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Re-Cap: Taste of Beverly Hills


Taste of Beverly Hills

September 2, 2010 might’ve quietly come and gone in your neck of the woods, but in the world’s most famous zip code, 9.02.10 was a pretty big deal. To commemorate the date, Beverly Hills joined with Food & Wine magazine to throw a four-day party: The first ever Taste of Beverly Hills.
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Washington Grapes Making for Tardy Wine


Grapes You may or may not have heard that while record temperatures and wild weather plagued a good part of the United States this year, Washington State had an uneventful summer; in fact it was downright unpredictable.

Due to a lack of late summer sun, tomatoes are green and crops weren’t plentiful but the real story here is that the grapes at vineyards across the state have yet to ripen. With nearly 700 wineries in Washington State, vintners are patiently waiting and tending to their vines waiting for harvest to arrive, which many are guessing will drive a mad rush to get the grapes off the vines and into cellars before the inclement weather really begins. See the full post »

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Volcano Winery Announces New Pinot Grigio


Volcano Winery The slopes of the Big Island are well known for the hot lava that is currently spewing out of Kilauea, Hawaii’s active volcano, but not many of us know about the winery that has been growing grapes and making wine since 1993.

Volcano Winery is bottling a new Pinot Grigio from winemaker Tim Kenny, as well as winning awards with their “Infusion” wine, a new twist on an old favorite, the honey and tea wine.

Volcano Winery is located at a 4000 foot elevation near Volcano National Park, on Kilauea the volcano on the southeast side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is the only winery on the island. Grapes varieties grown here are the Marchael Foch, Chambourcin, Pinot Noir and the Cayuga White. Kenny says, “These hybrid grapes are less susceptible to pathogen infection here and somewhat resistant to the high pressure at our site. The Foch makes a lighter fruity red wine. the Chambourcin is a black grape that makes a deep stand alone wine. The Pinot Noir is a good fit for our cooler climate, and the Cayuga makes a sweeter wine well suited to blending.See the full post »

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Event Recap: 2010 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, MacMurray Ranch


2010 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Definitely helpful, and generous, was the provided shuttle service from the parking lot to the 2010 Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. I remember thinking to myself, “This will definitely be a boon upon the event’s conclusion. All that wine and food, sheesh.” But, I pressed on, entering the arena of wine world experiences, adventures. Checking the clock on my new iPhone, 11:01AM. Okay everyone, let’s stop thinking, and start experiencing, delighting…

If you attended the event for the first time, like this author, you may have felt submerged within the pulls of various booths tents, stands, and exhibits. As in, “Where do I go first, what should I taste first?” One would recognize Alexander Valley, Sonoma Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and the ravishing Russian River Valley. Emphasis not merely on wine, but cuisine, industry, culture, beer, and social media as well. As a journalist of wine, one is to note the who, where, when, what, why. Okay, great. But what does that journalist do when thereare dozens of dozens of each? Relax, don’t self-overwhelm. Walk forward, enjoy. See the full post »

Washington Wine for Washingtonians


Washington State Wine Pass

All through September and October, the Washington State Wine Commission has organized “World-Class Wine in Your Own Backyard” promotion, their first ever, targeting Washingtonians.  The promotion features over 70 Washington restaurants, more than 50 winery tasting rooms and 9 retail stores offering up sweet deals on WA Wines such at 50% off bottles of wines. See the full post »

Mutineer Blog Contributor Spotlight: Michael Madigan


Michael Madigan

You probably have noticed by now that we have a lot of new faces regularly posting on the Mutineer blog. We recently recruited [read: brainwashed] some young, fresh and talented fine beverage revolutionaries to “Join The Mutiny.” And instead of letting these wild kids hide behind their tiny avatars, we decided to put them in the spotlight.

A native of Sonoma County, Michael Madigan is a vinophile with a love for words. Or is it a logophile with a love for wine? Anyways… When he is not reporting on his California wine country adventures for the Mutineer blog, Mike’s musings can be found on his website: Mike’s Log, Not a Blog.

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Quilceda Creek Cab = 100 Points, Again!


Quilceda Creek

Excited to announce that yet another Washington Cab has received the prestigious “100” title. What better subject to blog about on #CabarnetDay — the all-day event celebrating the Cabernet grape across all social media platforms as well as in various “in-person” locations all throughout the world — right?

For the 4th year this decade, Quilceda Creek has taken home the perfect “100” with their 2007 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Dr. Jay Miller, of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, has given them one more trophy to display on their mantel, right next to their other 100 point score from 2005, and their back to back 2003 and 2002 vintages of the their flagship wine.  

The Cab features 3% Merlot, is aged 22 months in new French oak, and is “multi-dimensional” with notes of “sandalwood, Asian spices, violets, truffle, black currant, and blackberry” and should age “effortlessly” for 30 years, according to Dr. Miller.

Although Mutineer Magazine does not condone or support systems of rating and reviewing fine beverages, we are excited to hear that well-made wines from lesser-known regions are getting the media attention they deserve. Washington State is producing some truly amazing wines that rival the best from around the world. And Quilceda Creek is just one excellent example of what the state has to offer!

For full details about the wine you can visit the Quilceda Creek website.

Wine Wednesday Blogger Buzz: September 1st


Wine Wednesday

Each week, wine lovers all over the Internet unite to celebrate “Wine Wednesday.” The concept is more viral than an official, sanctioned event. And it is definitely most prevalent on Twitter. The roots of the official #winewednesday hashtag trace back to the Twitter handle @TweSommelier, and has been going strong for at least a year now. Every #winewednesday, hundreds (if not thousands) of people virtually drink together, exchanging tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Some people and wineries even go as far as to organize official tastings.

As a way to contribute and support this fine beverage Internet craze, Mutineer Magazine will be spotlighting some of our favorite wine blog posts from the past week on, you guessed it, Wine Wednesday.

Here are the latest wine blog posts that caught our attention this past week: See the full post »

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