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Role Models: Minotaur

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Role Models Minotaur Truck

In the new movie Role Models, Seann “Stiffler” William Scott is Minotaur Man, the mascot of Minotaur energy drinks, and he goes to elementary schools with Paul Rudd’s character telling kids to drink Minotaur instead of doing drugs. Here are some of the best lines in the movie: See the full post »

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Molotov Cocktail

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Molotov Cocktail

After writing my blog about “The Flaming Homer” last night, I decided to search for fire related fine beverage videos on YouTube. Mostly it was a bunch of kids giggling and lighting little puddles of Bacardi 151, until I stumbled upon the search “Molotov cocktail”. See the full post »

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Fascinating Yet Confusing Sake Question on Twitter

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If you aren’t part of the phenomenon that is Twitter, you might as well bury your head in the sand and pray that somehow you’ll stay connected in this futuristic world of web networking. If you are a “tweet” as they are called, and you follow the Wine Mutineer’s twitter feed, you probably saw that I posed the following question: Is sake a wine, beer, or spirit? See the full post »

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Champagne Wishes Tea

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Champagne Wishes Tea

I’m never one to shy away from a new experience. Today I tried my first flowering herbal tea. This was labeled Champagne Wishes and started off as a tightly bound, slightly mushroom shaped bundle of what looked like grass. I placed it in the bottom of my mug and added boiling water then watched it literally flower. I let it steep for about ten minutes as it opened up fully. See the full post »

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Second Floor Balcony = Restroom?

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Restroom Sign

With the political climate finally peaking, solidarity and sound minded decision making has been forgotten. I’m sure every politician in America is tired of being on their best behavior, so why not let loose a bit. I’m sure the media wouldn’t mind a few small transgressions. See the full post »

I Love Southern California…

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I mean, beyond Disneyland, the beach and incredible clubs, Southern California has the caliber of weather to support this kind of beverage ninja-ness. Not much more to say about this, the video really speaks for itself…

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Happy Halloween – Don’t Drink and Drive This Weekend!

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Let this video be a lesson to you. Drinking and driving is a terrible idea. This video is TERRIFYING, watch if you dare….

Happy Halloween from everyone at Mutineer Magazine!

Beverage Halloween Costumes: Vixen Vineyard’s

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Vixen Vineyard's Costume

I can envision the conversation had between costume company CEOs after last Halloween. “We have all of these skimpy costumes left over…what are we going to do with them?” Easy answer: Put “Vixen Vineyard’s” on the front and voila, I dub thee “Vixen Vineyard’s”. See the full post »

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