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Peligroso Premium Tequila Enters the Hawaii Market


Peligroso Anejo Tequila

There is a new tequila hitting the alcohol market in Hawaii and it’s called Peligroso. New to California and Hawaii markets, Peligroso has also set its sights to hit markets in Arizona and Nevada later this month and Peligroso was released in California on Cinco de Mayo. This premium tequila is available in Silver, Reposado and Anejo. Peligroso is also seeking organic and kosher certification of its distillery in the highlands of Atotonilco in the Mexican State of Jalisco.

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What To Look For In An Absinthe


Absinthe Tasting
As the absinthe market in the U.S. continues to expand, consumers are increasingly left with difficult decisions regarding which absinthe they should buy. Unfortunately, the lack of a formal spirit definition for absinthe in this country has left the door open for many lower quality and/or fake products to be placed right next to the best of the best, many times priced the same or even higher than their higher quality counterparts. So, with that in mind, here are a few pointers that can help you avoid buying a $70 bottle of drain cleaner:
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2010 SIP Awards


2010 SIP Awards

This past June, the 2010 SIP Awards were held at the exclusive Ivy Rooftop at the Hyatt Andaz Hotel in downtown San Diego, CA. The SIP Awards is unique in that it is the only international spirits competition judged by consumers. Engaging in blind tastings by scoring each spirit by aroma, taste, and finish, the use of consumers as judges levels the playing field between established brands and those new to commercially producing spirits. In total, there were 162 spirits competing for the coveted Platinum Prize awarded to the consumer’s spirit of choice. See the full post »

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Rémy Martin To Release Diamant


Rémy Martin Diamante

From the people who brought you such memorable Cognacs like Louis XIII, the always impressive Rémy Martin is at it again, this time with the release of Diamant, their new super-premium Cognac. This Fine Champagne Cognac is crafted from some of the most sought after grapes in the Champagne region and uses traditional distillation methods and long maturation in Limousin oak casks. See the full post »

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Glenfiddich Uses Twitter To Select 2010 Vintage Reserve


Glenfiddich 2010 Vintage Rare
Each day, social media finds a new way to be a part of our everyday lives. Not limited to just consumers, it has worked itself into the realm of fine beverage culture and even to companies dating back nearly 150 years. That company is Glenfiddich. Each year, Glenfiddich releases their Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve which is an extremely limited edition single malt Scotch whisky. In years past, the Glenfiddich Malt Master would invite a panel of whisky experts and enthusiasts to join him in tasting and eventually choosing their favorite whisky from a group of pre-selected casks. Their choice would become that year’s Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve.
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Boomerang Vodka: Australia’s Little Known Secret


Boomerang VodkaVodka has been made from potatoes, grains and even corn — but in Australia’s Barossa Valley, they are using grapes. Grapes from this region are only the first step in the process of making this high-end libation, aptly named Boomerang Vodka. Fosters, the makers of the famous “Lager” and proprietors of Fosters wine estate, collaborated with Chris Williams of Wattle Creek Winery in the famed Sonoma Valley to bring a taste of uniqueness and of Aussie life to the people of the U.S. See the full post »

Elderly + Diabetes + Urine = Errr… Whiskey?


Gilpin Family Whisky
In theory, if something is fermentable, you can make booze out of it. Things high in sugar content happen to be excellent candidates for distilling. Corn, potatoes, cane sugar — all great foundations for spirits.

And what about urine? Apparently so…

For the life of me, I cannot even begin to understand the thought process behind distilling human pee. Who even comes up with this idea, let alone executes it? And if that wasn’t hard enough to contemplate, the fact that people have actually tasted such a product completely blows my mind.

Let me explain. There is a man, a very unique man, by the name of James Gilpin, who has decided to focused his research and design on the future of health care and the implementation of new biomedical technologies. Mr. Gilpin is particularly preoccupied with diabetes, as he himself is a type 1 diabetic. During his research, Mr. Gilpin observed that large amounts of sugar are excreted on a daily basis by type-two diabetic patients, especially in the urine of the elderly. See the full post »

Free The ‘Shine! Why It’s Time To Legalize Home Distilling



The following video discusses the delicate subject of micro distilleries and home distilling. It is no secret that home beer brewing has been legal since the 1970’s. But oddly enough, home distilling is still illegal and punishable by hefty fines and prison sentences.

Authors and moonshine experts, Matthew Rowley and Max Watman, make appearances to discuss the legal ramifications and the advantages of home distilling. The reason home distilling is still illegal points simply to the Prohibition Era issues, mostly regarding taxability of spirits.

Just think of the greatness that has come out in the craft beer movement and all the unique flavors, processes and styles born out of home brewing experimentation. We’re seeing more micro distilleries open across the United States each year. Although the process is costly and complicated, the end result is some extremely nice spirits that impart flavors which are typically missed in commercially distilled liquors. See the full post »

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