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Histoire de Mutineer (A Seattle Adventure)


A view from the balcony in Seattle’s Chapel.

The Mutineers rolled into Seattle last night for something of an adventure. We split up to start things off, with 2 of us heading to Elliott Bay Brewing to check out the awesome Elliott Bay Beer we’ve been hearing so much about, and the other two heading to the new Seattle food-Mecca, Purple Café. It should be noted that after something like 15 glasses of wine at Purple Café, my note-taking morale plummeted and I can only report on the vague recollections of the events that followed. See the full post »

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The Happening: Philly Beer Week


You can find beer festivals all across America from small town gatherings to those large enough to be held in convention centers. As craft beer becomes more available and more understood people want to experience what American beer culture is all about. See the full post »

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The Happening: Sexy Chocolate Sumner


No, this is not Prince’s new album title, but rather an amalgamation of three killer events you should know about.

Pike Chocofest – Seattle, WA

Looking very cool is Pike Chocofest at The Pike Brewing Co. in Seattle, which bills itself as a “romantic evening of chocolate paired with wine, mead, spirits, and beer” and “foreplay for [Valentine’s Day]”. Some of the chocolatiers involved include Fran Bigelow, Theo Chocolate, Carter’s Chocolates, Trevani Truffles, Claudio Corallo Chocolate, and BruCo Chocolate. For more information you should send an inappropriately seductive e-mail under the fake name “Naughty Nellie” to the fine people at Pike Brewing Co. Tickets are $25 per person.

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Savor: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience


Now in its second year Savor is the ultimate craft beer and food pairing event. This years one night tasting will include 120 craft beers from 65 breweries paired with over 35 different appetizers. One of the best aspects of this event is the opportunity to meet and discuss beer with the brewers responsible for crafting such incredible beverages. It’s the knowledge of these brewers and their ability to communicate the passion they have for their creations that will make this evening unforgettable. See the full post »

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Casu Marzu: Anyone up for maggot cheese?


I vividly remember the first time I tried Gorgonzola cheese. I was sitting outside a little café in Milan, Italy, after the first whiff of what smelled like putrefying garbage, and taking one more look around to make sure it wasn’t a joke I placed the cheese laden baguette in my mouth. After the retching subsided and I was able to rinse out my mouth with ice tea I sat wondering how anyone could possibly enjoy such food. Well many years later I have acquired a taste for the cheese, though I still squirm sometimes, along with many other foods that I would have never eaten before. See the full post »

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Cooking with Alcohol and Burn-off


Cooking with Alcohol

Many recipes that are used around the holiday season require alcohol. For those of you that don’t want to consume any alcohol here is a chart that will let you know how much of the alcohol will burn-off and how much will still remain in the finished product. See the full post »

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Karl Strauss Imperial Malt Ball Stout


Karl Strauss Imperial Malt Ball Stout

Photo from, karlstrauss.com

Working at a brewery would seem like a pretty rewarding job. If you, like many of us, have a strong love for the malty goodness that is beer, this would be a dream job. The Karl Strauss Brewing Company takes the dream job to another level.
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Cooking with Alcohol: Holiday Recipes


Christmas Cookies

Alcohol really does make everything better. While you may want to drink it if you just lost your lover or your job, here are a few booze applications to make plates taste better this holiday season.

Rum Cookies: Idiot proof! Get a roll of pre-made cookie dough and mix 5oz. of rum into the dough. Then make your cookies. Rum cookies will make you look sophisticated for the women. See the full post »

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