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Putting The Class Into Screwing


Uncorking Wine Whether it be environmental or economical, more and more high-class wines these days are coming in screw top bottles. Unfortunately, there is nothing magical or exciting about unscrewing the cap off of a bottle. Screw caps have pretty much eliminated the opportunity for a mystical and romantic uncorking presentation, which is no good if you’re a sommelier at a fancy shmancy restaurant or if you are trying to impress a date with your Rico Suave vino skills.

Think about all of the anticipation and awe that happens when watching a proper uncorking. When perfectly orchestrated, it is like a dance. (However, fumbling and breaking the cork in the bottle can be disastrous to one’s wine reputation).

So how does one preserve one’s repertoire and class while opening a less-than-exhilarating screw capped bottle of vino? See the full post »

The Ultimate Beverage Challenge + Paul Pacult’s Mustache = Epic


Ultimate Wine Challenge There are a lot of wine and beverage competitions out there, but there is only one Paul Pacult, so when I heard through my street sources that he was kicking off something called “Ultimate Wine Challenge“, it caught my attention. If you look at my dating history, it’s clear that “Ultimate”, “Challenge” and “Wine” are all concepts I’m drawn to, so from the get-go, this vision really speaks to me.

See the full post »

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From Farmer to Steward: Andy Beckstoffer’s CIA Hall of Fame Speech


Andy Beckstoffer Yes, this happened over two months ago, but when you’re as unorganized and road weary as I am these things temporarily slip through the cracks. Today though, we revisit the momentous occasion of W. Andrew Beckstoffer of Beckstoffer Vineyards getting inducted into the The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Hall of Fame. Beckstoffer reflected on the advances in thinking and practices that he’s observed during his time in the wine business, and his speech can be viewed below.

There have been 28 inductees since the program began in 2007, with other 2010 inductees including Bonny Doon Mastermind/Issue #8 Mutineer Interviewee Randall Grahm, wine historian and author Leon Adams, Al Brounstein of Diamond Creek (one of my all-time favorite wineries), and viticulturalist Zelma Long. See the full post »

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Southern Wine & Spirits Experiencing The Down Economy Too?


Southern Wine & Spirits

The housing sector is in the dumps. GM? Do they even exist anymore? Factories are turning off the power and schools are closing their doors, and banks and companies are standing in line to be bailed out by the government. The looming recession our country has been facing couldn’t possibly cripple the beverage industry…could it? The effects have already been felt as Southern Wine & Spirits of America Inc. is asking for $2 billion to refinance existing debt. The largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States, Southern Wine is seeking the help of Bank of America to bail them out. See the full post »

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The Happening: Mutineer Sponsoring Russian River Valley Winegrowers “Single Night”


RRVW Single Night

Ah yes! Another random appearance by yours truly on the Mutineer Blog. After 2 months of spotty blog posts from the road in the war-torn Mutineer Passat, I am writing this blog under duress at an undisclosed hotel somewhere between Chico and Sacramento as the once-friendly hotel management has made it clear they are not “game” to negotiate a special “Mutineer Check-out Time” of 3:00 PM today. I’m seeking the extra time to wrap up some final details on Mutineer Magazine’s 2nd Annual Red Carpet Tasting sponsored by Amarula Cream.

In the meantime, I must tell you about the Russian River Valley Winegrowers “Single Night”, happening June 5, 2010 at C. Donatiello Winery in Healdsburg, California. “Single” is the name of the game here, with single-vineyard wines being poured for nubile single wine drinkers coming together to rub shoulders and whatever the hell else kids do these days. See the full post »

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Infomania vs. Wine Video Bloggers


In three minutes and thirty-six seconds, Infomania’s “Viral Video Film School” Episode 503 rips its way through wine vlog culture. The standard approach for video bloggers seems to be over-the-top enthusiasm and yelling at the camera. That and a strange attraction to the Vlog name “Wine Talk”. Crazy stuff.

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The Happening: Today – San Francisco Vintners Market


San Francisco Vintners Market

2010 SF Vintners Market
What: This first of its kind wine tasting and buying event is a farmer’s market style shopping experience where wine enthusiasts can try and buy wines from over 200 wineries. San Francisco Vintners Market features wine at all price points and styles including new releases, library collections and end-of-vintage selections, all available for immediate purchase.
Where: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA
When: April 10th-11th, 12pm-5pm
Why: Tired of going to wine tasting events, discovering great new wines and then never being able to find them again? This event was created so that consumers can finally be able to buy the wines they taste, on location.
Costs: General Admission $30, VIP Admission $75 (Code “MUTINEER” for a discount)

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Thomas Angove: The Inventor of Boxed Wine Dies


Boxed Wine

Some of my most memorably unmemorable days happen in college as a result of boxed wine. Ah the stories of doing “boxed wine stands” are not very pretty. But hey, it was college dude. It happens.

Although my taste in wine has become significantly more sophisticated since then, I am humble enough to admit that there is, in fact, a time and place for … gulp … boxed wine. See the full post »

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