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Mutineer Magazine Partners with Cellar Angels to Support A Child’s Right

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Cellar Angels

Two industry leaders are uniting for a single cause — to help A Child’s Right assure safe drinking water for children in Asia and Africa. Members of Cellar Angels will now be able to select A Child’s Right as a funds recipient whenever they purchase wine via the Cellar Angels website. Mutineer Magazine will assist in the program’s promotion and oversee marketing of the opportunity.

Cellar Angels is a unique wine philanthropy company specializing in providing artisanal wines to their members at a discount in the name of their partnering charities. The Cellar Angels member selects which charity the company donates proceeds towards and A Child’s Right is now an option. The two companies were brought together by Alan Kropf, Editor in Chief of Mutineer Magazine

“Water relief is fundamentally a beverage issue, and I’m repeatedly amazed at A Child’s Right’s effectiveness in bringing clean water to children in urban areas around the world. With Cellar Angels joining Mutineer Magazine to support the efforts of A Child’s Right, we are setting up a sustainable way to raise funds and awareness with long-term potential,” Kropf said.

Mutineer Magazine has been working with A Child’s Right since 2009, producing a list of awareness-building and fundraising projects including the 2nd Annual Mutineer Red Carpet Party in partnership with Amarula Cream, Mutineer Blue Carpet Dinner in partnership with Jordan Vineyard and Winery, Mutineer Holiday Comedy Festival in partnership with Don Roberto Tequila, Mutinous Battle Chai Ale in partnership with New Holland Brewing Co. and the upcoming 3rd Annual Mutineer Red Carpet Party in partnership with Luxardo and Chinaco Tequila. Mutineer’s recent water relief work with A Child’s Right culminated with Kropf’s visit to Kathmandu, Nepal to observe the installation of five water filtration systems funded through Mutineer projects and a special November water-themed issue of Mutineer Magazine which recaps the project.

Cellar Angels works exclusively with acclaimed Napa and Sonoma County artisan wineries to provide its members access to highly sought-after wines at discounts well below retail and then donates portions of proceeds to charity. Once a week, Cellar Angels members receive a private email indicating that week’s offer and exclusive member price, a custom video of the wine and winemaker, tasting notes and food-pairing recipe. The member has just five days to purchase before the opportunity ends.

“There is nothing more important in the production of exceptional wine than water. In fact, there’s nothing more important in life,” indicated Martin Cody, President of Cellar Angels. “Partnering with both Mutineer and A Child’s Right allows us the privilege to help make sure children have access to clean water.”

Eric Stowe, Executive Director of A Child’s Right, states, “Cellar Angels gives ‘wine pairing’ a whole new meaning. Pairing fine wine with charitable giving means that children who formerly drank contaminated water will now drink water that is clean and safe.” He goes on to say, “There’s a very old story about turning water into wine, but turning wine into water is something entirely new!”

To sign up for a complimentary membership and receive the weekly Cellar Angels email, please visit cellarangels.com.  

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Video Invite to Mutineer Third Annual Red Carpet Party – Event Tomorrow!

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WHAT: Invite Only* Third Annual Mutineer Magazine Red Carpet Party // The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition
WHERE: Napa Valley Opera House – 1030 Main St. Downtown Napa
WHEN: November 6 // 7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
DRESS: ‘Dress to Impress’- Cocktail Party Attire

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Mutineer Alan Kropf Named In FOLIO Magazine’s 13 Under 30

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Mutineer Alan Kropf Named In FOLIO Magazine's 13 Under 30

Today Mutineer Magazine’s Editor in Chief and Publisher Alan Kropf was named as one of FOLIO: 13 Under 30. FOLIO: 13 Under 30 looks at just a few of the emerging leaders in the publishing industry ranging from social media editors to publishers to CEOs.

Kropf is in good company as Beer West Magazine Editor in Chief and Publisher Megan Flynn was also named as one of FOLIO 13 Under 30.

It’s been a big year for Kropf and Mutineer Magazine. In addition to being named for FOLIO’s 13 Under 30, he was also selected in 2011 as one of the world’s top 30 beverage professionals under the age of 30 with Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 30 Under 30, and was recognized in minonline’s 2010 15-to-Watch, which highlighted 15 of the next generation of media superstars.

To read the entire citation from FOLIO: for Alan Kropf, visit their website.

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When Life Gives You Milk, Make Silk

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Photograph by: Fabian Bimmer, Reuters

That’s what one person did anyway. Anke Domaske, a young fashion designer from Hanover, Germany has produced the first man-made fabric ever without the use of chemicals and has done it using an everyday staple – milk. Anke, a former microbiology student, developed QMilch which uses high concentrations of milk casein to create an ecologically friendly fabric that also has health benefits derived from the natural compounds found in milk.

