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Mutinous Neckties For The Win

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Cocktail Collection Neckties Not gonna lie, I dig seeing guys in a suit and a tie. Even just a button up shirt and a tie does it for me. Ties make people look sharp, they can come in all sorts of fun shapes and patterns and they make great gifts for guys when you are in a pinch. Heck, even I have been known to wear a tie from time to time.

I like all sorts of ties — funny ones, sports ones, serious ones. But I especially like geeky ones.

Combining the elements of art, science, and fashion, Stonehenge, Ltd. is the original creator of Molecular Expressions, a line of fashionable necktie collections from digital images made from photomicrographs (photographs taken with a microscope).

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Stonehenge, Ltd. has a line of Cocktail Collection neckties. See the full post »

Time Magazine Calls Out Top Ten Worst Beverage Ideas

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Coca-Cola Vio

The folks over at Time Magazine have made a statement with their list of “Top 10 Bad Beverage Ideas”, inspired by doubt in Coca-Cola’s new “Vio” carbonated milk drink. The list is below, how did they do? See the full post »

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Inhalable Coffee, Welcome to the Future!

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Le Whif

I often find myself pondering a cost benefit analysis on a hot cup of coffee. Do I risk burning my mouth to get the caffeine in my system, or do I wait until it’s cool enough to not melt my palate? It’s akin to eating a porcupine…whole.

Thanks to Le Whif, I no longer have to suffer to get my fix. Le Whif is inhalable coffee. You squeeze the cylinder that looks like a lipstick tube, and it shoots out the coffee particles on your tongue. The caffeine content is similar to that of a shot of espresso and it tastes like coffee. Technology!

Be the coolest kid on your block and pick some up at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City.

10 Beverage Blogger’s Take On April Fool’s Day

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The Daily Feast

Today, several of the crazy minds behind the Internet’s most compelling beverage websites have shown that their humor and creativity extends far beyond mere booze. Some bloggers tricked the world with outlandish announcements, others created alternative websites with ridiculous content, and a few did parodies on other industry professionals.

Here is a list of Mutineer Magazine’s favorite beverage blog April Fool’s Day stunts:

Daily Feast Parody
Concept & Text by: W. R. Tish of Wine For All
Graphics & Design by: Katie Pizzuto of Gonzo Gastronomy
Coding by: Heather Kohlstedt of He Cooks She Cooks
The Spoof: The website was created as a parody of the online food & beverage industry.
Highlights: The top “spoof” story of the day announced the eloping of The Beer Wench and The Wine Whore in a Vegas wedding presided on by an Elvis-impersonating priest. Other parodies included the announcement of Gary Vee figurines, a new beverage magazine called “Gourmand”, the “Pasta Whisperer” and more. See the full post »

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Pepsi Pulling Soda Out of Schools

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Pepsi Soda Line-up

The World Heart Foundation has won a significant battle in the fight to curb the frightening amount of children in the U.S. that are obese. Pepsi announced that it will pull all of their fully-sweetened beverages from schools by 2012. 

At primary schools, Pepsi will only sell water, fat-free milk, low-fat milk and juice products that have no added sugar. Secondary schools will get the addition of Diet Pepsi and low-calorie soft drinks. See the full post »

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Jones Soda Breaks Exclusivity Agreement With Reed’s

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Jones Soda Company

Two weeks ago on March 9th, Jones Soda, signed a letter of intent to be bought by Los Angeles-based Reed’s, the publicly traded seller of Ginger Brew and Virgil’s Root Beer sodas, for about $10 million in cash and stock. See the full post »

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Haiti Fine Beverage Update

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Energy Drink in Haiti

Energy drinks Brian Kropf picked up in Haiti

Despite being the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti still manages to get its fine beverage on. For liquor, their most notable is Barbancourt Rhum, which unfortunately, their factory suffered some serious setbacks during the January earthquake that rocked the small Caribbean country and killed over 200,000 Haitians. They lost quite a bit of rum and the factory sustained some serious damage as well.

The most dominate seems to be energy drinks. Toro (their marketing looks pretty similar to Red Bull), Gladiator, Atomic, Ragaman, etc. The list goes on and on, but they love their energy drinks and the trash of empty bottles strewn throughout the streets makes this evident. They don’t taste nearly as good as ours and they’re pretty syrupy, with the main ingredients being water and granulated sugar. See the full post »

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California Introduces “Anti-Caffeinated Malt Beverages” Bill

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Liquid Charge

Recently, there has been much concern in the California craft beer industry that a new state Assembly Bill will prohibit brewers from using coffee in the brewing process.

The bill would prohibit the import, production, manufacture, distribution, or sale of caffeinated malt beverages, as defined, at retail locations within the state. This means that beverage institutions would not only be prohibited from making caffeinated malt beverages, they would be completely banned from even entering the state. See the full post »

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