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Wear This Watch to Change the World in an Epic Way

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Epic Watch Trio

Mutineer considers water the original fine beverage, and that everyone on this earth has the right to enjoy clean and safe water. You might be surprised to know that approximately every 19 seconds a child dies from a water-borne disease and that 1 out of 8 people in the world do not have access to clean water. But the world doesn’t have to be like this.

There are many ways to contribute to water relief, and at least one very fashionable way. Enter the The Catalyst, the first watch design from Epic. For every Epic timepiece that you purchase, Epic will provide clean water to someone in a developing country for an entire year through the distribution of water filters. It comes in a variety of color combinations and yes, even you can pull it off.

Fore more info about Epic Timepieces and the clean water crisis visit www.EpicTimepieces.com

Epic Watch bag

“Hangover Heaven” in Las Vegas? #iDon’tBelieveIt

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Where was this last week when my craps prowess was only matched by my ability to consume Cuba Libres at Caesars? We had to create our own hangover heaven at the shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay.

According to the website: 45 minute hangover treatment, receive IV hydration, and IV vitamins in a proprietary blend to drive the toxins out of your system and get you tuned up to enjoy your stay in Las Vegas.

Three packages are offered, including the $90 basic Redemption, $150 premium Salvation which include additional medications and vitamins being pumped directly into your veins, or the baller-status In-Room Treatment, which starts at $500 for the first person and is $375 for additional people.

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Premiere Napa Valley 2012: Big Money, Iconic Winemakers & A Former Arch-Nemesis

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Premiere Napa Valley

The wine masses gather to taste the 2012 Premiere Napa Valley wines.

Premiere Napa Valley has become something of an institution among U.S. wine events since its launch in 1997. It serves not only as an indicator of what’s to come in the high-end wine market, but as a barometer for the U.S. economic recovery as a whole. The wine auction revenues this year exceeded 2011 by 31% and set a new all-time record with bidders paying $3.1 million for the 200 wine lots comprised of 1,495 total cases. (Premiere Napa Valley took place on Saturday, February 25. On Tuesday, February 28, the Dow rose above 13,000 points for the first time since May 2008).

According to Pine Ridge Vineyards CEO and PNV 2012 Chair Erle Martin, “The way our customers reacted, it strikes me that it was just that: a market response. The result of this auction is a true measure of the market. Clearly, even in a still challenged economy, the retailers and restaurateurs have voted. The buyers for these wines would not have put forth this kind of investment if they didn’t feel–with real security–that they could sell these wines.”

The event began earlier in the week for many, arriving in the valley to be wined and dined and reacquaint themselves with the Napa experience. Winery wisdom says to know who is going to buy your lot and for how much before the auction begins, and the week-long lead up provides one last opportunity to woo potential buyers. Martin adds, “The energy was high all week leading up to the event on Saturday. Our retail, restaurant and wholesale clients were arriving as early as Monday to the Napa Valley to join vintners at private tastings and we could feel the excitement grow day by day.”

Today, patrons arrived at 9am to began tasting samples from the lots that will be auctioned later in the day. It is a frenzied tasting, with palates fighting a battle for survival sampling so many young and aggressive wines.

At this event, everybody is somebody of some formal fine beverage capacity. It’s a who’s who of Napa Valley and beyond, with iconic wine makers mingling with consumer attendees and national level buyers alike. I even run into my old arch-nemesis Steve Heimoff, it’s that kind of party. Every introduction has the potential to lead to something big, and with an endless supply of wine to provide social lubrication and the beautiful aesthetic of the CIA Greystone to serve as a backdrop, anything is possible.

Premiere Napa Valley

A rare sighting of The Mutineer and The Heimoff together.

For the foolish that skip breakfast, the 11am buffet lunch prepared by the Culinary Institute of America cannot come soon enough. Braised vegetables, mushroom risotto, squash ravioli and other hearty winter dishes provide much needed comfort-food nourishment and a perfect pairing with the hearty Napa red wines.

