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Coca-Cola & Pepsi vs. the Chinese Environment

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Yahoo News reporting on Coca-Cola and PepsiCo’s environmental impact on China: “among the top 12 factories causing major water pollution in China’s capital, the city government has announced.

Both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have been aggressively expanding into Asia, and apparently their presence is being felt on the environmental front. See the full post »

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Arizona Black & White Tea Uses Real Sugar…and is only 99 Cents!

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Arizona Black & White Tea

The fact that a beverage contains real sugar means that Soylent days are here indeed. Beverage producers in need of a sweetener often look to high fructose corn syrup due to its low cost, but some argue that high-fructose corn syrup brings health risks and doesn’t taste as good as real sugar. Most soda in the United States is made with HFCS, though some use cane sugar, such as Issue 4 cover story Jones Soda. Mexican Coca-Cola is made with real sugar, and I’ve always had good luck finding it at Costco or smuggling it back over the border, and of course Jones Soda finds its way into my fridge regularly. See the full post »

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Mandy Moore Presents: Red Bull Energy Douche

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I thought things were getting crazy in the Red Bull universe yesterday on the blog, but Red Bull Energy Douche is taking things to a whole new level. Presented by the fine people at FunnyOrDie.com and endorsed by Mandy Moore, Red Bull Energy Douche proves just how versatile fine beverage can be.

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Red Bull in Bottles and More

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Red Bull in a bottle
Red Bull in a bottle? Incredible!

I drink my Red Bull out of a can, always have. So when I stumbled across rare photos of Red Bull in bottle form, my mind was blown, and the craziness didn’t stop there. The rabbit hole led me to some crazy Red Bull packing from distant lands. More photos after the jump. See the full post »

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Neurogasmic! Celebrities Seem to Love NeuroBrands Drinks for Sexual Performance and Other…Kinds of Performance

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Paris Hilton with a Neurosonic

Paris Hilton with a Neurosonic

Ever since Emmanuelle Chriqui introduced us to Neurogasm, I’ve come across a TON of celebrities who also endorse the Neuro-lineup of drinks, which includes Neurogasm for sexual performance, Neurosonic for energy performance, Neurosleep for anti-muscle cramp performance, Neurotrim for weight loss performance, Neurosporti for sport performance, Neuroaqua for hydration performance and Neurobliss for mood performance. See the full post »

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What People Drink: Cast of Entourage

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Jeremy Piven with cigar and red wine

Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) kicking it with a cigar and red wine, looking like he just got rolled by a prostitute. See the full post »

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The Dew Labs Challenge: Choose the New Dew

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Mountain Dew is giving you the chance to narrow down the field of new Mountain Dew flavors from seven to three, with those three flavors “going cap-to-cap in a battle to become the next permanent flavor in the DEW lineup.

From the contest site: Dew Labs will begin with the delivery of 50 home tasting kits to the biggest dew fanatics on the planet, each kit contains seven new flavors, a dew flipcam, and a series of tasks: taste debate, and vote for your favorite flavor. See the full post »

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Evian Water Creates Army of Roller Skating Babies

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Let’s observe the effect of Evian on your body.” Fine Beverage FTW!

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