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Beverage Kickstarter Spotlight: Keep Moberi Pedaling


Here at Mutineer HQ, we are all about cheering on beverage entrepreneurs and their efforts to add something new to the beverage industry. Kickstarter is a great resource for these people to bring their ideas to life. One project we really love right now is the Keep Moberi Pedaling project.

Moberi is a smoothie shop where the blenders are operated in a somewhat unique fashion, by pedal power. Owner Ryan Carpenter needs to take his bicycle powered business to the next level and he needs your help to do it. He has turned to Kickstarter to get there. Check out Ryan’s project and his awesome rewards to see if this is a project you can get behind.

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 27 Preview


Issue 27

Mutineers At Large,

You may not have heard from us in a while, but I assure you we haven’t forgotten about you. Mutineer has recently made the transition from bimonthly to quarterly distribution. To our subscribers, don’t fret: you’ll still get the same amount of issues that you signed up for. With this change in our production schedule, Mutineer has entered a new era with our rebel publication.

We’re excited to introduce a new layout design with this issue, which is the vision of our talented Creative Director Julie Hadjinian. The redesign started a few months ago with a complete overhaul of MutineerMagazine.com, which is more awesome than ever before.

We have an action-packed couple of months ahead of us as we sponsor some epic beverage events, starting with the craziness that will be BottleRock Napa Valley in May. We’ll kick off June with the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival in Paso Robles on June 1, and we’ll be back at the Wine Bloggers Conference the following week, this time in Canada, which means maple bars for everyone. July will bring Tales of the Cocktail, and we’re looking forward to returning for another glorious year.

While I officially took over as Editor-in-Chief in September, this is the first issue where I, with the help of my steadfast staff, have really been able to bring my vision to life within these pages of Mutineer, and it is a truly amazing feeling.

Whether this is the first issue of Mutineer you’ve picked up, or you’ve been following our merry band of Mutineers since the beginning, we sincerely appreciate the support. Thanks for riding shotgun on this adventure.

Brian Kropf

The Summer 2013 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:


The Mutineers present a guide to some of our favorite places in Napa Valley along with a behind the scenes look at the inaugural BottleRock music festival.


Moët & Chandon makes a splash in The Great Gatsby. Check out this feature full of gorgeous movie stills and champagne cocktails created by some of the finest barmen and women of America’s speakeasies.


Mutineer Alan Kropf sits down with Eric Asimov, one of America’s most celebrated wine writers, to discuss his new book and to get his take on the current state of wine.

The Summer issue also includes:

What People Drink: Francesco Lafranconi
What People Drink: Clint Rogers
Beer Styles: Milk Stouts
Classic Cocktails: The Last Word
DIY: Cherry Licorice Bitters
+++ Soda Jerk: King of the Jerks, Gouda Cheese, Sake Renegade: The 21st Century Saké Brewery, Wine Steals: Mt. Edna, and much, much, more…

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A Treat to Unwind: Buying Cider in an “Apple Store”


Check out this new commercial created by Somersby Cider featuring the “The Somersby Store” — a clever spoof on the “Apple Store”.

Have a fine beverage-filled weekend everyone,

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Mutineer Magazine President Alan Kropf on “Dine Around” with Joel Riddell


Joel Riddell

Alan Kropf, esteemed President of Mutineer Magazine sat down with Joel Riddell on “Dine Around” last Saturday. Listen as they discuss our Drink Careers 101 Kickstarter project. They touch on everything from the millennial job crisis, and careers around the beverage industry spectrum to Fritz Maytag and beyond, making a case for why this project needs to be brought to life.

Thank you very much to host Joel Riddell for having Alan on to discuss Drink Careers 101. Tune in here to listen to their conversation.

Click here to back our Kickstarter project!

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Mutineer Magazine Launches Phase One of “Drink Careers 101: How To Get a Job in the Beverage Industry”


Drink Careers 101

Mutineer Readers,

Since the beginning it has been our mission to change the way you look at the beverage landscape. Rather than telling you what you should be drinking, or subjecting you to page after page of tasting notes and 100 point scores, we wanted to share with you the beverages that got us excited and to empower you to form your own conclusions and seek out beverage related experiences. We have thought outside the box and always done things a little bit differently, holding true to our namesake of being a Mutineer. Now, we are proud to continue this tradition as we share with you a call to arms to Mutineer Magazine’s newest project, a project that can’t be done without your support: Drink Careers 101 – How to Get a Job in the Beverage Industry.

Times are tough across the United States. People are having a hard time finding jobs, especially recent college graduates. Yet despite the economic condition of the United States, the beverage industry is soaring to unimaginable heights. But how do people end up in the beverage industry? How do they end up behind the stick shaking up a Last Word cocktail, in the brewhouse calculating mash volumes, or working as an importer to bring the coolest new liqueur into the US from Italy? Often times it’s simply left to chance or by accident, or from a friend or acquaintance who is involved in the beverage industry. We want to make this information more accessible and to help inform people of the opportunities available to them in the beverage industry.

To make this a reality, we are doing a Kickstarter project to crowdsource the revenue required for such a project. This will help us raise the funds required to create the Drink Careers 101 Guide, which will cover all the jobs in the beverage industry, interviews with leaders in the industry, and create a “101” type book on what types of jobs are available. The Drink Careers 101 Guide will also have interviews from some of the top professionals within their industry segments.