After lunch, bidders and spectators mill into the auction space with hopes of securing a seat. Some have paper cups full of espresso in an attempt to regain focus after a morning of big wine and big food, while others sport heavy glasses of wine in a clear effort to throw inhibitions out the window. Winery representatives greet bidders as they arrive for one last round of back-slapping, hand-shaking, cheek-kissing and bear-hugging before bidding begins. Grand wines and even grander egos are on the line; the collective buying power of the audience is massive, with 88 retail outlets, 84 restaurants and 86 distributors / importers competing for 200 lots of wine. Every effort must be made to ensure success.

Premiere Napa Valley

Napa’s “Bounty Hunter” was among the biggest bidders at the auction this year.

Quirky statistics about Napa Valley appear on a slideshow on monitors around the room and John Mellancamp blares over the PA speakers. The mood is electric and iconic wine auctioneers Fritz Hatton and Ursula Hermacinski get the auction rolling. A joke is made about the economy returning to pre-recession highs and stock[piles] of Napa wine being at an all-time low, so the time to buy is now. Laughter ensues. Let’s do this.

Pine Ridge Vineyards is the Chair winery this year for Premiere, so it gets to go first, fetching $30,000 for 20 cases (one barrel) of 2010 cabernet sauvignon blend called “5 x 5″ in honor of the five classic Bordeaux varietals used. Duckhorn Vineyards ups the ante a few lots later bringing in $40,000 for 20 cases of its 2010 “Three Palms Vineyard” cabernet sauvignon blended with a little merlot from the same vineyard.

See the full post »

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The Beer Chicks to Appear on The Cooking Channel

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Eat This Drink That

It was just announced that Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi, known by many in the craft beer scene as The Beer Chicks, will appear on The Cooking Channel on March 4 for a one hour special celebrating food and beverage.

Beer sommeliers, Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi know more about craft brews than most seasoned bartenders, and their love for drink hardly ends there. These authors love wine, mixed drinks, spirits, cocktails and everything food and in Eat This, Drink That – a one-hour Cooking Channel special – they take to the road and introduce us to folks creating brand new rules for pairing food with drink. Hallie and Christina find inspiration for shrimp and grits with absinthe on a shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico with a captain named “Big Sexy.” In Los Angeles, they marry sweet corn ice cream with beer for a float showdown, but can their float take down candied bacon, liquid nitrogen and an illegal spice? Expect savory sweet potato cocktails and unexpected concoctions with passion fruit and coffee.

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Mutineer Magazine’s Alan Kropf Honored As Zagat 30 Under 30

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Zagat 30 Under 30 San Francisco

The last several months have been huge for Mutineer Magazine and Editor in Chief Alan Kropf. Recently, he was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list as one of the world’s top 30 business leaders under the age of 30 in food and beverage. Before that, he was selected to Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list as one of the world’s top beverage professionals under the age of 30. And also around that time, Alan was named to Folio Magazine’s 13 Under 30 as one of the world’s top 13 emerging media leaders under the age of 30.

It’s been an incredible ride and we’re pleased to announce that Alan was just named to Zagat’s 30 Under 30 in San Francisco, which recognizes the hottest up-and-coming chefs, mixologists, restaurateurs and other culinary trailblazers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Visit Zagat to see the rest of the honorees.

Zagat 30 Under 30 San Francisco

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Michel Rolland Turns Wine To Water in Africa

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NAPA, Calif. — World-famous winemaker Michel Rolland built his reputation by working wonders in the cellar. Now he’s doing miracles of a different sort by turning his South African wine into water for Ethiopians in desperate need.

A crisis of epic proportions is unfolding in Ethiopia, where every day millions struggle for their very lives due to drought and contaminated water. Recognizing this urgent need and the critical role that water plays in the production of fine wine, Michel Rolland has partnered with CNN Hero Doc Hendley, founder of Wine To Water, and Montesquieu Wines, a California winery and importer, on a special project – the Bonne Nouvelle, a wine from the land of Africa, for the people of Africa.

The 2003 Bonne Nouvelle, Michel’s signature Cabernet blend from Stellenbosch, is aptly named: it means “good news” in French. Proceeds will go directly to Wine To Water to dig deep bore wells in the Dale region of Southern Ethiopia, where 6 out of 10 people lack access to clean water, causing life-threatening diseases to run rampant. The project’s initial goal is to raise $40,000 – enough to fund four wells, providing permanent water access for over 8,000 people. The Bonne Nouvelle is available at www.winetowaterstore.com, where wine lovers can learn how they can save a life with each bottle they drink.

