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LA Lakers’ Ron Artest Replaces Gatorade with Hennessey


Ron Artest and Natalin Avci

…And we’re back people! Apologies for the lapse in blog posts the last two days as we descended into the depths of deadline to finish off the most bombastically awesome issue of Mutineer Magazine yet, which is slated to hit newsstands across the nation January 5.

Today, fine beverage finds an unlikely fan in controversial basketballer Ron Artest, who has admitted to drinking Hennessey Cognac during halftime while playing for the Chicago Bulls. See the full post »

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Absolut on Ice on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show


This is pretty much what our first attempt at a video blog turned out like, except we didn’t have Zach Galifianakis, and we didn’t have any wicker furniture. Other than that it was damn similar.

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Stocking the Bar for the End of the World Party

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The Road

Viggo Mortensen reprises the role of “The Man” in the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” which hits screens across the country on Wednesday. The book was fantastic, and the release got me thinking about fine beverage (and liquids) in a post-apocalypse environment.

The Man and Robert Neville, the main character in “I Am Legend”, took different approaches to drinking. Now folks, I haven’t seen either movie (dead tree stories still hold a special place in my heart), so I’m talking about the novels. NO SPOILER ALERTS! The Man won’t touch the stuff, and Neville drinks like a fish for a good portion of the story. So how would you roll? Here’s my top ten: See the full post »

Another Fine Beverage Disaster: Canadian Club Tanker Truck Flips


RV from 2012
The Mutineers try and outrun an epic fine beverage disaster in the Mutineer RV.

Yup, fine beverage disaster struck again last week when a tanker truck carrying 7,000 gallons of flammable (and delicious) Canadian Club whiskey flipped near Georgetown, Kentucky. See the full post »

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Michael Schumacher With Cocktails in His Car


7 Time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher has teamed up with mixologist Salvatore “The Maestro” Calabrese to show just how difficult it is to mix cocktails in the car. This anti-drinking and driving campaign is pretty awesome, even if it hates America and Canada.

This site is not intended for visitors from the US and Canada.See the full post »

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How Many Shots in a 750 ml Liquor Bottle?


Crystal Head and Gatorade

Wow…is it Tuesday already? We didn’t post a blog yesterday in observance of Columbus Day and the Canadian Thanksgiving (out of respect to our fine Canadian readers). Deadline has reared its ugly head once again in the world of the Mutineer, and the sleep deprivation has filled us with madness that lured us into an early morning drinking session today that featured Crystal Head Vodka and Gatorade (fruit punch), which led to some unanticipated yet completely predictable madness of its own, and eventually to “How many shots in a 750 ml liquor bottle” in Yahoo! Answers. Yes…deadline turns us into beasts. (The issue is at the printer and it is KILLER.)

So how many shots are in a 750 ml liquor bottle?

Depends on how big your shots are. 1 oz. – 2 oz. is common.

According to Yahoo! Answers:

To figure how many shots are in a bottle, just divide the total volume of the bottle by the size jigger you use to pour.

25.35 ounces, divided by a 1.5 oz pour = 16.9 pours

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1800 Tequila Declares War On Patron, Enlists Mob Help


1800 Tequila’s self-proclaimed “Tequila War” against Patron is getting epic, with 1800 Tequila creating a television commercial with Michael Imperioli (Sopranos) kicking a bottle of Patron off a desk. AND THEN…well, that’s really it. This is a pretty weak war so far, lacking the hallmarks of real corporate war, such as dirty smear campaigns and Escalade shootouts, but perhaps this is the first move of many. Stay tuned…

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How Not to Impress Girls: The Glass Quaffer


Glass Quaffer

If you’re one of those guys that needs to slurp down some coke after doing a shot of Captain Morgan, then the Glass Quaffer is the product for you: See the full post »

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