To help guide us on our ambitious project is an extensive list of advisory members from every sector of the beverage industry. But you’re probably wondering how can you help, right? Our Kickstarter project needs the support of people like you to make this project a reality. No contribution is too small and for all of us in the beverage industry, it’s a wonderful way to pay it forward to the future of our industry. In the industry and want to help as your brand? There are pledge levels designed specifically for beverage brands that have deliverables catered to you.

For more information or to contribute to the Drink Careers 101 Guide, visit our Kickstarter page. For even more information, check out the project’s press release. Still have a question? Email erinj@mutineermagazine.com.

Thanks for your support,

Team Mutineer

And yes, we have a Twitter and a Facebook!

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 26 Preview


Issue 26

The November/December 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:


William Grant & Sons is turning 125 years old and Mutineer celebrates the milestone with a look back at their storied past.


Travel to Germany this Christmas for recipes and beverage recommendations to celebrate your holiday Deutschland style.


Mutineer takes an exclusive behind the scenes peek at SOMM, the documentary that has wine lovers everywhere talking.

The November/December issue also includes:

What People Drink: Small Screen Network’s Colin Kimball
What People Drink: Firewater Partners’ Cornelius Geary
Beer Styles: Winter Ales
Classic Cocktails: Tom & Jerry Cocktail
DIY: Vinegar
+++ Soda Jerk: Neurobliss, American Cheese, Coffee: Geisha Coffee, Sake Renegade: Matured or Spoiled Rotten?, and much, much, more…

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 25 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue 25

The September/October 2012 Issue of Mutineer Magazine brings you:

Mutineer Interview: The Alström Bros

BeerAdvocate, a name synonymous with the craft beer movement, has played an integral part by creating the world’s largest online craft beer community and monthly print magazine. We sat down with co-founders and brothers Jason and Todd Alström to discuss all things beer.

GABF Survival Guide

Words can’t put on paper to describe how awesome the Great American Beer Festival is … but we’re going to try our best. Craft beer fanatics from around the country and world make the pilgrimage to Denver each year to attend North America’s biggest craft beer festival and we’ve got the goods on all you need to know about it.

The Bernsteim Theorem

Mutineer Erin Jimcosky contemplates the formula to fine beverage success in the restaurant world with The Bernstein Theorem. Visit man Sondra Bernstein’s famed wine country restaurants and see what can happen with a little attention to detail.

Hungry Mutineer: Trick or Treat

Halloween is just around the corner. Soon, you’ll feel the urge to pull out the old Leatherface mask to frighten loved one and the elderly. It’s also a time to indulge in a sugary treat or two. As you do, don’t forget the booze with these terrifyingly tasty treats made just for grown-ups.

The September/October issue also includes:

What People Drink: Russian River Brewing Company’s Vinnie Cilurzo
What People Drink: The Vegan Vine’s John Salley
What People Drink: Brookston Beer Bulletin’s Jay Brooks
Beer Styles: Extreme Beers
Classic Cocktails: The Mai Tai Cocktail
DIY: Simple Syrup
+++ Soda Jerk: Tomato Beer, Hoja Santa Cheese, Coffee: I Quit, Sake Renegade: Old, New and Unconventional, and much, much, more…

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Mutineer Magazine Announces New Editor-in-Chief and Publisher


Mutineers Brian and Alan Kropf

Brian Kropf (L) and Alan Kropf (R). Photo by Matthew Noel.

Dear Thirsty Friends,

Everything is about to change…in a most mutinous way.

After 4 years, 24 issues and 1,936 pages of gloriously inspired fine beverage awesomeness, the vision and success of Mutineer cannot be contained in a single print publication. Building on the hard work of our tirelessly dedicated team and the enthusiastic support of our readers and the beverage industry, we are excited to be expanding soon, which will allow us to continue to grow and realize the full potential of the Mutineer vision in all of its glorious splendor.

Effective September 1, Mutineer Magazine’s Managing Editor, Brian Kropf, will take over the duties of Editor-in-Chief. I am supremely confident that Brian will not only uphold the values and standards that have come to define Mutineer, but take them to dizzying new heights. Also effective September 1st, Erin Jimcosky will become Publisher. Erin began at Mutineer Magazine as Food Editor and has since become a pillar of leadership in our rebel operation and a steadfast steward of the Mutineer vision.

There has never been a more exciting time in modern beverage culture, this much we know. It’s a full scale revolution of the highest order, and it’s still in its infancy. As the beverage industry landscape changes in step with the evolution of drink consumers, new doors will open and opporuntiies appear, and I personally can’t wait to see what happens next.

It has been a grand and glorious journey thus far, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible in beverage culture. All of us at Mutineer are so thankful for all of the support we’ve received, and we are humbled to be a part of your fine beverage experience. We’re still just getting started, and we appreciate you coming along for the ride.


Alan Kropf

“…Mutineer was born from the loins of raw passion, blind optimism and reckless resolve. The Mutineer is based on the idea that the world of wine, beer, spirits, and all fine beverages has somehow been perverted within the void that exists between maker and drinker. This is a void that has overstayed its welcome, and it is a void that has now found itself in our crosshairs.”
– Alan Kropf, Letter from the Editor, Mutineer Magazine No. 1

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