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Cocktail Recipe: Mandarin Bloom



The good people over at the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company shared this festive cocktail with us just in time for New Years Eve. Check out their yummy Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup and consider serving this cocktail at your New Year’s Eve bash.

Mandarin Bloom
Courtesy of Wild Hibiscus Flower Company

Wild Hibiscus Flower
4 peeled mandarin (or tangerine) pieces
.5 oz Cointreau
.25 oz syrup from Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup
Squeeze of fresh lime juice
Dash Angostura Bitters
4 oz Champagne

Stand Wild Hibiscus Flower in a champagne flute or martini glass. Muddle together orange pieces, Cointreau and hibiscus syrup together. Add squeeze of fresh lime juice and dash of bitters. Shake ingredients on ice and double strain into flute. Top with champagne.

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Spirits Spotlight: Dulce Vida Lone Star Edition Tequila


Dulce Vida Lone Star Edition

Dulce Vida Spirits has recently announced the release of Dulce Vida Lone Star Edition Tequila, the world’s first USDA certified organic, 100 proof tequila. Dulce Vida, an Austin, Texas headquartered company, uses only 100% organic agave from the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico. The unique characteristics of the climate, air and soil help produce larger, fruitier agave, ideal for tequila, which is then made into 100 proof tequila, a proof which founder and master distiller Carlos Jurado feels captures the purest form of tequila with minimal dilution.

The Lone Star Edition Tequila is an añejo tequila aged in once-used Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels. According to Dan Garrison, proprietor and distiller at Garrison Brothers Distillery, “Our bourbon barrels are handmade to our specifications – extra thick staves, toasted first and then charred to our proprietary specifications, and then they soak in our rich bourbon under the Texas sun for years before we set them free.” The resulting tequila is exceptional, and the bourbon and barrel character comes through really nicely and is slightly more apparent than you would find in other tequilas.

Dulce Vida’s Lone Star Edition Tequila is limited to just 600 cases and available only in the Lone Star State. It costs $75 per bottle.

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Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Headed to Buenos Aires


Tales of the Cocktail On Tour Buenos Aires

Everybody’s favorite celebration of cocktails, Tales of the Cocktail, is heading to Buenos Aires. After ten successful years of Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and two Tales of the Cocktail On Tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, in April 2012 the wildly popular Tales of the Cocktail on Tour will land in Buenos Aires. Attendees will partake in seminars, events, parties, and more as they celebrate all things cocktail culture.

For the latest updates on dates, events and tickets to Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Buenos Aires, visit TalesoftheCocktail.com.

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Anchor Distilling Company Launches Hophead Vodka


Hophead Vodka

Anchor Distilling Company has just announced the launch of Hophead Vodka, the world’s first distilled hopped vodka. Anchor Distilling Company has been at the forefront of innovation for craft distilling in America since Fritz Maytag first released Old Potrero Whiskey in 1995, followed by Junipero Gin, and Genevieve Gin.

According to David King, President of Anchor Distilling Company, Anchor had been looking for a vodka to add to their portfolio for a while, but nothing caught their eye. With the incredible history of Anchor Brewing and Fritz Maytag, creating Hophead Vodka was a natural fit.

Hophead Vodka is pot-distilled from two types of hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley, where over 75% of the United States’ hops come from. The hops impart a very clean, assertive hop character, but without the bitterness that hops are known for. If you’ve ever walked into a hops room at a brewery, opening a bottle of Hophead smells exactly like that.

Try it in a West Coast Vesper, by Russell Davis:

  • 1 oz. Hophead Vodka
  • 1 oz. Junipero Gin
  • .5 oz. Maurin Quina
  • Garnish: orange peel

Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass and add ice. Stir until proper dilution and strain into a chilled champagne coupe. Garnish with an orange peel.

Hophead Vodka is 45% ABV. It is now available in San Francisco, New York City and other key markets. Suggested retail price is $29.95. For more information, visit www.AnchorDistilling.com.

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Beverage Street Wisdom: How to Build a Seasonal Cocktail Menu


Beverage Street Wisdom

Each week Mutineer reaches out to a professional in the beverage industry for a tip they would like to share with our readership. This week we reached out to H. Joseph Ehrmann, Proprietor of San Francisco’s Elixir, for advice on building a cocktail menu around seasonal ingredients. See the full post »

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The Hottest Absinthe Around


Restaurant 1833

Human beings are fascinated by ritual. Religious services, rites of passage, and – if the current revival is any indication – cocktails.

Maybe it touches on some sort of fascination with the mystical, but absinthe, with its dark mythology, milky transformation and intoxicating power, has all the trappings of a paranormal ceremony.

Human beings are also fascinated by fire. Given this, one can imagine the allure of the absinthe service at Monterey’s Restaurant 1833. As the name suggests, the space was built in 1833, and has lived several lives since its inception. It’s been a home, an apothecary, and the location of California’s first kiln. The space is also said to be haunted. Historical and slightly otherwordly? Of course it’s hot.

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Beverage Kickstarter Spotlight: Sia Scotch Whisky


Here at Mutineer HQ, we feel it is our responsibility to support and encourage beverage entrepreneurs in their efforts to bring something new to the industry, and over at Kickstarter, there are a lot of beverage minded people trying to get their businesses off the ground. Here is one of our favorites at the moment.

This week we’ve chosen to spotlight Sia Scotch Whisky as our favorite Kickstarter project. Carin Castillo began Sia with the desire to challenge perceptions that Scotch is a stuffy man’s drink. If you’d like to help in her quest, check out her project to learn more and donate to this exciting new beverage project.

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VIDEO: The Goat Town Swizzle Cocktail with Clint Rogers


Chicago’s Clint Rogers of Henri won our Luxardo Cocktail Competition held in October at San Francisco’s Anchor Distilling Company. Our friends at Tenzing Wine & Spirits got together with Clint to show you how to make his winning cocktail, the Goat Town Swizzle.

Goat Town Swizzle
by Clint Rogers, Henri

Cocktail Ingredients:

1 oz Old Portrero Straight Rye Whiskey

.5 oz Luxardo Apricot
.33 oz Luxardo Fernet
.75 oz lemon juice

.5 oz homemade orgeat*

“minted” crushed ice**

4 dashes Angostura Bitters

3 dashes Fee Bros. Orange Bitters

Garnish with wide spiraled lemon peel and sprig of fresh spearmint
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