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When Life Gives You Milk, Make Silk

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Photograph by: Fabian Bimmer, Reuters

That’s what one person did anyway. Anke Domaske, a young fashion designer from Hanover, Germany has produced the first man-made fabric ever without the use of chemicals and has done it using an everyday staple – milk. Anke, a former microbiology student, developed QMilch which uses high concentrations of milk casein to create an ecologically friendly fabric that also has health benefits derived from the natural compounds found in milk.

While milk fabric is nothing new, QMilch is the first milk casein fabric to be made entirely without the use of chemicals and they market that it fits two trends, resource efficiency and wellness.

To learn more about QMilch, visit their website.

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September 29th is National Coffee Day

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Retro Poster - Coffee!

Thursday will be a celebration of the beverage that we drink over 400 billion cups of each year … COFFEE!

Did you know?

  • Coffee is the second most traded product in the world after petroleum.
  • It is consumed at the rate of 1400 million cups per day.
  • The world’s second most popular drink after water.
  • The expression “a cup of Joe” to denote coffee, was first coined during WWII, when American servicemen (G.I. Joe) were identified as big coffee drinkers.
  • The largest coffee-producing nation, Brazil, is responsible for 30 to 40 % of total world output.
  • Coffee is considered an aphrodisiac.
  • Forty-nine of the fifty states do not grow coffee. The only state that grows coffee is Hawaii. Additionally, the only United States territory that grows coffee is Puerto Rico.
  • The amount of coffee produced around the world is close to six million metric tonnes.

For more fun facts, visit The Oatmeal for 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.

On Thursday, be on the lookout for coffee specials. 7-Eleven will be giving away free cups of coffee, as will other retailers.

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Four Loko Releases Poco Loko

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Four Poco Loko

Four Loko, the controversial once-caffeinated flavored malt beverage that was blamed to have hospitalized college students from around the country, has just announced the release of Poco Loko. The drink, now caffeine-free due to an FDA ban, will be available in 16-ounce cans instead of 23.5-ounce cans found with Four Loko and at a strength of 8 percent alcohol by volume, instead of the normal 12 percent. The product, which will be available in four packs and in single cans, is being introduced in order to meet consumer demand for additional products and flavors, and to continue diversifying the Phusion Projects line of products.

“We’ve always been a company that listens to what our consumers want,” said Chris Hunter, one of the co-founders of Phusion Projects. “Poco Loko is a great product to bring to market, and we’re excited to re-introduce fan favorite Green Apple, originally from the Four Loko XXX Limited Edition line.”

As with all Phusion Projects products, Poco Loko is a flavored malt beverage that does not contain caffeine, guarana or taurine.

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The Whatamelon Cocktail

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Whatamelon Cocktail

With National Watermelon Day just passing by and the summer slowly coming to an end, what better way to celebrate than with a delicious watermelon cocktail. Below is a refreshing watermelon cocktail by H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir. Try making it for yourself. In the San Francisco area, stop in at Elixir and have one made by the man himself.

The Whatamelon
by H. Joseph Ehrmann, Elixir

1.5oz Square One Cucumber Organic Vodka

1oz St. Germain Elderflower liqueur
2oz watermelon juice or 5 1” watermelon cubes
6 mint leaves
.5oz lime juice
.5oz agave nectar

In a mixing glass, add watermelon cubes or juice and 5 mint leaves, muddle and top with remaining ingredients. Fill with ice, shake well for 10 seconds and strain over fresh ice.

Looking for a watermelon mocktail? Just increase the amount of watermelon, lime juice and agave nectar and leave out the booze.

The Whatamelon Mocktail
by H. Joseph Ehrmann, Elixir

3.5oz watermelon juice or 10 1” watermelon cubes

6 mint leaves
1oz lime juice
1oz agave nectar

In a mixing glass, add watermelon cubes or juice and 5 mint leaves, muddle and top with remaining ingredients. Fill with ice, shake well for 10 seconds and strain over fresh ice.

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Issue #10 Mutineer Interview: Grammy Nominated Kenna Now Available Free Online!

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Summit on the Summit

Not known for its mercy, Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro is the largest free-standing mountain in Africa. One out of every four climbers who attempts to summit its 19,340 foot-elevation Uhuru peak are unsuccessful, which was precisely Grammy-nominated musician Kenna’s fate the first time he challenged this unforgiving mountain.

In January 2010, Kenna returned to Mt. Kilimanjaro, not to simply conquer the mountain that had denied his summit, but instead to make a 19,340 foot 911 call to the world on behalf of every man, woman, and child that has suffered or died from drinking dirty water, as well as the billion-plus people on the planet that still don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water.

This time Kenna brought backup: a mélange of influential voices and experts from a range of specialties that were committed to his cause. In an effort to raise awareness, the climb was filmed as a documentary that will air on MTV on March 14, 2010, and social media was brilliantly integrated throughout the expedition.

