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Event – Absinthe Revealed 2: L’Heure Verte


A Celebration of Tastings and Truths

Absinthe by Damian Hevia

Modern science triumphed over historic propaganda vindicating fine pre-ban absinthe of its alleged evils, leading to the U.S. ban being lifted Dec. 2007. This Celebration seeks to dispel the myths surrounding this misunderstood spirit; expose the public to the smoothness and variety of tastes artisanal absinthes offer; and illustrate proper ways to drink them.

As with their successful debut event, a full house is expected at this 2nd-of-its-kind happening for Houston. Celebration will fill the air throughout AvantGarden, with live jazz and absinthe conversations. Light hors d’oeuvres and free absinthe tastings traditionale–including a new release, will broaden your taste adventure. In addition to sangrias, fruit infusions, wines and beers, there will be special cocktails for sale that offer a different twist on absinthe. To fill out the evening’s visual experience, a showing of Damian Hevia’s compelling absinthe images will be featured for sale, as well as reproduction reproduction absinthe posters.

In the midst of the evening’s glow, you can make your way to a courtyard vantage point for the presentations that will quench your curiosities. Terms like artemisia absinthium, Dr. Ordinaire, louche, dose, thujone, Legendré, Sazerac, and L’Heure Verte will be explained by Herbsaint historian and collector, Jay Hendrickson and renowned absinthe historian and Master Distiller of Lucid Absinthe, Ted Breaux with Viridian Spirits.

Springing from absinthe folklore, enchanting fairies will float through the crowd as the music and entertainment continues into the wee hours. We urge you to be a part of the sights in your elegant attire—be inspired by steampunk and the Belle Epoch. For an entertaining way to introduce yourself to absinthe, or expand on what you know—we hope you will join us for this lovely evening.

Saturday April 9, 2011. 7:30pm – Closing.
Presentations: 8:30pm – 10:30pm
AvantGarden 411 Westheimer Road Houston, Texas

For tickets, visit here.

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Firestone Walker and Mutineer Magazine Present From The Barrel Event


Firestone Walker's From The Barrel Event

Mutineer Magazine is proud to be a sponsor of Firestone Walker’s From The Barrel event to be held at the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch in Santa Margarita, California on April 8.

In celebration of the 78 years since the end of prohibition The Historic Santa Margarita Ranch, Firestone Walker Brewing Co. and Mutineer Magazine are gathering the very best booze to come from wooden barrels. The finest ports, bourbons and beers will be gathered and presented to a privileged congregation of barrel enthusiasts at this special event on Friday, April 8. This event is a celebration of the barrel and the wonderful libations that come from barrels.

This inimitable event will take place at the picturesque and historic Santa Margarita Ranch, the perfect backdrop for this intimate event. Tickets are $50 person and the tasting will take place from 7pm-10pm.

Bourbons scheduled to pour: Blanton’s, Bulleit, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select, Buffalo Trace and more soon to be announced.

Ports from some of the Central Coast’s premiere wineries to include: Cass, EOS, Paso Port, Eberle, Le Vigne and Roxo Cellars with more to be added.

Breweries/Rare barrel-aged beers scheduled to pour:
Firestone Walker
-Sticky Monkey
Lost Abbey – TBA
Russian River – Supplication
Stone – TBA
Ballast Point – TBA
New Belgium – Le Terroir (Dry Hopped Sour Ale)
The Bruery – Melange #1

The rich and complex libations presented will be accompanied by tapas offerings from some of the Central Coast’s finest. Guests will enjoy tapas from Chef Chris Kobayashi (Artisan), Chef Mark Sahaydek (The Grill at Avila Beach Golf Resort), Chef Justin Gabbert (Novo), Chef Paul Kwong (Mee Heng Low Noodle House), Chef Antonio Varia (Buona Tavola) and one more yet to be named.

Please don your glad rags and join us for a tremendous celebration of the end of temperance and the amazing flavors that only come from the barrel. Tickets are very limited and the event is expected to sell out fast. For tickets and more info visit the event website or call 805-544-3508.

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Absinthe in the U.S. – Price vs Quality



For several years, I’ve been compiling data on absinthe prices around the world and converting it to cost per drink analyses in order to track what the category as a whole is doing. It’s been on the main site for about three years or so, but it’s rarely mentioned and not very easy to find, so I thought I’d make mention of it here, now that I’ve finished updating it for 2011. There are about 160 brands covered.