While milk fabric is nothing new, QMilch is the first milk casein fabric to be made entirely without the use of chemicals and they market that it fits two trends, resource efficiency and wellness.

To learn more about QMilch, visit their website.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Announces His Retirement From Regular Video Content

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Gary Vaynchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, as seen on the cover of Mutineer Magazine Issue #3 and in front of the camera on Wine Library TV and the Daily Grape, officially retired yesterday from regularly producing internet video content. The move comes after ending his five year stint with Wine Library TV, his daily internet webcast about wine, in favor of doing the Daily Grape, which was typically a shorter video and only included two wines. @garyvee says he isn’t leaving wine, but first and foremost he is an entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial itch he felt when he wanted to start filming Wine Library TV everyday is the same itch he’s feeling now and he’s gonna follow it.

Gary, we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us all.


To watch his final segment of the Daily Grape, click here.

To read our Mutineer Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, click here.

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Mutineer’s Alan Kropf Recognized in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 30 Under 30

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Wine & Spirits Magazine

Mutineer Magazine’s Editor in Chief & Publisher Alan Kropf is being recognized by Wine & Spirits Magazine as one of world’s top 30 beverage professionals under the age of 30, alongside honorees including Jean-Frederic & Marc-Andre Hugel from Alsace and Raphael Bereche from Champagne.

Sasha Kadey of King Estate is quoted in the article, saying “It’s a post-digital publication designed with a digital look and feel that works for people who consume their information online. The combination of the post-digital design and the almost surreal art vibe of the photography has a lot to do with their connect with their audience.”

An excerpt from the article:
“With the help of Kropf’s brother, Brian, and friend Jeff Dorenbush, they bought an RV and drove up and down the West Coast doing demographic research for the future millennial-mentoring, all-encompassing beverage rag that went national in 2009.”

Check out the entire roster of sub-30 fine beverage individuals in the September issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine.

Fine Beverage Roundup: Week of June 13th-17th

Beverage News

In addition to all the fine beverage news we have posted on our blog this week, here are several other things from other bloggers that we’d like to share with you. We have summarized them into a weekly roundup:

  • Q & A with Larry SidorDeschutes' Larry Sidor

    “As you may have heard, our brewmaster for the past eight years, Larry Sidor, will be leaving us at the end of the year to pursue a lifelong dream of owning his own business. Here’s a question and answer session we recently had with Larry to give a little insight into his time at Deschutes and his brewing experience.” Read the full article

  • What’s The Best Way To Drink Your Whisky
    One of life’s most difficult questions! John Hansell, Publisher and Editor of Malt Advocate does his best to answer it.
    Read the full article
  • A Few Last Minute Wine Reviews Before The Apocalypse
    The apocalypse was coming, what better time to dive into the cellar? That’s exactly what they did.
    Read the full article
  • Dogfish Head and The Bruery to Create Collaboration Beer
    DrinkEatTravel.com gives some info about an upcoming collaboration beer between The Bruery and Dogfish Head.
    Read the full article
  • The Indies Are Here, So Drink Up!: The Sippin’ 5 Indy Spirits By Joshua Wortman
    CitySip highlights a few of their favorite spirits from this year’s Indy Spirits Expo.
    Read the full article
  • L.A. Becomes First Big School District To Ban Chocolate Milk
    “Yesterday, the Los Angeles Unified School District voted 5-2 on a new dairy contract to remove flavored milk from school menus, the Los Angeles Times reports. The district also banned sodas and chicken nuggets recently in its battle against childhood obesity. “By the fall the district will be a national leader,” Matthew Sharp, with California Food Policy Advocates, tells the Times.”
    Read the full article

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    Nate Montana + Bunch of Other Notre Dame Athletes Arrested for Underage Drinking

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    Notre Dame Logo

    Some Notre Dame athletes really embraced their Irish side on Friday, July 16th when 11 of them were busted for underage drinking.

    According to ESPN.com: The son of former Notre Dame standout Joe Montana was among 11 Fighting Irish athletes arrested on misdemeanor charges of underage drinking at a party Friday night.< !–more–>

    A total of 44 people were arrested after city police responded to a call about a fight near a roadway and discovered the party, said St. Joseph County Police assistant chief Bill Redman.

    Two non-athletes face a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to minors. The arrests were handled by state excise police, who didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment on Saturday.

    Worst case scenario has the athletes spending 30 days in jail, but like that’s going to happen. They’ll be back to doing keg stands and slurping Jagermeister shots out of the finest cleavage South Bend has to offer.

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