told him flat out, “Kid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other, and I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe that there’s one all-powerful Force controlling everything. Cause no mystical energy field controls my destiny. It’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.” But he persisted, and today I’m excited to say that social media is getting me one step closer to time travel. See the full post »

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World Wine Tour 2010 Rolls Into Mongolia


World Wine Tour 2010 in Mongolia

The Mutineer sponsored World Wine Tour is rolling hard into Mongolia, getting relatively lost in a land where there isn’t much to find for wine in the first place. Check out this update on the World Wine Tour 2010 Blog, and look for a comprehensive overview in the upcoming issue of Mutineer.

Godspeed Georges and Anja!

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New Jersey Legislature Considering Letting Residents Receive Wine Shipments


Wine In Shipping Box

Will they go for it? Too soon to tell, and these things involve lots of ins and outs, movers and shakers, those kinds of things. If creating laws is like making sausage, then creating wine laws is like making sausage with a belly full of wine and eyes full of dollar signs. This is very epic stuff people, and the bill being passed will be a big win for New Jersey wine drinkers.

According to Njbiz.com:
A bill that would allow shipping of wine directly to New Jersey residents tiptoed forward in the Legislature on Thursday, after bill S766 cleared the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee and now awaits a full Senate vote. The assembly version of the legislation, A1702, awaits a similar committee review before it can be voted on.

Epic stuff indeed….

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Fine Beverages of LOST


Dharma Beer

We’re all fans of LOST here aboard the Mutineer frigate, so it’s only fitting that we highlight fine beverage references in the show being that the season just kicked off on Tuesday. While the series is rife with fine beverage, I wanted to focus on what is provided by the benevolent Dharma Initiative. See the full post »

Court of Master Sommeliers Have Epic Gathering of Master Sommeliers


Master Sommelier By definition a Master Sommelier has had most every beverage ever created in the entire universe, so when a bunch of Master Sommeliers get together for a big conference with tastings, you know some epic stuff will be poured.

A special presentation, dinner, and tasting by Wine Australia allowed conference attendees the rare opportunity to taste Seppeltsfield Tawnies from 1908, 1953, and 1977, as well as a 1935 Seppeltsfield brandy. The 1953 and 1977 vintages were specifically drawn from their casks for the event to commemorate the years the Guild of Sommeliers and the Court of Master Sommeliers were each founded. They will not be available to the public until 2053 and 2077, respectively. See the full post »

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