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Crystal Pepsi: The Most Futuristic Beverage Ever

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Crystal Pepsi

I can say with confidence that Crystal Pepsi is one of the main consumer products that defined my childhood (that, Ken Griffey Jr. Crunch Bars, and hypercolor shirts). In my childhood home of Waterville, Washington, summertime temps would get up around 110 degrees, so having a quenching beverage you could rely on was crucial, and at the tender age of ten, this palate was already becoming particular about what it wanted. See the full post »

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Worst ****ing Lie of all Marketing

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It’s bad enough that when I walk into a 7-11 at midday looking for a pick-me-up that I have to sift through rows and rows of random energy drinks hoping to find one that doesn’t taste like an old, dead possum foot. The companies that create those little fizz bombs are natural born liars. They dress up their products with awesome, eye-catching colors and cool catch phrases like, “This Energy Drink Will Jack Up Your Face to the Extreme!” See the full post »

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10 Reasons Why 7-Eleven is Epic

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7-Eleven is an American Institution, and being that today is, well, 7/11, we pay homage by exploring what this corner store phenomenon is all about.

7-Eleven was started in 1927 at the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas. Convenience items were sold with the ice when traditional grocery stores were closed. This original concept was well received, and it grew into 7-Eleven’s 34,200 stores operating today with a worldwide sales of 46.6 billion in 2007. See the full post »

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The 5 Stages of Drunk

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Even though intoxication may seem magical, it is actually a scientific process that is the result of your body processing the alcohol in your tasty beverage. The way your drunkenness is measured is called Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). This is a percentage of alcohol in your bloodstream, and it ranges from 0.0% to 0.4%. At 0.0%, you are a Mormon on Sunday. At 0.4%, you are probably clinically dead or hanging out at Mutineer HQ. Here is what you can expect in between:

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The Frutista Situation

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Frutista Freeze

Meet the Frutista Freeze, Taco Bell’s new creation to quench that summertime thirst. Taco Bell is really pushing this new product. They even have a flash site—complete with tropical sounds and flying airplanes—promoting Frutista-inspired contests for Frutista-fanatics to win fantastic vacations. See the full post »

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Cap’n Crunch + Milk Shake = Delicious Diabetes

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Cap'n Crunch Shake

At Mutineer Magazine, we’re all about the ridiculous pairings (unless it’s effing Clamato).  Let’s quickly review before we dive into today’s subject.  Some of the best awful pairings of all time include, but are not limited to, the following.

Bacon and Duct Tape
Woody Allen and Women
Techno and Music
Shaquille O’Neal and Kung Fu
Mel Gibson Films and Historical Accuracy

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Squirt: It’s back…or did it ever leave?

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Spirits Mutineer Douglas Harenchar rolled into the office with a two liter bottle of Squirt (that I was subsequently informed that business manager Jeff Dorenbush actually purchased). I haven’t had Squirt in years, and its epic return to my palate has inspired me to dig a little deeper into this magnificent beverage. See the full post »

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