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Mutiny Spreads to Safeway


Things are getting awesome. Mutineer Magazine will soon be carried internationally in Safeway stores. This is HUGE as it is Mutineer Magazine’s first foray into grocery stores, and Safeway is big time distribution that builds on our bookstore and newsstand distribution.

I’ve decided that from now on I’m only shopping at Safeway, or at least until another grocery store starts carrying Mutineer. A grocery cart with a copy of Mutineer Magazine in it is a happy grocery cart. See the full post »

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The Great ScanLife Mutiny


Mutineer Magazine is excited to offer our readers the most innovative fine beverage print media experience possible by including ScanLife EZcodes throughout our magazine to provide additional content to your iPhone and other supported devices. This issue is something of a pilot program, and we’d love to hear your feedback regarding your thoughts on incorporating ScanLife into future issues of Mutineer Magazine via email at barcode@mutineermagazine.com.

Questions you may ask are answered below: See the full post »

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Mutineer Magazine Issue #6 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue #6 Preview

Mutineer Magazine Issue 6 has hit the presses and will be available to purchase at a major bookstore near you the first week of June.

Mutineer Magazine Issue #6 - Absinthe Spectacular Spectacular

Cover Story – Absinthe Spectacular Spectacular

This massive story on absinthe is spectacular indeed. We got the Wormwood Society involved to get the gospel on all things absinthe, including enjoyment, culture, history, and which absinthes you absolutely need to try.

Fine Beverage Profile: Mutineer Meets It’s Maker

Things got crazy when the Mutiny spread to Kentucky for the Thoroughbreds and Redheads Weekend. Mutineer contributor Hunter Lea tells his tale of international rivalries, karmic judgment, and legendary Maker’s Mark Bourbon. This is a new feature for us, and we plan on featuring a different iconic fine beverage company in each issue.

The Mutineer Interview: Maximilian Riedel

We went big time yet again with the Mutineer Interview, with Riedel’s Maximilian Riedel talking to us about everything from how living in America has changed his approach to glass design to his favorite mountain in the world to ski. We are pumped about this.

Mutineer Magazine Issue #6 - A Blueprint For Wine: Napa Valley Architecture

A Blueprint For Wine: Napa Valley Architecture

Regular Mutineer Contributor Shelley Flanders takes you on a journey to some of Napa Valley’s most beautiful wines. With stops at the “inverted jewel box” Opus One to the pillars and columns of Darioush and a special preview of the hospitality center at Hall St. Helena that is being designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry.

Thirsty Children

Fine beverage is a relative term, and for the children served by water relief organization “A Child’s Right”, fine beverage is simply clean drinking water as a means of survival. With behind the scenes photos and an interview with ACR Executive Director Eric Stowe, this article changes the way you think about water.

Beer Wars: A Cinematic Dialogue on Beer

Mutineer Contributor Amy T. Granite explores Anat Baron’s controversial new film, Beer Wars, which contrasts the craft beer industry from the big beer industry. Craft Beer’s biggest stars came out in support of this film, which brings a lot of ideas out in the open to be considered.

Mutineer Magazine Issue #6 - Craft Distilleries of the Pacific Northwest

Craft Distilleries of the Pacific Northwest

Regular Mutineer Contributor Erin Jimcosky has become a consistent voice at Mutineer Magazine, with this being her second article and her showing no signs of slowing down. In this issue, Jimcosky explores the exploding craft distillery scene of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and provides some killer cocktail recipes to make with these inspired spirits. For more from Jimcosky, check out her blog, The Endive Chronicles.

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Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party An Epic Success


Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party
Model Amber Arbucci enjoying some Chivas Regal.

I’m gonna come right out and say it. This sh*t is for real. On May 18, 2009, at the sleek Falcon Hollywood on the famed Hollywood Sunset strip, Mutineer Magazine made a statement with the Mutineer Magazine National Launch Party presented by Paso Creek.

Hundreds of Mutineers attended the red carpet event, which included a diverse, star-studded lineup of fine beverage companies pouring their creations.

