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Scribe Winery: Vino and Vivacious Vistas


Scribe Wines

Recently, I was exposed to impressive and inspiring views, almost to the point of being overwhelmingly expansive and picturesque. At 2300 Napa Road, Sonoma, I just showed up, atop the hill, and felt embarrassed when I found the tastings were done by reservation. I was hemorrhaging apologies, but Kieran (the property manager and that day’s host) was accommodating and hospitable. It took him no time to put a glass in front of me.

One of the two gentlemen I met that day from Essex, England called the pinot noir “bollocks.” I wasn’t sure I knew what that meant, but after finding out, I agreed. The flavor profile is distinguished and diligent, with each one of its notes. Another thing I think the Pinot’s flavor arrangement had going for it was universality — not too light, not too earthy, not at all gutless. The finish just flutters and hovers unlike any pinot I’ve encountered before. See the full post »

Possibly Screwed: The Wine Guerilla, 100% Cork Want to Win Over Your Wine


Cork and Screwcap

Everyone has days where they should put a cork in it. Other times, most of us shrug away our first impressions, instincts or judgments and just say ‘screw it.’ Determined to be the winning angel on your shoulder, 100% Cork and Wine Guerrilla have each started their own movements to influence the thing that’s stopping you. Or, rather, the thing that’s sealing your wine. See the full post »

Languedoc AOC Introduces New Classification System For Grand Cru Wine


Map Languedoc-Roussillon

The Languedoc AOC* of Southern France has a new classification system designating wines as “Grands Crus du Languedoc” and “Grands Vins du Languedoc”, utilizing already established regions. It was recently confirmed by the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc (CIVL). See the full post »

Wine Wednesday Blogger Buzz: August 18th Edition


Wine Wednesday
Each week, wine lovers all over the Internet unite to celebrate “Wine Wednesday.” The concept is more viral than an official, sanctioned event. And it is definitely most prevalent on Twitter. The roots of the official #winewednesday hashtag trace back to the Twitter handle @TweSommelier, and has been going strong for at least a year now. Every #winewednesday, hundreds (if not thousands) of people virtually drink together, exchanging tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Some people and wineries even go as far as to organize official tastings.

As a way to contribute and support this fine beverage Internet craze, Mutineer Magazine will be spotlighting some of our favorite wine blog posts from the past week on, you guessed it, Wine Wednesday.

Here are the latest wine blog posts that caught our attention this past week: See the full post »

The Happening: Wente Vineyards “Day of Discovery Festival”


Wente Vineyards Day of Discovery Festival
No plans for Labor Day? Well, for those who are lucky enough to live close to the Bay Area or have the ability to travel there, the folks over at Wente Vineyards are planning a killer music festival worth looking into. Here are the official details:
See the full post »

Event Recap: “An Affair with Zinfandel” At Passalacqua Winery


Passalacqua’s “Affair with Zinfandel”
What is it with me, Zinfandel, and awesome food lately?  Anyway…

“Event Recap: “An Affair With Zinfandel”

  • Date: August 14, 2010
  • Location: Passalacqua Winery — Healdsburg, CA

Step one: Out to the estate vineyard to meet up with winemaker Margaret Davenport. On a beauteous early evening, in my most cherished of valleys, we took a gander (or three) at the fruit. I witnessed how behind schedule they are, only now in verasion (when the grape starts to ripen and develop its color). Already I was having a blast, taking pic after pic with my camera (okay, I confess — cameras. I love veraison!). Syncing back to task, we tried two ’09 Zins, one in French Oak, one American. I overheard some say before the pour, “Do you think we’ll be able to tell the difference?” Their dismissive dialogue soon dove into humble interest and arousal with lines like, “Oh wow, look at that!” And believe me, the difference, although both were delicious, was that starkly pronounced. See the full post »

Going to Seed: Randall Grahm’s Next Great Adventure

Randall Grahm

Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard, Photography by Ian Andreae

Call him what you will: Wild man, prognosticator, “Defender of Misunderstood and Underappreciated Doon-trodden Cépages of the Earth…” Randall Grahm is also a radical “terroirist”; no matter what else you get from his wines, he wants you to get where they come from.

To this end, Grahm is really digging in the dirt for his latest project – his attempt at a legacy and a true American vin de terroir. He’s hybridizing his best-adapting vines and planting the resulting seeds, without any idea of what will actually happen, in his new vineyard in San Juan Bautista, California. See the full post »

Event Recap: Learning of Zin Fanaticism at Mayo Family Winery Mixer


Mayo Family Winery

On an incomparable August eve, Mayo Family Winery threw one of their famous industry mixers at their Glen Ellen tasting room. Peeps from many a tasting room attended, sipping everything from the Barbera, to highly heralded Mayo Zinfandels. They only produce about 7,500 cases total per year, limited distribution.

Mayo President, Jeffrey Mayo, was at his own bar, carving up tri-tip for sandwiches, while Rich and Bill were pouring on the other side of the room. There was also a staggering array of yummies cooked up by Mayo’s own chef, Max Porter-Elliot, on a table just a skip to the right. These tables, the entire night, were swarmed by the famished winery troops, who enjoyed Chef Porter-Elliot’s applauded cuisine while visiting the Mayo Reserve Room for a pleasantly altering wine-food pairing adventure. See the full post »

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