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California Cracks Down on “Rectification” of Spirits


Limoncello Infusion

Photo Credit: Ventura Limoncello Company, Ventura, CA

California mixologists and bar owners take heed, the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) is actively cracking down on bars and restaurants currently practicing the art of distilled spirits infusion. This recent crack down comes as a result of an industry advisory report the ABC released on the Rectification of Distilled Spirits in On-Sale Premises. The report states:

It has come to the attention of the Department that some on-sale licensees are exceeding their license privileges by engaging in rectification of distilled spirits in violation of Section 23355 of the Business and Professions Code. See the full post »

Support Haiti: Drink [Haitian] Rum


Rhum Barbancourt

This should not be news to anyone, but earlier this year Haiti experienced one of the worst natural disasters in the modern Western Hemisphere — a massive earthquake that killed over 100,00 people, devastated the entire country and completely destroyed its capital, Port-Au-Prince.

The subject of Haiti hits VERY close to home at Mutineer Magazine. One of our very own editors, Brian Kropf, is currently stationed with the U.S. Army in Haiti.

The mass destruction in Haiti in combination with having a really good friend stationed there got me thinking about the beverage culture on the island. Does Haiti have a beverage culture? And if so, what does it look like? See the full post »

Dita Von Teese + Stripping + Absinthe = Why I Love Fine Beverage


Dita Von Teese…doing a strip tease…in a massive glass of absinthe. I’ve had “massive stripper glassware” saved in my eBay searches for some time now, though I’ve had no luck in securing one of my own. I’m determined to get one of these futuristic contraptions into my residence for friends and guests to enjoy as I feel this is my duty as a true beverage professional. Stay tuned…

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Fine Beverages of LOST Part 2

Other BeverageSpirits
Lost's Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Lost’s Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Back by popular demand, we examine the beverages of LOST. In part one, we examined beer and wine, and now in part two, we examine the harder stuff and the speedier stuff.

Nobody can survive without coffee. If you can, I’m convinced you’re a robot. Besides, all those super scientists and scientific experiments had to be fueled by something. I’m guessing there wasn’t a Dharma station called “The Meth Lab”.

Coffee is the only viable “energy drink” from the ’70s (don’t tell resident Energyologist Jeff, his head would explode). A nasty frost in the late ’70s crippled Brazil’s coffee industry, and Papua New Guinea, feeling the heft of its newly found independence from the British, shot to stardom in the coffee industry. See the full post »

Absinthe and Techno Music…What’s Not To Love?


This video is part of Pernod Absinthe’s five-part series focusing on modern day “creators”, beginning with New York’s Joaquin Simo from Death & Co.

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Authorities break up moonshine operation in Northeast Texas, Walker Texas Ranger Was Not Involved


This image clearly explains why you don’t mess with Texas, taken from Walker Texas Ranger’s’ first mention on the Mutineer Blog on March 4, 2009 with Chewbacca and Jack Bauer to demo the Mutineer fine beverage super-weapon.

“Hooch” is apparently still alive and well is Texas, and is still highly prized by some of the more ambitious and thirsty locals.

According to the Star-Telegram:
Authorities broke up a moonshine operation this week when they seized a 55-gallon still, burners, copper wire, two propane bottles and about 9 gallons of hooch, according to a news release from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on Tuesday. See the full post »

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Absolut Vodka Has Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame = AWESOME


Absolut Vodka Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

A million bucks will buy you a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Absolut Vodka has already gotten in on the action, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is hungry (or thirsty) for more companies to step up to the plate. See the full post »

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The History of Johnnie Walker in Six Minutes


A ridiculously cool video on Johnnie Walker created by HLA, a London-based production company, ad agency BBH, and alcohol giant Diageo.

What better way to communicate the history of one of the most well known brands of Scotch than with 28 Weeks Later star Robert Carlyle, bagpipes, a seemingly useless door on a hillside, and a possible wildfire dangerously close to the bagpipe player in a one shot, unedited six minute video? Well… I guess you could throw in some infected, zombie-like humans, but still, this is very cool. However, I’m not exactly sure what they intend on doing with this six minute long film unless airing six minute commercials in London is common or they are planning to spend $36 million for a slot in the Super Bowl.

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