To pull it all off, 44 people would step up and try to follow Kenna to the top of the mountain that had already defeated him once before. For all of them to summit would be an unlikely and unprecedented feat, especially with most of the team having little or no climbing experience and instead relying on inspired determination to get them to the top.

On January 12, 2010, inspired determination trumped likelihood, with every one of the 45 members of the Summit on the Summit expedition standing on the top of Africa in a record-breaking statement to the world on behalf of the global water crisis.

The question now is, “What’s the likelihood of achieving unprecedented success in addressing the global water crisis?”

MM: How did you come up with the idea for Summit on the Summit?

So when you get that kind of feeling in your gut you say, well I’m going to do something about it, I’m gonna fucking do something about it …

Kenna: It’s probably a three part answer, but I will try and keep it simple. I had climbed Kila [Mt. Kilimanjaro] once before and hadn’t gotten to the top and I went all by myself. I think mainly because there was no real support system for it. The main reason I even came to doing it for the cause was because my dad had come to me and said he was going to dig a well in Ethiopia. I didn’t understand why he was going to do that and I had no real idea about the global water crisis. He continued to explain that he had contracted a waterborne disease when he was a child and lived ten years with that kind of illness; ten-fifteen years with the illnesses that came along with that. He had lost his best friend as a child and even worse he had lost a brother to it, my uncle. I started studying water just trying to figure out what that was because I felt like I was a bad son, a bad kid, not knowing what my dad had endured for me to actually be in America, living my dreams, making music, you know…pursuing the world and having the life that I have. All those things were given to me basically on a silver platter in comparison to what my dad had to endure you know. So when you get that kind of feeling in your gut you say, well I’m going to do something about it, I’m gonna fucking do something about it, and so the two things collided. Kilimanjaro because I hadn’t reached the top and because I knew that going to the top would require some kind of support system, which is also what I believe about the global clean water crisis. It’s not something that one person can take on, or one government can take on, or one NGO can take on, but it has to be a united effort. So the idea of Summit on the Summit was born as an incubator for change to allow people that have the influence of reaching the world to connect with the people who have the information to educate the world, and finally to involve the Fortune 500 world of brands to support that in a way where it’s a private affair and know that it’s something that individuals can be involved in whether it be staff at Hewlett Packard, or the staff at Proctor and Gamble, or the staff at the UN Foundation, or the staff at Summit on the Summit, or my management team, or the management team of every single artist on the climb, or actor, or the education team and management team of everybody who is on the production side, or the educators themselves and their teams. It was meant to be a sequestered moment in time where everyone had to rely on each other, commit to going, and commit being safe and healthy to be there, and while they are there to commit to each other to support each other and commit to the cause. In that moment, because they know that they are risking themselves for it, it was meant to be an unstoppable force of truth and a project that at the end of it would fully and forever unite individuals as allies because there is one thing in their life that can never be taken away from them outside of family and accomplishment. As an accomplishment, Kilimanjaro was something that no one can take away from them and the relationships and the allies they had from that climb would be allies that would be the only people in the world that would remember or know exactly what they went through for this subject. So it’s multi-layer I just built it in my mind and grew it from there.

What aspect of this project are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of the fact that at a certain point it took a life of its own. I think a lot of times you spend a lot of time creating something and your ego gets in the way. In this case my heart took precedent over my ego and at a certain moment you could see that this was no longer something specific that I created. It’s not something that lives only in me; the universe took it and the people involved united and became its heart and soul. When your on a mountain and you see Isabel Lucas talking to one of our reps. from Hewlett Packard, and she is from Australia and he’s from Switzerland, and she is speaking Swiss to him. When you see Jimmy Chin, our photographer speaking to Bernice Ang, who is from Singapore, to have each one of them speaking Cantonese, but then he is speaking Japanese to Lupe Fiasco. It was something beyond me at a certain point, something bigger than I could ever imagine it to be. It burst from conversations to scholastic, educational programs, and people on the climb feeling power when they didn’t realize that they had that power – they didn’t realize their currency. I’m here in Aspen and Sanigold just got here, we were talking and she’s like, “You know what, I was twittering and I didn’t realize but they made my twitters [during the climb] the twitters of the week on Spin.com, isn’t that crazy?” That kind of stuff, when it happened it took on a life of its own – that’s what I was most proud of because there was only so much I could do man. I can bring everybody together and put everybody in one place. I can get brands to spend money on something they’ve never done before. I can build marketing plans and social media plans, and I can affect all of those things, and all of that would seem like a great deal, and it is, but what came off the mountain – what came together when people connected finally, and how it affected everybody in such a way where they were champions for each other and champions for the world at the same time, and to have the largest group ever to reach the top of Kilimanjaro, 45 people, all of them summited, 100% of my team climbed and got to the top – is crazy. I could never have imagined it truly becoming what it did.

To continue reading this Mutineer Interview, click here.

