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Mutineer Monday: August 23rd


Mutineer Monday
The mission of Mutineer Monday is to advocate and promote the fine beverage industry by challenging the masses to “Join The Mutiny” and raise a glass (whether it be alcohol or non) to igniting and inspiring a fine beverage revolution!

Each week, we reach out to our readers, our Twitter followers, our Facebook fans, our contributors, our favorite bloggers and writers, and even our own team — asking everyone to share how they will be partaking in Mutineer Monday. To participate, all one needs to do is indulge in a delicious fine beverage (or two or three) and leave a comment on our blog, on our Facebook wall, or give a shout-out on Twitter using the hashtag #MutineerMonday (and #JoinTheMutiny if you have enough characters). And if are feeling particularly ambitious, feel free to do all three!

Each Monday, Mutineer salutes some of our fellow fine beverage revolutionaries who have joined the mutiny. Raise a glass (and a fist) in the air and toast them with us! Viva La Fine Beverage! See the full post »

Technology FTW: The Smoking Gun


The Smoking Gun

Ever sit down to brunch, with a nice tall bloody mary, fully garnished, and think, “man this would taste really good if it was smoked”? Well, if the idea didn’t cross your mind before, let it cross it now. PolyScience, a leading manufacturer of innovative culinary technology, has invented a new product aptly named “The Smoking Gun.” It is a handheld food smoker that uses natural cool smoke to impart wood flavors (such as hickory, applewood, mesquite and cherry) into foods that usually aren’t smoked — such as butter, oysters, cocktails, salads, chocolate, meringue, etc.

The adventurous are challenged expand their culinary creativity by smoking with flavors like teas, spices, and dried flowers. Sounds cool, right? But the real question is, can it be used with fine beverages? The answer is YES, as witnessed in the Applewood Smoked Bloody Mary Mix video below: See the full post »

Combier Shaker Faces Presents: Mutineer JJ Bagley vs. Moses Laboy of Nurse Betty


Combier Shaker Faces -- JJ Bagley

Two months ago, we told you about a cool viral campaign concocted by our friends over at Combier called “Shaker Faces“.

Face it: you can learn a lot about a bartender by the way they shake a cocktail. And, whether they’re hard shakers or more musically inclined, our favorite bartenders all make a face when they shake. So, we set out across this fine nation to capture a few of our favorite Shaker Faces.o, we set out across this fine nation to capture a few of our favorite Shaker Faces.” — Combier USA.

Bartenders from all over the US competed in this virtual “shake-off” and, ultimately, Bill Norris from FINO in Austin, TX was named the champion. The Shaker Faces competition resumed again in July, at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail. Innocently sipping on a Bloody Mary while merely trying to cover the event for the next issue of Mutineer Magazine, one of Mutineer’s founding partners, JJ Bagley, found himself being coaxed into entering the competition. See the full post »

The Dalmore 18: The Expression Filled With Expression


Dalmore 18

In 1263, a member of the Mackenzie family stopped a rampant stag from slaying Alexander the 3rd. The King rewarded Clan Mackenzie by allowing him to where a stag’s head in his coat of arms. The noble stag became the official brand symbol for The Dalmore after its acquirement by the MacKenzie family in 1886.

Since 1839, the Mackenzie family has consistently made spirits from the highest quality peat and rich water from the land they come from and, to this day, continues to do so with The Dalmore Scotch brand. The Dalmore “clan” has outdone itself with its newest creation, The Dalmore 18, which was officially released into the US market at the beginning of this month. This is the first time in the company’s history that it has released an 18 year old version of the spirit. See the full post »

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100 Year Old Scotch Whisky Revealed

100 Year Old Mackinlay’s Scotch Whiskey

Photo provided by Antarctic Heritage Trust via the Canterbury Museum

In 2006, a crate of Mackinlay’s Scotch Whisky was found, encased in ice, under the floorboards of the hut used by Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1907 Antarctic expedition on Ross Island, near McMurdo Sound in Antarctica. Earlier this year, the crate was removed and has been kept in cold storage — until recently, when the crate was carefully thawed and its contents removed. See the full post »

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Jagermeister Announces Fall Music Tour Featuring Slayer and Megadeth With Special Guest Anthrax


Jagermeister Music Tour

The 2010 Fall Jagermeister Music Tour is being hailed as North America’s biggest thrash tour in 20 years. The tour will feature the 1991 original “Clash of the Titans” lineup — Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. The tour will bring the three metal bands to one stage, where fans will experience complete performances of Slayer’s 1990 “Seasons in the Abyss” album, Megadeth’s 1990 “Rust in Peace” album, and the return of Anthrax’s singer Joey Belladonna. See the full post »

Washington State Initiatives Aim to Change Liquor Market Landscape


Washington State Liquor Store Election time is fast approaching and the citizens of Washington State are being faced with two initiatives to get the state out of the liquor industry. The one that has received the most press, Initiative 1100, was backed heavily by Costco Wholesale of Issaquah, Washington who has previously lost court battles to be able to distribute alcohol through their own distribution channels, basically disbands the three-tier system. There is also Initiative 1105, which would close state liquor stores and license private parties to sell and distribute spirits. I-1105 has been backed solely by two existing distributors in Washington, Odom Corporation and Young’s Market Company (K&L Beverage Company). See the full post »

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The Happening: SFChefs 2010 – San Francisco’s Food and Fine Beverage Week


SF Chefs 2010

Today marks the official start to SFChefs 2010, San Francisco’s “premier food, wine and spirits week.” Presented by Visa Signature and produced by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, SFChefs supports the Golden Gate Restaurant Association Scholarship Foundation, a foundation that grants need-based scholarships to Bay Area students requiring financial assistance to pursue an education in culinary and hospitality programs. See the full post »

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