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Happy Fourth of July



The Fourth of July is here!

First and foremost, we ask that you please don’t drink and drive this weekend, but please drink and have a good time.

Next, we all know great wine comes from Burgundy and incredible whisky comes from Scotland, but as we celebrate our independence, let’s celebrate and support our local beverage producers. Bourbon! Your local craft brewery, distillery or winery! It’s a great time to be part of the American beverage landscape with so many incredible producers so close to where many of us live.

On the national day of America, raise your glass and raise it high, preferably full of something American, as we say “Cheers!”


Team Mutineer

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 24 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 24

Welcome to Mutineer #24. I can say with confidence that it is scientifically impossible for us at Mutineer to be any more pumped about this rip roaringly glorious issue of our rebel publication.

In this issue’s feature stories, we are excited and humbled to celebrate the legacy of FRITZ MAYTAG, who may very well be the most influential American craft beer and spirits producer in the last half century, as well as tell the story of KEVIN ZRALY, who’s had an equally profound effect on American wine culture as a writer, educator and wine director at New York’s legendary Windows on the World. Lastly, we explore the story of a legacy still being established as bartender DUGGAN MCDONNELL gives us a glimpse into his inspired Pisco project Campo de Encanto.

The July/August 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Mutineer Interview: Fritz Maytag

We know the story about how he was a major catalyst for the craft brewing revolution when he purchased and revived a failing Anchor Brewing. But what about Anchor Distilling? We sit down with Fritz Maytag for a rare interview about Anchor Distilling, his effects on the U.S. craft distilling scene and his legacy.

Where Your Heart Lives: A Pisco Story

Campo de Enanto Pisco’s Duggan McDonnell delivers the goods on the grand eau-de-vie of the Tropics.

Windows on the World: The Great American Wine (Hi)Story

Through the eyes of America’s most celebrated wine educator, Kevin Zraly, we witness the revolution that helped define our wine culture and landscape.

Hungry Mutineer: St. George Terroir Gin

Cucumber salad with herbal gin dressing, lamb sandwich with fennel salad and blackberry gin sauce, and gin and tonic slushy, all made with St. George Terroir gin. Hungry Mutineer Erin Jimcosky shows you how. Need I say more?

DIY: Blackberry Gin

Like sloe gin but having a hard time finding it? Hungry Mutineer Erin Jimcosky explains how to make your own alternative with St. George Terroir gin.

What People Drink: canon: whiskey and bitters emporium’s Jamie Boudreau
What People Drink: Aviation Gin’s Ryan Magarian
Beer Styles: Oyster Stouts
Classic Cocktails: The Vieux Carré Cocktail
+++ Soda Jerk: Shrub vs Shrub, American Grana cheese, Coffee: Instantly Offensive, Sake Renegade: One Year Later, and much, much, more…

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Did You Know: Solo Cups


Red Solo Cup

If you didn’t know, now you do. Don’t feel bad, we didn’t either. It also turns out we were using the 12 oz. beer measurement for whiskey.

Our Signature Solo Cup Cocktail:

  • 7 oz. beer
  • 4 oz. wine
  • 1 oz. whiskey

Wait…on second thought, don’t try that.

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 23 Preview


Issue 23

This much we know: There’s never been a more exciting time to be a passenger on the whimsical train that is the modern fine beverage experience. We’ve undone the damage of prohibition and then some, and we know fine beverage culture not only is evolving on a linear two-dimensional path into the future, but into a third-dimension of depth and inspiration.

The evolution of LGBT culture within fine beverage culture is a spectacular example of this. It’s a vibrant scene that we are humbled and proud to share with you in this glorious new issue of Mutineer.

The May/June 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Mutineer Interview Special Edition: LGBT Pride in Wine Country

Mutineer celebrates LGBT Pride in the fine beverage world aboard the Napa Valley’s Big Gay Train.

Rediscovering Madeira: The Island Vineyard

Spirits writer Lance Mayhew travels to the lost islands of Madeira to rediscover some spectacular nearly forgotten wines.

Joining the Family Business

In honor of Mother’s and Father’s Day, Mutineer takes an intimate look at beverage producers where sons and daughters and mothers and fathers work together to carry on their family legacy.

Hungry Mutineer: Shrubs

Shrubs have been the subject of much curiosity at Mutineer Central ever since we discovered the drinking vinegars put out by the popular restaurant Pok Pok Som in Portland. Mutineer Food Editor Erin Jimcosky shows you how to make your very own.

DIY: Boozy Salts

Salt + Fine Beverage = Boozy Salts. Mutineer Food Editor Erin Jimcosky shows you the ropes of how to infuse your own salts with your favorite beverages at home.

What People Drink: Judd’s Hill Winery’s Judd Finkelstein
What People Drink: Cantina’s Duggan McDonnell
Beer Styles: Flemish Red Ale
Classic Cocktails: The Bijou Cocktail
+++ Soda Jerk: Kvass, Tri-Milk Cheeses, Drink Night Cocktails, Mutineer Library: Amber, Gold & Black and much, much, more…

A Mutinous Retreat at King Estate


In mid-March, Mutineer Magazine packed up and headed to King Estate Winery in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley for a creative team retreat of the highest order. Here’s a behind the scenes look into Mutineer Magazine, as well as a look at some of the characters that make up Mutineer.

Thanks to our most gracious hosts King Estate Winery, and videographer Rachelle Hacmac for putting up with us long enough to make this video!

Mutineer Magazine Issue 22 Preview


Issue 22

We at Mutineer Magazine have boldly designated 2012 as Year of The Mutineer and though it is only March, we already know we were right on the money with that call. We couldn’t be more exited to be sharing the ride with you and with a fine beverage in hand.

