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Wishing Bloody Mary A Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Bloody Mary

Mutineer Magazine is all about celebrations – an excuse to drink, right? Well, how about a celebration for a drink, to drink a drink? The delicious, tomato-tasting fine beverage, known as a Bloody Mary, celebrated its 75th birthday in New York on December 1st. The drink was created by Fernand Petiot in the 1920’s in France, but didn’t give “birth” to it until the 1930’s at the New York’s St. Regis Hotel. See the full post »

Jessica Alba Narrowly Edges Out The Wine Mutineer in Winning Campari Calendar Deal


Jessica Alba, Campari Photoshoot

It was a battle of epic proportions. The fine people at Campari believe that a calendar full of Jessica Alba posing in swimsuits is better marketing than the Wine Mutineer in a smoking jacket with a four-hour cigar and tumbler of Campari on the rocks. Each month’s photo could be taken in a different Saddam ghost palace. The shots would look something like this: See the full post »

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1800 Tequila: Bottle Design Contest


1800 Tequila Bottle Design

1800 Tequila is giving you the chance to submit your very own bottle design. The winner gets $10,000 and gets their bottle featured. You can experience the entire process at 1800tequila.com. I took one for the team and explored this opportunity myself, which not only confirmed that this is the real deal, but also yielded three classic tequila bottle designs created by the Wine Mutineer himself. See the full post »

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Scorpion Vodka


Scorpion Vodka

Following up on our Cobra Whiskey blog here is a new iteration of arachnid liquor, Scorpion Vodka. This may be the coolest beverage ever to be created by man. I don’t know whether it’s the scorpion in the bottle or the fact that it looks like a medical container, but nurse I need an IV. Not only is this detoxified bugger said to be totally safe to eat, after three months of infusion the scorpion actually adds a nutty quality to the vodka. I suggest six friends and six bottles of Scorpion Vodka on the rocks with a splash of spicy Bloody Mary mix and a squeeze of lime. Next it’s Balut and Beer…

Pincer “Herbal Infused” Vodka


Pincer Vodka

As the trend towards holistic lifestyle choices becomes more main stream, even purveyors of alcohol are jumping onboard. One example of this is Pincer Vodka from the UK. According to the website, it’s distilled with elderflower, known for centuries in folk medicine and milk thistle, which has been used for thousands of years for its protective and restorative qualities. See the full post »

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The Flaming Homer, Available At Moe’s Tavern


Flaming Moe's

On November 21, 1991, The Flaming Homer cocktail was unleashed on the world via “The Simpsons”. Here is how the drink was created, taken from The Simpson’s episode [Flaming Moe’s] summary page on Wikipedia. See the full post »

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What It’s Like To Be An Alcoholic


Best I can gather is that this ad is “concept art” trying to capture the feeling of what it is like to be an alcoholic. You see, Sean Connery is strolling out to his patio to hang out with his Doberman and do some sketching. He officially sketches for six seconds, looks to the Doberman for advice, and decides to forget the sketching and go straight to the booze. Heavenly music sets in, and after giving the bottle a fond look, he pours himself a glass. He swirls the ice around, and takes a slow sip. “Damn, I love alcohol, this is way more fun than sketching”, he thinks to himself with a raised eyebrow. The next shot shows his sketching papers blowing away and his pencils rolling off the table, as they have been replaced with Suntory Whisky. See the full post »

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Jägermeister: The dark knight of booze


I would like to set the record straight once and for all; Jäger kicks ass.

There are two kinds of Jäger haters on earth:

1) The ones who can’t handle the licorice-meets-Robitussin taste.

2) The ones who say it’s a waste of money because it’s 5% less alcohol than most whiskey, vodka or rum. These people usually are closet profile #1 people.

When properly chilled (a degree from frozen) Jäger goes down so smooth you can barely taste it. By the time you realize it resembles something medicinal, you’re on your way to the pink elephant show. See the full post »

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