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Maker’s Mark Wins Case To Own Wax Seal


Maker's Mark Bottle This story is a few weeks old, but it’s still pretty epic news.

As reported from the AP, “A federal judge on Friday issued an injunction preventing a rival liquor company from using a dripping wax seal on its tequilas sold in the United States, ending a seven year legal battle over the bottle topper.

Maker’s Mark protected their trademark wax sealed bottle against London based liquor monolith Diageo. Diageo wanted to use a wax seal on a limited production (3,000-4,000 cases) of Cuervo Reserva tequila.

The judge in the case said Maker’s bottle topper “is a unique mark used in an unusual way to draw in the consumer.”

Read more at New York Times, “Maker’s Mark Trademark Wax Seal Is Affirmed“.

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“Cocktails for Carnivores: Drinks Infused with Meat”


Bacon Cocktail Time Magazine’s Joel Stein wrote a piece on his experiences exploring meaty cocktails with The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim, who apparently creates drinks using “elk-bouillon”.

According to Stein, “In this meat-happy era, when diners serve bacon doughnuts and every menu item comes with an option of adding chicken, one cannot expect to consume alcohol without killing an animal. Fat-washed cocktails, as drinks with meat-infused liquor are called, are popping up at lots of swanky bars.

Click for full story on “Cocktails for Carnivores: Drinks Infused with Meat” via Time.com.

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Ortega 120 “Toma Tequila” Mixology Competition


Ortega 120 Toma Tequila Mixology Competition

Ortega 120 is calling for tequila cocktail recipes from amateur mixologists. Recipes can be submitted online, and the creators of the top three submissions will prepare their cocktail on May 3 at Ortega 120 for a panel of judges including Mutineer Editor Alan Kropf, Joshua Lurie of Food GPS, Carole Dixon of Feast LA, Hadley Tomicki of Grub Street Los Angeles, and Ortega 120’s Demi Stevens. The winner will receive a $250 gift certificate to Ortega 120, have their recipe published in Mutineer Magazine, and have their drink added to the Ortega 120 cocktail list.

Submission Deadline: April 26, 2010 at 5PM
Finalist Event: May 3, 2010 – Los Angeles, California

Visit the Ortega 120 website or grab the entry form directly here [pdf].

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The Catdaddy Bar Chef Challenge


Catdaddy Bar Chef Challenge

Catdaddy Moonshine is giving both amateur and professional mixologists the chance to submit their original Catdaddy cocktail recipes, with the top three entrants each receiving $500, six tickets to Tales of the Cocktail seminars, two nights at the Hotel Monteleone during Tales of the Cocktail, and their recipe published in Mutineer Magazine. At Tales of the Cocktail, the three finalists will prepare their Catdaddy creations for a panel of judges including Alan Kropf and Jeff Dorenbush of Mutineer Magazine, Joe Michalek of Piedmont Distillers, King Cocktail himself Dale Degroff, and Paul Tuennerman. The judges will award the “Golden Mason Jar” trophy, with attendees voting on the recipient of the Moonshine Still trophy.

Submission Deadline: May 10, 2010
Finalist Event: July 22, 2010 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Enter the Catdaddy Bar Chef Challenge

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The Happening: Mutineer Sponsored Events for April 2010


The Happening - Mutineer

Interested in knowing what epic events your favorite Mutineers are appearing at in the month of April? Check out the list of events that Mutineer Magazine will be sponsoring this month. And if you are around during any of these events, we encourage you to come and check things out! See the full post »

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Ditch The Green Beer This St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick's Day - Green Alcohol

Folks get pretty geeked up about green on St. Patrick’s Day. People everywhere knock back copious amounts of green beer, and it’s even a tradition in Chicago to dye the Chicago River green. To be honest, I’d rather drink Chicago River water than most of the beer that gets turned green. If you’re going to wake up with a hangover on Thursday, why not get what you paid for? Why not get stuck into things that are green all year round. Here is a list of true green liqueurs and recipes for each. See the full post »

Haiti Fine Beverage Update

BeerOther BeverageSpirits
Energy Drink in Haiti

Energy drinks Brian Kropf picked up in Haiti

Despite being the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti still manages to get its fine beverage on. For liquor, their most notable is Barbancourt Rhum, which unfortunately, their factory suffered some serious setbacks during the January earthquake that rocked the small Caribbean country and killed over 200,000 Haitians. They lost quite a bit of rum and the factory sustained some serious damage as well.

The most dominate seems to be energy drinks. Toro (their marketing looks pretty similar to Red Bull), Gladiator, Atomic, Ragaman, etc. The list goes on and on, but they love their energy drinks and the trash of empty bottles strewn throughout the streets makes this evident. They don’t taste nearly as good as ours and they’re pretty syrupy, with the main ingredients being water and granulated sugar. See the full post »

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Issue #10 Extras: Absinthe and Fennel Soup


Absinthe and Fennel Soup

I firmly believe that like Luke Skywalker and The Force, absinthe was destined for this recipe. Normally, I add a bit of white wine or lemon juice when making soup to balance the flavors. But here, the acidity they add only makes the soup taste like tin foil. In contrast, the cool smooth absinthe transforms this velvety soup, making it crisp and bright while still managing to stay rich and warming. Recipe after the jump. See the full post »

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