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WIRED Magazine: Liquid Gold – The Booming Market for Human Breast Milk

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WIRED magazine

June was a great month for fine beverage features in WIRED Magazine. In addition to the story on the mold mystery surrounding Canadian Club whiskey’s barrel aging warehouses we posted about earlier in the weak, this month’s issue also includes the feature article “Liquid Gold: The Booming Market for Human Breast Milk” by Judy Dutton, which can be read in its entirety online.

This article really showcases the diversity of fine beverage and how it can affect us in our daily lives in ways we wouldn’t normally think of, exploring the effects of the burgeoning breast milk market from economic, cultural and health perspectives. Yes, ladies and gentleman, there’s never been a more exciting and innovative time in fine beverage.

From the article:
Most body fluids, tissues, and organs—semen, blood, livers, kidneys—are highly regulated by government authorities. But not breast milk. It’s considered a food, so it’s legal to swap, buy, or sell it nearly everywhere in the US. This accounts, in part, for the widely varying quality and safety standards in the online market for milk. For their part, Prolacta and nonprofit milk banks have rigorous screening processes for potential donors, including tests for drugs, hepatitis, and HIV. But Only the Breast and the volunteer sites, which see themselves more as communities than commodity markets, don’t screen donors or assume responsibility for the milk they help disseminate.

Whatever the source of the milk or its channel of distribution, the trend is clear: Human milk is being bought, sold, donated—and gratefully received—on an unprecedented scale. And as demand grows, the competition for every ounce is getting more fierce.

Click here to continue reading this article.

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Clean Water Featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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Alex Prud’Homme, author of the new book “The Ripple Effect”, stopped by The Daily Show last week to talk about just how important of a resource clean water will be in the 21st century.

From the interview:
Prud’Homme: Between drought, flood, and self-poisoning, I think the human race is in for a tough time water wise.
Stewart: And the bad news?
Prud’Homme: No one’s paying attention.

I can say with great enthusiasm that Mutineer Magazine is certainly paying attention, with lots of great water content in the pipeline (pun intended) for upcoming issues. Stay tuned for more!

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ROSÉ Avengers & Producers Join Forces With Mutineer Magazine In Support of “a child’s right” Clean Water Crusaders Campaign

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Wineries that Raise $500.00 or More Earn Complimentary Advertising in Mutineer, with Top 3 Campaigners Making the September/October Cover

RAP Announces Line Up of International Rosé Producers, Including One of the World’s Most Exclusive Rosés

Clean Water Crusaders

(Santa Rosa, CA, April 5th 2011)Rosé Avengers & Producers (RAP) announced today that it is partnering with Mutineer Magazine to help raise funds for its Clean Water Crusader campaign in support of A Child’s Right. A Child’s Right is a nonprofit relief organization that provides clean drinking water for children living in orphanages and street shelters as well as those attending schools and visiting children’s hospitals in impoverished urban and semi-urban areas in underdeveloped countries. To learn more about the campaign, visit Mutineer Magazine.

“We developed our Clean Water Crusader campaign to be a simple win-win proposition,” said Alan Kropf, editor-in-chief of Mutineer. “Beverage companies that raise and donate at least $500.00 directly to A Child’s Right will have its product or logo featured in our fall water relief-themed issue. We’ll also tweet out an interesting water-themed fact out to our Twitter followers on behalf of each company. The top 3 fundraisers make the cover.”

Creative Furnace, producers of Pink Out! SF, is supporting the project with a public relations awareness campaign and fundraising efforts at RAP’s 7th annual rosé celebration on Tuesday, May 10th 2011 hosted by Chef Lam of Butterfly Restaurant at Pier 33 on The Embarcadero in San Francisco. The Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa in Sonoma County, California is sponsoring the fundraising effort by providing a two night wine country weekend getaway in a poolside suite with breakfast buffet and health club admission for two as the evening’s raffle grand prize.

RAP also announced the line up of stellar international rosé producers for 2011, which features an extensive walk-around tasting of 40-plus classic still and sparkling rosés, DJ grooves, and Chef Lam’s rosé-inspired Pan-Pacific appetizers from sustainably and organically sourced ingredients. The event’s TasteLive broadcast, sponsored by CellarPass, features Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé, Robert Oatley Sangiovese Rosé, and one of the world’s most exclusive rosés, Chateau d’Esclans “Garrus.” Consumer tickets are $35.00 advance and $45 at door if available. Complete details, trade/media registration, and tickets are available at RapWine.com.

2011 Wineries to Date
AIX – Provence, Amorosa Bella, Azurwines, Bugay Wines, Château Beaulieu, Chateau d’Esclans, Château de Brigue, Clos Saron, Cornerstone Cellars, Dacalier Wine Co., Dashe Cellars, Dunstan Wines, Freixenet, Gassier, Gloria Ferrer, Gridley Family Cellars, Isabel Mondavi, Kelley & Young Wines, Kristine Ashe Vineyards, Lorenza Rosé, Midsummer Cellars, Muscardini Cellars, Pedroncelli Winery, Pisoni Vineyards & Winery, Robert Oatley, Segura Viudas, Six Sigma Ranch, Tablas Creek, Urban Legend Cellars

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