Now, before people start nitpicking on the prices, I didn’t scour the Internet looking for the cheapest price for each product. Instead, I used several of the most common retailers and just noted those prices. Where bottles were available on multiple sites, I simply used the price I ran across first. Costs do not include shipping.

Exchange rate conversions for the Pound Sterling and Euro were as of Thursday, March 3rd 2011.

Some of the interesting finds:

1) Quality absinthe continues to get cheaper for the most part. Many of the highest regarded brands tend to fall in the middle of the chart. I’ve marked many of them in red. It is my hope that this is due to decreasing production costs, and not increased competition. Or I at least hope that will be the case in the future. There has also been some decrease in prices simply due to the novelty factor wearing off for the average consumer.

2) Some questionable brands that tout thujone and rely on unscrupulous marketing actually seem to be getting more expensive. One can assume that this might be the case because they are trying to set themselves apart, using the old ‘We’re the only REAL absinthe’ argument that they’ve been using since 2007. Please see here and here for more information about that marketing and how it is completely false.

3) As has always been the case, the chart shows that many low quality brands still charge the same or more than their higher quality counterparts, preying on the unknowing consumer. Misinformation and sketchy marketing practices have always allowed knock offs in the absinthe world to command high prices. My hopes are that this effect will diminish as the absinthe consumer becomes more and more educated.

4) Comparable prices between US and European brands have tilted in favor of the US brands recently, with the devaluation of the dollar. If US brands had access to international markets, they would be quite attractive to international consumers right now.

Next week, we’ll lighten it up a bit with a few entries about classic and modern absinthe cocktails. See you then!

Absinthe Historian Opens Artisan Distillery in Seattle


Marteau Absinthe It’s a well-known fact that The Mutineers love absinthe, as we’ve featured it in our magazine on multiple occasions and we even went as far as to have Issue #6 of Mutineer Magazine focus almost solely on the mysterious spirit with the help of our friends at The Wormwood Society. With that said, Mutineer is pleased to announce that the founder of The Wormwood Society, Gwydion Stone, is opening his own distillery in Seattle under the name Gnostalgic Spirits Distillery in the SoDo district, just south of downtown Seattle. Previously, Stone produced his Marteau Absinthe de la Belle Époque, considered to be one of the most well-respected and authentic absinthe brands on the market, in Portland, Oregon. Aside from absinthe, Stone also has plans to add apple brandy, whisky, gin and rum to his portfolio, as well as other limited edition spirits, bitters and cocktail syrups available only for purchase at the distillery itself.

Marteau Absinthe is made from absinthium wormwood grown in Oregon and Montana and a brandy base distilled from Washington wine. Marteau Absinthe and other products are scheduled to be available at the distillery and in liquor stores by summer, 2011.

Stay tuned.

Issue 6 Cover

Marteau (and other absinthes) on the cover of Mutineer Magazine Issue #6

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Rémy Martin Unveils First Clear Spirit


Remy Martin V

Last fall, Rémy Martin launched a new product in two exclusive markets – San Francisco and Atlanta. After a successful welcoming into those areas, the rest of the country will see the launch of Rémy Martin V on April 1st. Rémy Martin V? Rémy Martin V is a spirit unlike anything else in the Rémy Martin portfolio and it is aimed at the 21-29 year old demographic. Aside from targeting the younger generation of drinkers, Rémy Martin V will challenge vodka as the premium clear spirit used for cocktails at bars and nightclubs around the country.

How is it different? Rémy Martin V is unique because unlike their Cognac, V is clear. Rather than aging V in oak barrels which gives Cognac its color and rich flavor, V is filtered using a bespoke process that chills the spirit to -10 degrees Celsius, ensuring a beautiful, transparent color and unparalleled smooth, fresh, clean taste according to Rémy Martin. Rémy Martin says it’s great over ice, but it was meant to be mixed with drinks such as The Belmondo with Cointreau, Vermouth, and Orange Bitters served up in a martini glass.

Rémy Martin V will be available nationwide staring April 1st and will retail for $40 per 750ml bottle.

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Tequila Cazadores + The UFC


Tequila Cazadores Spirit Award

It’s encouraging to see spirits brands being welcomed as sponsors of mainstream sports. Since early 2009, Tequila Cazadores has been the Official Spirit Sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC. Part of that sponsorship includes the “Tequila Cazadores Spirit Award”, which is given out on a monthly basis “to the UFC fighter who best exemplifies social responsibility, commitment to the MMA art form, or good sportsmanship” according to the spirits company.