Montesquieu Wines’ founder Fonda Hopkins, who works separately with Michel Rolland and Doc Hendley on several other projects, brought them together to forge this partnership. “Michel and Doc come from completely different backgrounds,” observes Hopkins. “But both men are so passionate about life and committed to excellence that this project came together as a natural fit.” Montesquieu is facilitating the partnership by importing and distributing the wine at no charge.

Hendley, whose organization has provided water to approximately 100,000 people in twelve countries, says, “It’s wonderful to see some of the top players in the wine community step up to the plate to make such a difference.” In 2009, Hendley was named a CNN Top 10 Hero for his work. He is currently touring the nation discussing his new book Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World, published by Penguin.

For more details, please visit www.winetowater.org or www.montesquieu.com.

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Jan/Feb Mutineer Letter From the Editor

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42012, Or, as we say on the glorious streets of fine beverage, the Year of the Mutineer, which should be noted is based on a proprietary calendar created by myself in which every year is inherently the “Year of the Mutineer”.

Like always, the year begins with a two and a half day hangover brought on by the enthusiasm for a fresh start in the proverbial sense, and I hope your festivities served you well. The cosmic significance of a new year is not to be underestimated, and as your fine beverage attorney I strongly recommend creating some New Year’s resolutions to set yourself up for a year of respectable drinking and favorable liquid karma.

As drinking evangelists of the highest order, you should expand your palate in every conceivable way and embark on delicious adventures to the beverage regions and producers that are the temples and gods of your liquid religion. Learn new cocktails, read more drink books and seek out more tastings and events. Yes, the time is now to bask in the sunshine of the modern drink experience and soak it in for all it’s worth.

Fine beverage culture in the year 2012 is looking like it is primed for great things. We find ourselves in the heart of a magnificent drink movement that is equal parts renaissance and revolution, and the momentum only continues to build with absolutely no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.

“There was madness in any direction, at any hour.. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning… And that, I think, was the handle – that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting – on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave …”Hunter S. Thompson


Alan Kropf, Editor in Chief

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Federal agency cancels water delivery to Pa. town

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WaterThe global water crisis is terrible. People in third world countries are left without clean drinking water and resort to drinking water that will make them sick or even kill them and even then, that contaminated water isn’t easy to get. But what about when it happens in our own country? What about when it’s something we caused? And what about when government officials don’t take the proper steps to fix the situation?

Unfortunately that is what’s happening in Allentown, Pennsylvania where the local water source has been contaminated by a natural gas drilling operation. At first, it looked like they would be taken care of as The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency promised to truck in potable water for the city’s residents. Only 24 hours after making that promise, they quickly changed their position and said a tanker wouldn’t be coming after all.

Michael Rubinkamof the Associated Press wrote about the situation:
Eleven families who sued Houston-based Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. expected water from the EPA to arrive either Friday or Saturday. They say they have been without a reliable source of water since Cabot won permission from state environmental regulators to halt deliveries more than a month ago.

Cabot, which was banned in 2010 from drilling in a 9-square-mile area around the village, took legal responsibility for the Dimock methane contamination, but contends water wells in the area were already tainted with methane long before the company arrived. The company also says it met a state deadline to restore or replace Dimock’s water supply, installing treatment systems in some houses that have removed the methane.

But homeowners say their wells are tainted with methane gas and toxic chemicals that are used in hydraulic fracturing, a technique in which water, sand and chemicals are blasted deep underground to free natural gas from dense rock deposits.
Dimock resident Craig Sautner said an EPA staffer in Philadelphia told him Saturday the water delivery was canceled. He said the EPA staffer, on-scene coordinator Rich Fetzer, would not explain why.

“You can’t be playing with people’s lives like this,” said Sautner, whose well was polluted in September 2008, shortly after Cabot began drilling in the area.

Sautner and the other homeowners had been relying on deliveries of bulk water paid for by anti-drilling groups, but the last delivery was Monday, and some of them ran out.

After the EPA delivery fell through Saturday, the environmental group Water Defense, founded by actor Mark Ruffalo, said it would send a tanker from Washingtonville, N.Y., on Sunday to replenish the residents’ supply.

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