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The March in Los Angeles to Legalize Cachaça


Legalize Cachaça

Next weekend starts the Leblon sponsored campaign to legalize cachaça. This Brazilian spirit is currently imported as “Brazilian Rum” and according to the Cachaça Declaration of Independence that is hopefully soon to be changed, “We formally and necessarily declare that cachaça is independent of, and therefore not, ‘Brazilian Rum’“. See the full post »

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Prank Your Friends Using The Captain Morgan Voicemail Tool


Captain Morgan

So I heard about this and immediately headed over to the Captain Morgan website to learn more, only to be greeted (and blown away) by one of the Morganettes wanting to check my id. Hands down the coolest age verification on the Internet.

But PEOPLE! My amazement did not end there. Introducing the “Captain Morgan Voicemail Tool. It’s simple. You tell a fictional character what to say, and it sends it to a friend of your choosing. I tested this out on our Energyologist Jeff, and it is AWESOME. See the full post »

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1800 Tequila Teams Up With the Los Angeles Lakers


Lakers Edition 1800 Tequila
The Mutineer Ultra Special Reserve Magic 1800 Tequila

Either the economy sucks or the mainstream is becoming more accepting of hard liquor, because 1800 Tequila has become the official Tequila of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Our goal is to ensure that Lakers games are the most enjoyable and exciting games to watch” said Los Angeles Lakers Chief Marketing Officer Tim Harris. “Through this groundbreaking partnership, 1800 will provide Lakers fans with the familiar flavor of the super-premium spirit and a variety of beverage choices to enjoy while celebrating courtside, while ensuring that we communicate responsible drinking.See the full post »

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10 Age Verification Screens


Absolut Age Verification Screen

Age verification pages on websites are insane to me. They are the equivalent to a blind, deaf, paralyzed old woman working the door of a nightclub. They baffle me. It’s the ultimate example of going through the motions…Obviously the alcohol companies don’t have much of a choice in the matter, so you can’t fault them. Here are ten age verification screens for your viewing pleasure. See the full post »

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Make This Now: Absinthe Ice Cream


Writer David Lebovitz claims to be “living the sweet life in Paris”. As if I telepathically screamed “Prove it!” in his face, he has a recipe on his blog for Absinthe Ice Cream.

You win, Mr. Lebovitz, you win.

A genius of sorts, he has somehow combined the world of alcohol, specifically absinthe, with ice cream. This man would be a king in America; the Robert Parker of Baskin Robbins, the Steven Tanzer of Cold Stone Creamery, the Steve Heimoff of…wait, who? See the full post »

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The Great Knob Creek Bourbon Shortage of 2009


The Courier-Journal out of the Louisville, Kentucky is reporting that Knob Creek has run out of bourbon! Ye gods!

Fans of Knob Creek bourbon may find their favorite whiskey in short supply this summer as the brand’s bottle warehouses near Clermont, Ky., are empty and the next batch of aged whiskey won’t be ready until November.

Bourbon experts say the looming shortage is somewhat unusual, although brands such as Knob Creek, which is aged for nine years, are more susceptible because their distillers must predict demand far in advance.See the full post »

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The Happening: San Francisco Rocks Cocktail Week


Photography by Jenn Farrington

This May dozens of San Francisco’s top bartenders threw 22 events hosted in 20 bars over eight days, which were attended by droves of thirsty people. This was the third year of San Francisco Cocktail Week and the event continues to grow.

The celebration was anchored by large cocktail parties at the beginning and end of the week. In between were the United States Bartenders’ Guild National Mixology Contest, a happy hour social beneath the Bay Bridge, and a farmer’s market cocktail event where the city’s best bartenders sliced, diced, muddled and juiced California’s fresh produce into equally fresh cocktails. See the full post »

P. Diddy to Start Selling Guinness and Red Stripe???


AdAge.com reported that P. Diddy is in talks with Diageo to promote its Guinness and Red Stripe brands. The announcement drew 3 comments by readers, all sharing the same perspective:

1) Oh boy! I can’t wait! Psych.
2) I am speechless. Just a terrible idea.
3) Why does anyone pay attention to this self-absorbed phony? See the full post »

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