The March/April 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

The Bachelors of Envolve Winery

Three best friends start making wine in Sonoma then one of them becomes a reality-TV star. Meet the guys behind Envolve Winery.

Destination: Beverage

Dust off the passport; travel season has begun. Mutineer Magazine points you to some of the hottest tourism destinations.


Chris D’Amico is surprised when he unearths an up-and-coming beverage culture on a recent trip to Scandinavia.

Ribera Del Duero

Mutineer contributor, Megan Wiig, visits Ribera, a Spanish wine region steeped in tradition that also embraces cutting-edge modernity. The contrasts are startling.

Hungry Mutineer: Matcha R&D

East meets West in the Mutineer Kitchen when matcha, the powdered green tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies, meanders into a few Western-style recipes.

The March/April issue also includes:
Dan Dunn’s Civilization and Its Discontents: Man Skirts
Wine Steals: Cabernet Sauvignon
What People Drink: Leaf & Vine’s Tim Keith
What People Drink: HelloCello’s Fred & Amy Groth
Beer Styles: Fruit Beers
Classic Cocktails: The Aviation
+++ Soda Jerk: Green Soda’s Green Shoots, Camembert Cheese, Drink Night Cocktails, Mutineer Library: Chasing The White Dog and much, much, more…

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 21 Preview


Issue 21

From the Issue 21 Letter from the Editor:
“Like always, the year begins with a two and a half day hangover brought on by the enthusiasm for a fresh start in the proverbial sense, and I hope your festivities served you well. The cosmic significance of a new year is not to be underestimated, and as your fine beverage attorney I strongly recommend creating some New Year’s resolutions to set yourself up for a year of respectable drinking and favorable liquid karma.”

In this issue, we close out 2011 and open 2012, which has appropriately been dubbed as The Year of The Mutineer, with our best issue yet. 2012 is going to be an incredible ride and we’re very humbled for you to be on it with us.

The January/February 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Inside The Barrel

Food and beverage artisans are catching on to what the wine and whiskey industries have known for centuries: barrel aging is amazing! Find out just what sorts of craft products are going into the barrel these days.

Napa Harvest

Winery tours skip several steps on the path from the vine to the bottle. Ward Kadel wanted to know more, so he put work gloves on and joined Chimney Rock Winery for their 2011 harvest.

World Wine Tour

Two people with a passion for compassion and wine set off on a year long tour to raise money for kids in Laos. How’d they fare? Better than anyone could have imagined.

Mutineer Interview: Steve Smith

Tazo introduced the majority of Americans to high-quality tea. Mutineer chats with Steve Smith, co-founder of Tazo and the man behind the tea revolution.

The Happening Special Report: Third Annual Mutineer Magazine Red Carpet Party and The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition

Did you miss the coolest party to hit Napa, CA in 2011? Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in with a behind-the-scenes look at the competition, the party and the drinks.

Hungry Mutineer: The Winter Table

This winter, Food Editor Erin Jimcosky is cooking with Darroze Speciale Réserve Bas-Armagnac. What’s on her winter table? Duck liver and prune pâté with Armagnac, roasted chicken with oyster mushrooms and juniper gravy, and winter cake.

The January/February issue also includes:
Dan Dunn’s Civilization and Its Discontents: Drinking Phrases
Wine Steals: Italian Reds
What People Drink: Clyde Common’s Jeffrey Morgenthaler
What People Drink: Solbar’s Michael Jack Pazdon
Beer Styles: Session Beers
Classic Cocktails: The Gimlet
+++ Soda Jerk: Coffee Soda, Seasonal Cheese, Drink Night Cocktails, Mutineer Library: Uncorking The Past and much, much, more…

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 20 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 20

From the Issue 20 Letter from the Editor:
“Gulp, gulp, gulp. You know what that is? It’s the sound of thousands of children in Kathmandu, Nepal drinking clean, delicous water thanks to the many companies, organizations and individuals that contributed to the Mutineer Magazine Clean Water Crusader campaign. YES”

In this issue, we celebrate the success of our efforts to bring clean water to thirsty children in Kathmandu and put a dent in the global water crisis. We, and all that have helped, have made an incredible impact and we’re just getting started. In this issue, we recognize all those who helped and you will find a recurring theme of water, life’s most basic and important beverage, throughout the issue.

The November/December 2011 Special Water Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Veterans in Beverage and Mutineer Ambassadors in Afghanistan

Mutineer salutes our men and women in uniform with a special Veterans Day featuring highlighting veterans now serving in the beverage industry. Plus, see how the Soldiers of the 24th Brigade Support Battalion (170th BCT) deployed at COP Whitehorse in Afghanistan unwind with Mutineer.

Mutineer Interview: Genesis

Mutineer looks back at some of the conversations we’ve had over the years with beverage industry leaders.

Holiday Spectacular

The halls are decked with fine food and beverage just in time for the holidays. Inside you’ll find a mutinous gift guide, moonshine infusions, how to cook Christmas breakfast with Atlantico Rum, holiday cocktails and mocktails and more.

Thirsty Children: A Clean Water Expedition to Kathmandu

Clean water is the pinnacle of fine beverage. We are proud to bring you an in-depth look at the people and organizations involved in bringing it to the world.

The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition Preview

Take a look at the Napa Valley competitors of The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition and their recipe submissions.

The November/December issue also includes:
Dan Dunn’s Civilization and Its Discontents: On Having the Usual
Wine Steals: Argentina Malbec
No.3 Gin’s Inspired Beverage Voices Napa Valley with Laura Levesque Page, Toutsuite Social Club and Christope Smith.
Beer Styles: Brewing Water
Classic Cocktails: The Trident
Soda Jerk: Wine Soda, Flavored Cheese, Drink Night Cocktails, and much, much, more…

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