The party was hosted by Issue #5 cover guy Zane Lamprey. When Lamprey isn’t hosting Bar Mitzvahs and magazine launch parties, he’s exploring drinking cultures around the world on his TV show, “Three Sheets”. See the full post »

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Mutineer National Launch Update


It has been two weeks since Mutineer Magazine launched Nationally in major bookstores and newsstands, and early sales numbers are very promising. We’ve even been getting reports of locations selling out of their allotment. Some Borders locations carry this issue, whereas nearly all Barnes & Noble locations do have it available to purchase. If you want to know about Mutineer outlets near you, just email us and we’ll send you in the right direction. See the full post »

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Mutineer Magazine’s National Distribution Gets Off To A Quick Start


Greetings My Fellow Mutineers,

Today marks the official beginning of National Distribution for Mutineer Magazine, and with some stores getting the new issue of the magazine over the weekend, we are already receiving reports of some stores selling out of their allotted copies. See the full post »

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Mutineer Magazine Issue #5 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue #5 Preview

You may have noticed a drop in blog posts last week on the Mutineer Blog. This is because we were feverishly working around the clock to finish the April/May issue of Mutineer Magazine, which will be the first issue of MM nationally distributed at bookstores and newsstands across America.

We’ve taken the magazine to a whole new level, with top-notch stories and an improved layout; the Mutineer Magazine vision is really starting to come together. If you are already a subscriber, you should receive your copy in the next week or two, and if you aren’t a Mutineer Magazine subscriber, then you should head over to our subscription page and join the mutiny!

Here is a preview of the features in the upcoming issue:

Wine Feature: Drugstore Winemaker

by Chess Katier
Chess tells his own story of leaving behind a dark life of drug dealing to pursue a career as a wine horticulturist. With illustrations by Seattle artist Hunter Lea, this piece will be unlike anything you’ve ever read in a wine magazine.

Beer Feature: Pairing Food With Beer

by JJ Bagley
JJ Bagley talks to beer experts Charlie Papazian (Brewers Association), Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery) and Jamie Emmerson (Full Sail Brewing) about the art of pairing beer with food.

Spirits Feature: 12 Questions

We surveyed 16 spirits blogs on questions ranging from absinthe to the ultimate orange liqueur in a margarita. You’ll be surprised by the answers.

Wild Card: Finding Coffee and Community in Seattle

by Erin Jimcosky
Erin Jimcosky explores the independent coffee scene of the Seattle area to capture the experience of some of the world’s most inspired brewhouses.

Special Report: 2009 American Wine Blog Awards

For the first time ever, the American Wine Blog Awards results will be published in print. Check to see if any of your favorite blogs won, and check out anyone your not familiar with!

The Mutineer Interview: Jim Koch

Jim Koch of The Boston Beer Co./Sam Adams gives a no-holds-barred interview with JJ Bagley about the rise of Sam Adams, the craft beer scene in general, and Koch’s signature hangover cure.

Special Report: Drinking My Way Around the World

by Zane Lamprey
Three Sheets host Zane Lamprey opens his personal photo archives to take readers from Las Vegas to Croatia and everywhere in between. We’re talking automatic weapons, black eyes, and Star Trek. Things will get crazy.

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Mutineer Magazine Issue #4 Preview


We are excited to announce that Mutineer Magazine Issue #4 will be on sale next week. Here is a peek at some of the articles you can look forward to:

Sierra Nevada: Brewing For The Future

Beer editor JJ Bagley looks at how Sierra Nevada makes not only great beer, but great choices for the environment.

Jones Soda: Welcome To Flavor Country

Alan Kropf travels to the streets of Seattle to a bright blue building located on the corner of 9th and Thomas. Within this buildings he not only finds a plethora of soda and energy drinks, but also the passionate people behind the creations of these drinks.

SkyCity At The Space Needle

Alan Kropf takes a trip up a 600ft high elevator ride to find himself in, SkyCity at the Space Needle. While sitting in a rotating room Alan receives an inside look into how much effort and knowledge is behind the SkyCity food and beverage program.

Energyology: What’s In This Stuff???

After filling his belly with 1000mg of Taurine, Jeff Dorenbush sits down and dives into the world of fine energy-drink to gain a better grasp of the supplements contained within.

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