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Starbucks Responds to McCafe with New Size: Trenta

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Starbucks Logo

Never to be outdone by a certain fast food franchise, Starbucks will be testing a new size for Iced Tea and Iced Coffee, the “Trenta”. This 31-ounce tankard of deliciousness, according to a Reuters story, will be field tested in the Phoenix and Tampa Bay metro areas and will cost $3.30 and $2.60 for iced coffee and iced tea respectively.

Kudos to Starbucks for realizing that they operate in America, and here we like our beverages in child swimming pool sized portions. I’m hoping they decide to one up McDonald’s in the near future and introduce a new product, the Starbucks IV Drippi.

Babies in Bars?

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Alans First Beer

Mutineer Magazine Editor Alan Kropf’s first beer. Delicious.

Babies in bars? If the baby is clever enough to sneak into a bar, it probably deserves to be there. Others see it differently. As reported by CNN.com:

Single hipsters and others without (and sometimes with) kids complain about being asked to watch their language, to not smoke outdoors near strollers and to keep their drunk friends under control so as not to scare the little ones. They don’t want to feel pressure to play peekaboo. They want to cry over their beers, they say, without having an infant drown them out. If anyone is spitting up, they want it to be them. See the full post »

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Fine Beverages of LOST Part 2

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Lost's Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Lost’s Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Back by popular demand, we examine the beverages of LOST. In part one, we examined beer and wine, and now in part two, we examine the harder stuff and the speedier stuff.

Nobody can survive without coffee. If you can, I’m convinced you’re a robot. Besides, all those super scientists and scientific experiments had to be fueled by something. I’m guessing there wasn’t a Dharma station called “The Meth Lab”.

Coffee is the only viable “energy drink” from the ’70s (don’t tell resident Energyologist Jeff, his head would explode). A nasty frost in the late ’70s crippled Brazil’s coffee industry, and Papua New Guinea, feeling the heft of its newly found independence from the British, shot to stardom in the coffee industry. See the full post »

Starbucks & Guns

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Starbucks and Gun

Apparently guns and Starbucks don’t mix.

According to KOMO news:
An anti-gun group is urging Starbucks to ban weapons at all of its retail locations… Earlier this month, the group’s president Paul Helmke sent a letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, claiming there has been a “growing frequency” of gun owners openly carrying guns in public places, especially in California, where open carry weapons are legal as long as they are unloaded and holstered. See the full post »

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Red Bull Motorcycles: How the Mutineers Roll

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Massow Concept Cycles- The Bull

Mutineer Director of Ops Jeff’s heart stopped beating for approximately 30 seconds this morning when he caught wind of these Red Bull-inspired motorcycles from the future. The motorcycle appears to be an independent project, with no information on designer Barrend Massow Hemmes‘ website and some unverified info on a blog. See the full post »

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Fine Beverage Bucket List: Free Fall From Space on Behalf of Red Bull

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Ever since I added stock car racing to my bucket list after noticing that I only need 50,000 Amtrak points for a “Race Your Own Stock Car” experience, I’ve been on the lookout for some more epic stuff to add to my list, which also includes buying Pabst and organizing a library tasting of Crystal Pepsi.

So you can imagine my reaction when I heard that Red Bull is offering people a chance to free fall from earth’s stratosphere… See the full post »

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“Todd” Installs a Magic Coca-Cola Machine in a School

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This is the magical Coke machine. It brings joy to the children through free soda, balloon animals, and pizzas emerging from it’s mighty belly. Things get concerning when a phallic hoagie emerges from the mighty soda machine, but the kids are into it, so it’s all good.

The recession has clearly had an impact on America’s youth, with a “magical” Coca-Cola machine at a school bringing laughter and joy to a whole gaggle of kids. This is just the beginning though. Just wait people, after 2012 hits, kids are going to get this excited over free speech and tap water. The end is near…

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Twilight Actress Ashley Greene Wears Only Body Paint in Sobe Ad Shoot

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Ashley Green with Sobe in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The marketing strategy at Sobe is simple: take a well-known and respected actress like Twilight’s Ashley Greene, lose the clothes, add some body paint, put together an ad campaign for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and watch sales SOAR. More photos after the jump. See the full post »

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