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The first rule of Starbucks is, you do not talk about Starbucks

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Your Neighborhood Coffeeshop Is Getting a Makeover

Photo credit: CoffeeStrategies.com

When deep space exploration ramps up, it’ll be the corporations that will name everything: The IBM stellarsphere, The Microsoft galaxy, Planet Starbucks.”
This is the bleak out look of Tyler Durden from 1999s Fight Club, where the corporations overrun the universe and name everything after themselves. See the full post »

5 comments 07.17.2009 |

What People Drink: Celebrities Pt. 2

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Jon Gosselin Drinking Tea

Jon Gosselin drinks tea, but I don’t know what kind of tea it is! I’ve Googled every combination of “jon” + “gosselin” + “kids” + “tea” + “divorce” + “wtf is that tea”. Nothing! Does anyone know? It looks awesome. I did have a reader response regarding what Condi Rice’s play-date was drinking in a previous post, maybe we’ll have similar luck this time… See the full post »

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“Viagra-laced coffee seized in Malaysia” Wait, WHAT?

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The headline says it all folks, Metro.co.uk is reporting that 900 boxes of coffee “containing some 9,000 coffee packets” were contaminated with Viagra.

Really? REALLY?

That’s all I have to say about that.

2 comments 07.06.2009 |

What People Drink: Pro Athletes

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Sidney Crosby Puring Alcohol Into Stanley Cup

I’m gonna assume that this is Sidney Crosby pouring Veuve Clicquot into the Stanley Cup. On a similar note, I’ve turned my college diploma in its gatefold frame into a Jagermeister booze luge for one, HIYO! See the full post »

10 comments 06.30.2009 |

The Robot That Makes Coffee

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This video is magical. We’ve found it to be the only thing that will calm down Mutineer Layout Editor Jordan Luckman when he descends into madness in the thick of deadline. He can be stomping around, smashing cans of cola on his forehead, and screaming like a wild beast, and if we turn on this video, he gets a glazed look in his eyes, and then he takes a nap. Every time. Robots + Fine Beverage = FTW!!!

5 comments 06.25.2009 |

What People Drink: Celebrities

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Lindsay Lohan with Gatorade

When she’s not wrecking her car into curbs on Sunset Blvd., Lindsay Lohan enjoys ice cold, vodka-infused Gatorade with her friends. See the full post »

9 comments 06.24.2009 |

What People Drink: Politicians

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Condoleezza Rice Drinking a Daquiri

Here, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has sucked her eyes closed going after this double daquiri. I’m not sure what her friend is drinking, but it is the most orangest of orange looking drinks I’ve ever seen. I want some. Now. See the full post »

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What People Drink: Facebook HQ

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With Facebook launching new Usernames this week, things got pretty insane at Facebook HQ, with Mashable.com releasing these photos from within the heart of it all. Here is a glimpse into the beverage culture at Facebook:

In the main picture of the blog, there is a bottle of Macallan 12, which tells me one of two things. Either the team is so confident that the username launch is going to go so well that a celebration is imminent, with a bottle of Scotch being the perfect libation to celebrate such a moment, or that things were going to get very terrifying very quickly, and Scotch may be the only thing to calm everyone’s nerves and keep morale up. Either way, a sound strategy. See the full post »

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