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Kara’s Cupcakes at the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival


Kara's Cupcakes

I know you must be sitting there wondering how we could possibly make an evening of fine beverage, amazing comedians and helping children even better, but we’ve done it. The wonderful people of Kara’s Cupcakes have just agreed to set up shop at the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival and we are so pleased to have them join us.

We Mutineers are all pretty excited about this turn of events so don’t be surprised to see us lining up to buy one of Kara’s adorable little treats. I am personally looking forward to their vanilla cupcake with sweet Madagascar bourbon vanilla frosting. And, I have it on good authority that our fearless Editor in Chief is excited to have a coconut cupcake, having seen him thoroughly devour enjoying one at the Oxbow Market in Napa recently.

Cochon Volant at the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival


Cochon Volant Flying Pig BBQ

This weekend the food trucks (and trailers and vans) are pulling out all the stops at the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival. We are happy to announce that Cochon Volant (Flying Pig!) Barbecue will be joining us. Owner and chef Rob Larman will be serving up barbecued pork and brisket sliders from his flying pig smoker for your dining pleasure.

The trucks will open for business at 7:00pm Saturday, so be sure to get there in time to grab an amazing (and cheap) dinner at the trucks before the show starts. I know I will!

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Mark’s the Spot Food Truck at the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival


Mark's The Spot Food Truck

You’ve already heard of the popular Napa food truck Dim Sum Charlie’s bringing their amazing treats to the Mutineer Magazine Comedy Festival, now its time to introduce you to Mark’s the Spot. Owned by Mark and Alicia Raymond, Mark’s the Spot hasn’t been rolling for very long, but they’ve already gained quite a following.

Mark, a chef and New Zealander ex-pat, serves dishes like grass fed beef hot dogs, sliders of bacon, basil and brie and the most incredible sticky sweet French toast known to man. What I’m really waiting for though is the duck confit wings with sweet and spicy plum sauce. I imagine they will go well with some of the brews from Firestone Walker we’ll be serving up at the tasting before the show.

There is going to be some amazing food and beverage at the Mutineer Holiday Comedy Festival. The trucks will start serving at 7:00pm so be sure to come hungry!

Dim Sum Charlie’s and The Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival


Dim Sum Charlie's Food Truck

It would seem that food trucks and vendors have begun taking over downtown Napa and I for one am very excited. Why am I excited, you may ask? I’m excited because three of these trucks will be parking at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards on December 11th for the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival. Okay, so its one truck, an Airstream and a mobile barbecue trailer, but the idea is the same.

Dim Sum Charlie’s will be joining us at the Comedy Festival. Normally found just past the train tracks, off of First Street in Napa, Dim Sum Charlie’s is owned by Andrew Siegal and chef Clayton Lewis. They serve up delicious dim sum from pork sui mai dumplings to sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves stuffed with pork sausage, chicken and scallops. I know I can’t wait to try out some of these dumplings paired with an ale from Lagunitas or crisp Vernaccia wine from Jacuzzi, both of which will be offered at the tasting during the festival. See the full post »

A Little Bit Culinary, A Little Bit Rock ‘N’ Roll


The Kobayashi Brothers

Michael Kobayashi can’t keep away from the flame. One would think, after ten successful years as a music manager, that he’d evaluate the chaos of combining that life with the frenetic existence of a restaurateur, and just let it go. But Michael and his chef-brother, Chris, just celebrated the fourth anniversary of their restaurant, Artisan, and there seems to be no sign that Michael’s day after day commitment to both of those worlds is in any sort of decline.

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Fine Beverage Recipe: Beer Jalapeno Brittle


Beer Brittle

Several months back I was contacted about a new cookbook specializing in boozy desserts. Did I want to check it out? Um, yes, please.

The book is called The Spirited Baker and is written by Marie Porter and shot by her husband Michael Porter. When looking through the recipes I ran across many intriguing recipes such as SoCo Peaches and the recipe I am pleased to share with you today for Beer Jalapeno Brittle. See the full post »

20 Something, Wine Tasting Meets Dance Club


20something - The New Vintage

The night of Saturday, November 20th 2010, will be the night of an event like no other I’ve ever been to here in Seattle. It’s an event attended annually by only of the most hip wine lovers in the area, all dressed to kill. The ladies will be in their sexiest dresses, and the gents might even iron their shirts for this, one of the hottest events for wine lovers. When you enter the room there’ll be DJ’s mixing, people dancing, and Winemakers socializing while pouring their most fashionable wines. Yes the name is ”20something”, but that’s not a restriction, as most people attending will be in their 20’s and 30’s, but anyone who’s hip enough will attend regardless of age. Much like the attendees, most of the wines poured will also be in the 20’s & 30’s range. dollar wise. If you want to see and be seen amongst Seattle’s hippest wine socialites, you can get tickets via BrownPaperTickets.com. See the full post »

Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar: Artisan Pizza, Artisanal Wine Bar Atmosphere


Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar

If you live in Santa Rosa, you’ve probably stopped by a time or two. Or, like me, three, a week. Artisanal pizza, in its rising universality and acclaim, attracts a wide bracket of restaurant lovers, as well as us wine weasels. You’ll notice people outside at the patio’d tables, which is a great place to sit; pair fantastic wine and food with the outdoor notes. If you decide on interior seating, you’ll see what I mean by “artisanal atmosphere.” Off to your right, you have the bar, with a couple screens that are almost sure to be tuning into a soccer game.

When you peruse the wine list, you’ll notice that many of the names aren’t your run-of-the-mill producers. Again, artisanal. The appetizers are incredible both in presentation and complexity, especially the Fritto Misto. I paired this with a 2008 Quivira Dry Creek Grenache. What a great starter, and what an incredible wine. More than merely accommodating with options like this, just ask your server. They will point you in a delicious direction. See the full post »

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