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Coca-Cola Study Says Mexico to be the Happiest Place on Earth. In Other News, Mexico Is Coca-Cola’s Top Country for Per Capita Consumption Growth

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Coca-Cola Happiness Barometer

Fans of Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, and the rest of the ratings mags should really be into this. Coca-Cola has done it! They have quantified the happiness of countries and, according to the “Happiness Barometer”, the top five are as follows:

  • Mexico – 87.7
  • Philippines – 86.4
  • Argentina – 80
  • South Africa – 80
  • Romania – 79.7

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FTW: BP Spills Coffee Parody

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BP Spills Coffee Video Screenshot

Okay, so technically the video has nothing to do with the world of fine beverage except for the fact that it uses coffee as a way to parody the oil crisis affecting the Gulf Coast. Either way, it is pretty humorous and we think it definitely qualifies as a FOR THE WIN. Video inside. See the full post »

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Argentina Gone Wild featuring Pepsi in the Nude

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Pepsi Goes Naked Rumors of nakedness have been buzzing all throughout the country of Argentina. And you might be asking yourself why. Well, let me tell you.

According to Ad Age, Diego Maradona, the head coach of the 2010 World Cup Argentina soccer team, has declared that if Argentina takes home the championship title, he will go streaking through the streets on Buenos Aires. Not wanting Maradona to be the only one running around in his ‘birthday suit’, Pepsi has also declared that it will go naked if Argentina wins the 2010 World Cup. See the full post »

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Starbucks Announces Betacup Challenge Winners

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Starbucks Betacup - Karma Cup

Last month Betacup challenged its participants to present innovative ideas on how to eliminate paper cup consumption through the design of a more convenient alternative to the reusable coffee mug. The judging process was split into two categories: the Jury Prize and the Community Prize.

The Jury Prize of $10,000 was awarded by a panel of independent experts to a single submission. The Community Prize of $10,000 was awarded to the top 5 ideas voted on by the community, which consisted of all the participants. See the full post »

IZZE “You’ll Love What’s Inside” Campaign Encourages Consumers to Do Good

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IZZE Product Line-up

I have said it many times before and I am sure I will say it many times again, at Mutineer Magazine we love it when fine beverage companies support good causes. It gives a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. That, and it makes us feel good about drinking those products.

IZZE Beverage Company recently announced the kick-off of its “You’ll Love What’s Inside” campaign. See the full post »

Yes, This Happened: The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car

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The Coke Zero and Mentos Rocket Car

True story: when one puts Mentos candies in Diet Coke, an eruption occurs.

In 2006, this modern day marvel (and awesome party trick) reached the level of Internet stardom when Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz posted the “Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments” video on EepyBird.com. The original video, in what became a series, re-created the famous fountain display outside the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, using a timed series of eruptions. See the full post »

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LA Lakers Roll Without Caffeinated Fine Beverage?

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Retro Poster - Coffee! While watching the LA Lakers shellack the plucky Phoenix Suns in the NBA Western Conference finals the other night, I heard an interesting tidbit escape the lips of Marv Albert, one of America’s greatest commentators.

Albert said that Lakers coach Phil Jackson had recently barred his star forward Lamar Odom from drinking coffee before the game. This is madness! This is JACKSOOOOON! The monotone commander in chief thought Odom was expending all his energy before the game and that he came out flat at tip off as a result of his java jolt. See the full post »

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The Happening: Kulov’s Tenth Annual Tea Festival

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Kulov's Tea Festival

For the past decade KulovPresents have lent their marketing, branding and public relations skills to producing events for many arts and other not-for-profit organizations both in the U.S. and in Europe.

The Tea Festival is the brainchild of KulovPresent’s Founder & Creative Director, Kulov. He started the tea festival ten years ago by throwing small tea parties for his nieces around Valentine’s Day. Those tea parties eventually grew and Kulov used his experience in organizing fundraisers for various cultural organizations to open the event as a public festival. See the full post »

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