UFC fans decide the winner by voting online, with the most recent recipient of the award being UFC bantamweight Miguel Angel Torres. Tequila Cazadores VP & Brand Managing Director Fannie Young says, “Miguel’s work-ethic in and out of the Octagon are an inspiration to us at Tequila Cazadores. Miguel’s dedication to his craft and strong, competitive spirit make him the perfect recipient of this award.  We are proud to honor such a talented fighter who embodies the core values of our brand.” Tequila Cazadores donates $1,000 to a charity of each winner’s choosing, with Mr. Torres supporting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Past recipients of the Tequila Cazadores Spirit Award include:

• Forrest Griffin – May 23, 2009
• Rich Franklin – June 15, 2009
• Randy Couture – July 13, 2009
• Kenny Florian  – Aug. 7, 2009
• Nate Marquardt – Aug. 28, 2009
• Tito Ortiz – Sept. 19, 2009
• Brandon Vera – Oct. 23, 2009
• Cain Velasquez – Nov. 20, 2009
• Frank Mir – Dec. 11, 2009
• Brian Stann – Feb. 5, 2010
• Brian Stann (culmination award) – March 25, 2010
• Diego Sanchez – May 27, 2010
• Kurt Pellegrino – July 1, 2010
• Clay Guida – Aug. 4, 2010
• Kenny Florian – Aug. 28, 2010
• Matt Serra – Sept. 25, 2010
• Brendan Schaub – Oct. 21, 2010
• Tim Boetsch – November 20, 2010

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Could Georgia See Sunday Alcohol Sales?


There are a lot of laws regulating alcohol. A lot. With that, most of them aim to have the safety and well-being of the people first and foremost. However, others are nothing but archaic and outdated laws that are somehow still held in place by special interest groups that will spark protest and cry “won’t somebody please think of the children!” at the first mention of people wanting to join the 21st century. This brings us to Georgia, one of three states that forbids the sale of off-premise alcohol on Sundays. Having quickly passed through committee with a 5-1 vote, Bill 10 which lets communities decide rather than the state is now headed to the senate where it will be voted on and hopefully passed into law.

The irony, to me, is that consumers can still drink at on-site locations such as bars, restaurants and stadiums. So one can’t purchase a six pack of beer on Sunday and head home just in time to catch their Atlanta Falcons lay the smack down in the safety of their own home, but one can go to a bar and drink all day watching the game and hopefully be sober enough to drive home at the end? That’s not to say that everyone who enjoys a beer at a bar on Sunday in Georgia is getting drunk, but if there was to be a concern with the safety of the public with alcohol related incidents on Sundays, it would seem less likely with those drinking in the privacy of their own home. Seems a bit backwards to me. Or is it more than just that? Jerry Luquire, President of the Georgia Christian Coalition said “Sunday is a special day, whether it’s because of religion or tradition or habit, we just want to keep it this way as much as we can.”

I’ve visited Georgia a few times as a very good friend of mine is from there and thankfully this law didn’t affect me as I planned ahead and purchased more than I could possibly drink in one night on a Saturday evening, but for those that don’t plan ahead, they’re stuck without a drink.

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Night Café = Japanese Canned Coffee-esque Beverage with Whiskey.


Kirin Night Cafe - Caffe Lattee Liquor

A Japanese coffee-esque beverage with whiskey? Didn’t Mutineer Jeff invent that years ago? I guess it’s finally ready for the mainstream in Japan. Details are sketchy at best, most coming from a blog with a serious Japan fetish, which claims:

Kirin has launched a new limited edition drink that has the look of a canned coffee drink but the kick of good ol’ alcohol. On sale only at Tokyo area convenience stores from Wednesday January 19th, the “Yoru Cafe” (Night Café) comes in two flavors: “caffe latte liquor” and “tea liquor”. Kirin is likely trying to imitate the success Suntory has had with their Horoyoi brand, a series of chuhai beverages aimed at younger drinkers who shy away from the typical salaryman activity of gulping beer at home. Since younger consumers prefer to hang out in a coffee shop or café as much as a traditional izakaya, Kirin will hope to capture some of that atmosphere through this new concept. See the full post »

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