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Beverage Kickstarter Of The Week: The Sophisticate’s Chai

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Here in the heart of The Mutiny, we are always stoked to hear about something new in the world of fine beverage. Over at Kickstarter, there are a lot of beverage minded people trying to get their businesses off the ground, so we decided to spotlight some of our favorites. This week we’ve chosen The Sophisticate’s Chai by Trinity Hindman. Check out her page to learn more and donate to an exciting new beverage project.

LA Celebrates 3 Years of Making Lemonade With Alex

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Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alexandra “Alex” Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer, shortly before her first birthday. At four, little Alex exemplified the adage “if life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” With the help of her older brother, Patrick, Alex set up a front yard lemonade stand in order to raise money for all types of childhood cancer – not just her own.

She raised $2,000 from that first fundraiser, and continued to run a lemonade stand every year until her death four years later. By that time, “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” had already raised $1 million toward finding a cure for the types of cancer that make infants and children its primary target.

Alex’s parents started Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) in 2005 to continue their daughter’s work. ALSF funds more than 250 leading-edge medical research projects, they raise awareness of childhood cancers and causes, they’ve created a travel program to help support the families of children receiving cancer treatment
, and ALSF provides resources to assist people everywhere who are affected by childhood cancers of all kinds. Since Alex opened her lemonade stand in 2000, she and the foundation that came after, have raised more than $55 million.

LA loves Alex’s Lemonade Stand, as well as a host of celebrity chefs, who are bringing L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade back for its third, star-studded year. Chef Suzanne Goin and her partner Caroline Styne (Lucques, A.O.C., Tavern), and Chef David Lentz (The Hungry Cat) have hosted the event from the beginning. They’re joined by Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, E! News Correspondent David Burtka, who will return as Honorary Co-Hosts. Jimmy Kimmel, who is a member of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s National Advisory Board, will come back as Master of Ceremonies.

Returning Chefs Giada De Laurentiis, Paul Kahan, April Bloomfield, Chris Bianco, Marc Vetri, Jonathan Waxman, will be joined by new participating chefs Matt Accarino, Katrina Markoff, Nancy Oakes, Michael Schwartz, Mary Sue Milliken and Rocco Whalen. To toast the small victories, guests get to experience the cocktail creations of major mixologists, including Eric Alperin (The Varnish), Neal Bodenheimer (Cure), Tim Staehling (The Hungry Cat), Greg Lindgren (Rye on the Road), Chris Ojeda (Soho House), Steve Widly (Vetri) and Christiaan Rolich (Lucques).

Also attending the food festivities will be cast members of CBS’ Criminal Minds including Jeanne Tripplehorn, Thomas Gibson & Kirsten Vangsness; Allison William of HBO’s Girls; Aziz Ansari, Adam Scott & Jim O’Heir of NBC’s Parks & Recreation; Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Ambassador actress Bailee Madison; actor Timothy Olyphant and many more. Providing live music for the afternoon event will be singer-songwriter Michelle Branch.

The event will take place at Culver Studios (9336 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232) on Saturday, September 29, 2012, from 12-4PM. General Admission tickets are $175, and they’re offering a $1,200 premier ticket level including early admission, reserved seating and an exclusive Meet-And-Greet dinner the night before the event prepared by Nancy Silverton and special friends, where guests can meet the participating chefs. Added for this year, special seating at reserved tables of 10 will be sold for $5,000 each, which includes entry and personal table service.

Culver Studios
9336 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Saturday, September 29, 2012

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DIY: Hibiscus Tea Salt

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Hibiscus Tea Salt

In issue 23 of Mutineer Magazine was the debut of my column DIY. In it I shared my method for infusing everything from sauvignon blanc to Peychaud’s Bitters into salt. In case you missed out, here is the method for DIY hibiscus salt.

¾ c. coarse sea salt
1 c. brewed double strength hibiscus flowers

Preheat the oven to 275F.

Mix the salt with a ½ c. hibiscus tea. Spread the salt out across a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silpat baking mat. Place the pan in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes, or until most of the moisture has evaporated. Remove from the oven, stir and add the next ½ c. of hibiscus tea and repeat the process. Remove from the oven and stir to break up the salt. Allow the salt to cool to room temperature before storing.

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Wear This Watch to Change the World in an Epic Way

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Epic Watch Trio

Mutineer considers water the original fine beverage, and that everyone on this earth has the right to enjoy clean and safe water. You might be surprised to know that approximately every 19 seconds a child dies from a water-borne disease and that 1 out of 8 people in the world do not have access to clean water. But the world doesn’t have to be like this.

There are many ways to contribute to water relief, and at least one very fashionable way. Enter the The Catalyst, the first watch design from Epic. For every Epic timepiece that you purchase, Epic will provide clean water to someone in a developing country for an entire year through the distribution of water filters. It comes in a variety of color combinations and yes, even you can pull it off.

Fore more info about Epic Timepieces and the clean water crisis visit www.EpicTimepieces.com

Epic Watch bag

Tony Stark Enjoys a Fine Beverage a Delicious Fine Beverage While Chatting With Super Villains

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This clip pretty much captures what happened the first time I met with Steve Heimoff. Mr. Stark apparently likes his dark spirits neat and served out of a decanter. And wait, is that absinthe on his back bar? If it is, I like his style, but I must caution against putting absinthe in a clear decanter as it is sensitive to the sun, which is a problem in an all-windows ultra high-rise condo. Also of note on the back bar is the decanter of wine that seems to just be hanging out. Maybe if you’re Tony Stark you have your butler decant a new bottle of red wine every morning “just in case”.

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Red Bull Total Zero… Coming Soon

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Red Bull Total Zero

It’s no secret that Mutineer Magazine is powered by Red Bull. We’re big fans. While we don’t watch our calories, for those that do and for those who love energy drinks, there is a solution: Red Bull Total Zero. I can’t tell you too much about it at this point, minus the obvious zero calories. Stay tuned for more information.

Also worth noting, Thai billionaire and Red Bull founder Chaleo Yoovidhya died March 17 at a hospital in Bangkok.

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Freaker USA: Making YOU & Fine Beverage Cooler!

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Gotta get ya FREAKER SAMPLES! from freakerusa on Vimeo

Freakers are a simple enough product. Each is an ultra stretchy beverage coozy that will easily cover your favorite beer bottle, that magnum of Châteauneuf-du-Pape you’ve been saving, or even your daily 40 oz to freedom. Freakers come in all manner of colorful patterns and are brought to you by an illustrious crew of creatives; designers, internet-gurus and filmmakers.

What might first appear as a goofy kickstarter company that makes little beverage products, is the display of an authentic albeit bizarre modern retelling of the American Dream. Like all successful brands, FreakerUSA isn’t just selling a product, they’re giving you an official invitation to take part in a new lifestyle and theirs is chock full of freaky delights. It seems they have found a way, without the use of VooDoo mind you, to infuse life into a fine beverage sweater.

Find it hard to believe? Take a closer look and discover how they send hand written notes to their customers and organize grilled cheese parties across the country as part of their marketing efforts. They weave the Freaker so artfully and seamlessly in and out of everything they do, that it’s hard to see the lines between the product, the life and the profile of Freaker-culture.

Blah Blah freaker. Blah Blah fits. Blah blah anything.

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Fruit Drinks vs. Soda Infographic

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Soda's Evil Twin
Click above to view the infographic

In one year, the average American consumes 45 pounds of sugar … enough to fill a wheelbarrow. Yikes. Most surprising to me, sodas aren’t the biggest culprit, it’s fruit drinks. As many of you may know, we at Mutineer love infographics so we had to share this.

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