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A Crystal Pepsi Revolution

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Bring Back Crystal Pepsi!

Crystal Pepsi is coming back people. Ok, it isn’t, but it should. People are amped up for a clear cola again. Word on the street is that Crystal Pepsi can be had in South America, and we have a writer investigating the South American clear cola scene at this very moment. Crystal Pepsi and the McRib are one of my all-time food and beverage pairings, and if I buy one more bottle of vintage Crystal Pepsi for $30+ off of Ebay, Jeff is going to fight me. In the street. It will not be good. Must get Crystal Pepsi back into production…

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The French Have USB Coffee Warmers

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USB Coffee Warmer

It’s a USB powered coffee warmer…GENIUS. This picture was taken in the most futuristic shop in Bordeaux. I don’t speak, or read, French, so all I know about this brilliant product is that if I hook it up to my computer, it will keep my coffee piping hot, but what else would you need to know. This product is a WINNER.

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Team Obama + Royalty + Strippers = Tea Cup Hot Tub Party

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Because this is exactly what has been missing from my fine beverage experience. Tea bags with little people attached to them to kick it in my tea cup and keep me company on all those lonely mornings in the RV. Themes include strippers, American politicians, and British royalty. If I want a really strong cup, I get Obama and a couple of strippers hanging out in my cup all at the same time. The possibilities are endless…

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BeerGoggins’ Beer News – SABMiller Making Moves in Africa

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SABMiller SABMiller, the international beer company who owns Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsch and other beer brands, got their very own Namibian brewing license and plans to open up shop in the area. While the company has already been importing beer into Namibia, the license will allow them to finally build a plant in the area.

The brewer also acquired a non-alcoholic maize drink called Maheu from Zambia, where they already own Zambian Breweries Group. Both moves seem to be strategic steps in the company’s desire to internationalize beer — and make it taste exactly the same across the globe. Boring! See the full post »

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Soda Case Display Portrays Super Mario FTW!

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FAIL Blog Soda Display Win

Failblog.org is reporting that an epic mural depicting a scene from Super Mario is indeed a “Win“. The display is from a Safeway in Rohnert Park, California. Yup, Safeway carries Mutineer. They know what’s up.

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Pulpy Minute Maid Juice Taking China “By Storm”

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Minute Maid Pulpy
It’s true. Pulpy Minute Maid is taking over China in a pulp fueled frenzy.

According to a 3 Minute AdAge – Coke’s Pulp-Heavy Juice Takes China by Storm, “Over 1 Billion bottles of Minute Maid Pulpy were sold in China in 2008. Sales continue to increase by double digits.

Pulpy is legit. Minute Maid is connecting with Chinese drinkers by requesting videos of how people enjoy their Minute Maid. One guy makes nun chucks out of his Minute Maid. Yes.

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A Child’s Right: Clean Water Challenge

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Source water at four of A Child's Right's school installation sites prior to filtration through A Child's Right systems
Source water at four of ACR’s school installation sites prior to filtration through our systems. Water high in terribly unsafe contaminants is evident in every part of the cities in Nepal.” (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Listen up people! A Child’s Right, the incredible water relief organization covered in the June/July issue, has issued a challenge: How much would someone have to pay you to drink a glass of dirty water? We’re not talking about over-oaked and over-alcoholed Chardonnay here, were talking about water with fecal waste, dirt, and bacterial contamination 209 times the safe standard. See the full post »

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Speaking of High-Fructose Corn Syrup…

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It can’t be coincidence people, it must be DESTINY! Just yesterday I was riffing on high-fructose corn syrup on the blog, and today there is an epic story released by AdAge regarding high-fructose corn syrup and its perception.

Consumers are asking manufacturers to remove ingredients they believe are harmful, and high-fructose corn syrup is near the top of many a mother’s hit list. Some major manufacturers have responded by removing the offending syrup, and the Corn Refiners Association has staged a full-fledged media assault aimed at what it perceives to be ‘misinformation’ in the mediaSee the full post »

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