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Napa’s Kitchen Door to Host Saké Dinner March 10

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Kitchen Door saké dinner

Napa’s Kitchen Door isn’t doing a craft beer dinner this month, but a saké dinner instead. Leading the saké dinner will be famed Kikisake-Shi (a Master Sommelier for saké) Stuart Morris.

Kitchen Door, honored as a Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurant as well as one of Bon Appetit’s 7 Best Restaurants in Napa Valley, will be pairing four delicious courses with four incredible sakés, selected by Morris.

The dinner will take place Monday March 10 from 6pm to 8pm.

Tickets are very limited for this dinner and are $75 each, tax and gratuity included.

Mutineer will be on hand at the event and we hope to see you there.

Call or email Tim Seberson ASAP if interested in attending.
707-226-1560 // tim@kitchendoornapa.com

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Kickstarter Spotlight: Treeson

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Here at Mutineer HQ, we are all about cheering on beverage entrepreneurs and their efforts to bring something new to the table. Kickstarter is a great resource for people to bring their ideas to life. The latest project to capture our attention is the eco-friendly bottled water from Treeson.

We at Mutineer love innovation and we love sustainability, and we love even more when those two ideas intersect, especially in the beverage world. This has also been Treeson’s idea since the beginning who has created what they call “The eco-friendly, toxin-free, trash eliminating, clean energy making, tree planting, best tasting, purest natural spring water ever.” And, yes, it’s bottled. See the full post »

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Joyride Coffee Serves Up Cold Brew Coffee by the Keg

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Joyride Coffee

There’s a new “water cooler” hitting offices in New York, and they’re not full of water. They are also not a water cooler, but a keg … full of cold brew coffee. Yes, you heard that right: kegged cold brew coffee in the workplace.

Started in 2011 by The Belanich brothers—David, Adam & Noah—Joyride Coffee saw an underserved section of the coffee market where cafe-quality coffee was missing from the workplace and seized the opportunity to fill the void. Serving premium coffee from roasters such as Stumptown, Joe, Intelligentsia, and Blue Bottle, Joyride provides client offices with weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of the same coffee workers wait in line for at their favorite cafes.

Joyride Coffee starts with 100% freshly roasted single origin coffees from their roaster partners that undergoes a 12 hour cold brew cycle. It’s then put into kegs before being pressurized with nitrogen. Nitrogen serves to both preserve the coffee all while creating the pressure necessary to push out the coffee from the tap. In a refrigerated kegerator, the coffee lasts well over a month.

How easy is it? Grab a cup, fill with ice, fill halfway with water or milk, and top with cold brew coffee with the click of a tap handle. Sit, enjoy, and watch productivity soar.

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Product Spotlight: Handsome X 3Sixteen Travel Coffee Kit

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To many, coffee is a necessity and for those on the go, a good cup of coffee is sometimes easier said than done. The guys from Los Angeles’ Handsome Coffee Roasters teamed up with American clothing company 3Sixteen and aimed to fix that with their Handsome X 3Sixteen Travel Coffee Kit. This travel coffee kit includes everything needed to enjoy quality coffee whether you’re in a hotel, at the office, camping, in an airplane, or anywhere else where you might want to enjoy a quality cup of handcrafted coffee.

The kit starts with a hand-sewn and riveted bag, handmade in Vashon, Washington by Teppei Teranishi of Teranishi. The material itself is Chromexcel from the world famous Horween Tannery in Chicago.

Inside the bag, it’s filled with everything needed to create a world class cup of coffee: an Aeropress, filters, a 12oz bag of freshly roasted Handsome Roasters coffee beans, a Porlex mini hand grinder, and an AWS digital scale.

The bag is available in three colors, Havana Brown, Oxblood and Natural. They are not, however, cheap at $325. With the quality of the craftsmanship and the bag, along with it being American made, it certainly commands a big percentage of that cost.


Supplies are limited and can be purchased from here

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Kickstarter Spotlight: Smart Mug

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Here at Mutineer HQ, we are all about cheering on beverage entrepreneurs and their efforts to bring something new to the table. Kickstarter is a great resource for people to bring their ideas to life. The latest project to capture our fancy is a project out of the UK called Smart Mug.

Grad student Evita Krumina is heading up this Kickstarter project to bring a little bit more tech into our lives. Smart Mug is designed to tell you the temperature of the beverage inside for ideal sipping without burns or suffering a mouthful of tepid liquid. As a giant fraidy cat when it comes to hot liquids, I can honestly say that I hope this project succeeds in ending burned tongues and blisters on the roofs of mouths across the globe. Check out the Smart Mug project today and help bring temperature controlled fine beverage to the world.

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Etsy Fine Beverage Finds: Tea Time

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Tea Time Header Img

In recent years Etsy has become an incredible outlet, providing the hands-on citizens of the world with a place to sell their handmade goods. We are big fans of Etsy here at Mutineer HQ, and we want to help spread the word about the handmade goods we love, and the great people who make them.

See the full post »

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A Billboard That Produces Water?

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In Lima, Peru the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru, or UTEC, has created something amazing. They have turned a billboard into a water supply. Essentially it utilizes a system of reverse osmosis that leaches water out of the air and turns it into potable drinking water. Check out the video posted above to learn more.

Happy Earth Day.

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Giveaway – Malts & Milkshakes By Autumn Martin

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Malts & Milkshakes

Seattle based chef Autumn Martin reigns supreme over the cities dessert scene. Her career started at the famed Canlis restaurant in Seattle, and she made her name in confectionery during her time at Theo Chocolate. Her side business Hot Cakes took off when she started selling Take ‘n Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in mason jars at local Farmer’s Markets. Only a few short years later she opened Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery serving the kind of desserts and cocktails every red blooded American craves.

This month St. Martin’s Press is releasing her first cookbook Malt’s & Milkshakes, and they have provided us with a copy to give to one of you. To win the book, tell us in the comments what you like better, malts or milkshakes and why. The winner will be chosen at random.

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