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Celebrate Argentina 2010 Grand Tasting Tonight


Celebrate Argentina 2010 Grand Tasting

Brought to you by Learn About Wine, tonight they bring you the Celebrate Argentina 2010 Grand Tasting. Located at the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, there will be 66 Argentine wine producers on hand to answer questions and pour over 200 of their best wines. Starting at 7pm PST and ending at 9:30, there will be music, dancing, and of course, plenty of wine from Argentina. Also in attendance will be Mutineer Magazine’s Editor in Chief Alan Kropf. Things will be mutinous indeed and at 7, you can catch Alan Kropf online at TasteLive as he samples his way through some of the wines through a live broadcast.

Tickets are $75 at the door and the event benefits the The T.J. Martell Foundation for leukemia, cancer, and AIDS research. If you are in the area and are into wine, whether you are the casual drinker or the serious collector, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening. If you can’t make it, be sure to tune into TasteLive and catch our very own Mutineer Alan Kropf!

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20 Something, Wine Tasting Meets Dance Club


20something - The New Vintage

The night of Saturday, November 20th 2010, will be the night of an event like no other I’ve ever been to here in Seattle. It’s an event attended annually by only of the most hip wine lovers in the area, all dressed to kill. The ladies will be in their sexiest dresses, and the gents might even iron their shirts for this, one of the hottest events for wine lovers. When you enter the room there’ll be DJ’s mixing, people dancing, and Winemakers socializing while pouring their most fashionable wines. Yes the name is ”20something”, but that’s not a restriction, as most people attending will be in their 20’s and 30’s, but anyone who’s hip enough will attend regardless of age. Much like the attendees, most of the wines poured will also be in the 20’s & 30’s range. dollar wise. If you want to see and be seen amongst Seattle’s hippest wine socialites, you can get tickets via BrownPaperTickets.com. See the full post »

Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam


Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam
For the baller in you, this holiday season Moët & Chandon is releasing a limited edition golden jeroboam of their finest champagne. Packing 3 liters of intense bubbly goodness, this jeroboam is dressed entirely in gold leaf by the artisans of Arthus-Bertrand and is a tribute to the year Moët & Chandon was founded. Founded in 1743, only 1,743 bottles of Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam will be released and at the cool price of around $1050 each.

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Sherry Stages Secret Comeback


Secret Sherry Society They’re among us, out in the open, in wine shops, grocery stores and in restaurants, you just don’t know it. They look just like you and me on the outside, but on the inside, they’ve consumed Sherry. That’s right, there’s a secret movement of bandidos crying out “Viva Jerez” as they’re enthralled by unmistakable essence of this long forgotten fortified wine from Spain. Over the past few years the “Secret Sherry Society.” has been hosting gorilla Sherry tasting all around the Nation, even hold food & Sherry pairing competitions. I myself was recently subdued by the whimsy of this unique wine beverage and found myself a convert. See the full post »

Another 15 Minutes: Dom Perignon Honors Andy Warhol


Dom Perignon Honors Andy Warhol

On March 8, 1981, Andy Warhol journaled about a group he had discovered called the “2000 Club.” It was described as a company of men who had collected 2000 bottles of Dom Perignon, and were keeping them locked in a vault until New Year’s Eve of the new millennium. The alleged plan was that the corks would be popped when the clock struck midnight. If all hell didn’t break loose, than at least they’d have themselves some damn good bubbly. See the full post »

“It’s really hard …”


Naked Winery Erection - front label

“…to get our erection label approved” says the Naked Winery about their Erection Zinfandel. Following their Penetration Cabernet which probably shocked many with its TTB approval (though it is currently banned in Michigan), Erection Zinfandel was quickly and easily a “no” from the TTB. Now onto their third round for TTB approval, Naked Winery has kept with the same name but has left the back label completely blank. It’s current status is “under review by committee”. You’re probably asking what the back label said, so here it is. See the full post »

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Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar: Artisan Pizza, Artisanal Wine Bar Atmosphere


Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar

If you live in Santa Rosa, you’ve probably stopped by a time or two. Or, like me, three, a week. Artisanal pizza, in its rising universality and acclaim, attracts a wide bracket of restaurant lovers, as well as us wine weasels. You’ll notice people outside at the patio’d tables, which is a great place to sit; pair fantastic wine and food with the outdoor notes. If you decide on interior seating, you’ll see what I mean by “artisanal atmosphere.” Off to your right, you have the bar, with a couple screens that are almost sure to be tuning into a soccer game.

When you peruse the wine list, you’ll notice that many of the names aren’t your run-of-the-mill producers. Again, artisanal. The appetizers are incredible both in presentation and complexity, especially the Fritto Misto. I paired this with a 2008 Quivira Dry Creek Grenache. What a great starter, and what an incredible wine. More than merely accommodating with options like this, just ask your server. They will point you in a delicious direction. See the full post »

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Wish Nouveau, The New Nouveau



Wish Nouveau, an American wine company producing a Beaujolais Nouveau concept wine, is releasing their first wine on November 1st, 2010. Having witnessed the decline in popularity and quality of Beaujolais Nouveau, Wish Nouveau with their “I can do that better” attitude will arrive on the scene this Holiday with a 2008 Pinot Noir from California’s Golden Coast. Seeking to make “A very American wine with a very French tradition”, they’ve dubbed the phrase “Thee Who Has The Bottle’s Final Drips Is Entitled To A Single Wish”; suggesting whomever gets the last sip of the bottle gets to make a wish, like a wishbone in a bottle.

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