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Red Bull Shots Cause Mutiny Within Mutineer

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Red Bull’s New Energy Shot

I’ve drawn a line in the sand, I’ll drink this entire press kit to prove my point…

In case you didn’t know, Mutineer Magazine has an Energyologist, Jeff Dorenbush, and as such he is constantly receiving press samples of crazy energy drink products. While Jeff loves all things energy related, Red Bull is his rosebud. He loves Red Bull with a vengeance, so when Red Bull sent us a futuristic press sample of their new Red Bull energy shots, it was terrible news for him that I had intercepted the package and disappeared into the Pacific Northwest backcountry in the Mutineer RV. I have wireless Internet, a full generator, and enough red bull to keep things running for weeks…the standoff has begun. See the full post »

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National Launch Party Vendor Spotlight: sake2me

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Over the next few weeks we will be introducing the vendors that will be pouring at the Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party. Taste these fine beverages on May 18 at Falcon Hollywood for the National Launch Party. Click here for tickets.

Sake: Ginger Mango, Yuzu Citrus, Asian Pear & Green Tea
Brewery: sake2me, a 200 year old brewery north of Tokyo
Style: Sparkling Sake

Sake2me is a junmai sake that is shipped in bulk from Japan then infused with all-natural Asian flavors. Sake2me only uses top-grade junmai sake and 100% natural ingredients including the flavorings. There are no artificial syrups or colors added — only the real deal. This sparkling sake is usually served in a champagne flute, but is very versatile and can be served numerous ways such as on the rocks or straight from the bottle. Sake2me comes in four flavors: Ginger Mango, Yuzu Citrus, Green Tea and Asian Pear.

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The Virgin Cola Wars

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Virgin Cola is an obscure soda that can supposedly be found in select UK stores and on Virgin Flights and Trains, but once upon a time it strove to take on Coca-Cola and Pepsi in a cola fueled war.

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Beverages FTW! Gatorade G2 and Dunkin’ Coffee: The Most Successful New Brands of 2008

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According to AdAge.com, “It was a good year for beverages, as the two most successful new brands in 2008 were Gatorade’s G2 and Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee. The pair topped Information Resources Inc.’s annual Pacesetters list of most successful brands, surpassing the elusive $100 million benchmark for a hit new product.See the full post »

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Coca-Cola Gets Shut Down by the Chinese Government

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Coke President/CEO Muhtar Kent speaking in Shanghai

According to a report by Normandy Madden and Natalie Zmuda of Advertising Age, “China’s leaders are eager to see local companies invest in overseas assets, grow their businesses and improve the overall image of China. But the government isn’t ready to loosen control over its own assets. China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) today issued a long-awaited decision and nixed Coca-Cola Co.’s bid to buy about two-thirds of China Huiyuan Juice Group for $2.4 billion. The Hong Kong-listed company is the mainland’s largest producer of pure fruit juices.See the full post »

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Ireland Descends Into A Drunken Madness in the Holy Land on St. Patrick’s Day

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Photo not of actual riot.

The AP reports, “Cars were torched, firefighters attacked and police bombarded in mayhem spawned by dusk-to-dawn drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, Irish authorities said Wednesday. Authorities were still assessing the damage from inebriated revelers who turned some districts of Dublin and Belfast into nightmares.See the full post »

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Red Bull: Giving Cola Wings

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Red Bull Cola

Red Bull has entered the fray that is soda, more specifically, cola. Don’t let the name cola confuse you, this is no Coke/Pepsi knock off, “Red Bull Cola isn’t just a cola; it’s premium, strong and natural.” Most people, including myself, overlook the word, ‘natural’. In my defense though, the word does seem to be overused, and in most cases it doesn’t even seem to be accurate. Mutineer’s Editor-in-Chief, Alan Kropf, displays a perfect example of a questionable product labeling of the word “natural”. Let’s not steer too far from the topic of Red Bull though, because in the case of Red Bull claiming to use “natural” products, well I can ensure you, they are not joking around. See the full post »

Osmosis Mint Water

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Out for an afternoon bike ride to Point Defiance in Western Washington I felt my bodies’ reluctance to continue after a grueling uphill climb. This seemed like the perfect time to stop and grab a bottle of water from a nearby gas station. As I perused the cooler section my eyes were drawn to a shiny silver bottle of Osmosis Mint Water. Like a raccoon, once in my hand I could not put the shiny object down and proceeded to check the ingredients for my two mortal enemies sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. The label called it mint water and according to the ingredients that is exactly what it was: purified water, mint. See the full post »

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