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Happy Halloween from Mutineer Magazine

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Mutineer Halloween

From everyone at Mutineer, have fun, stay safe, and drink something good.


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Those Silly Brits, Fake Bobby Hill ID Good Enough To Buy Booze

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Bobby HIll

In a sting operation in the whimsically-named Nottinghamshire, England, liquor stores #FAILED miserably in their age verification efforts when an 18 year old successfully bought fine alcoholic beverages using an ID with cartoon Bobby Hill’s picture and a stated age of 17.

From the article:

More than half of the 22 shops tested by the county council trading standards operation either served the teenager alcohol without asking for identification, or accepted fake ID, even though it identified that he was underage.

A total of seven stores failed to ask for identification and six checked his false ID card but still sold him the alcohol.

As a result of the poor performance by alcohol retailers, the local authorities are “considering using a child with a fake ID” to see if that inspires a more encouraging response. If it doesn’t, this writer is predicting authorities are likely to simply give up.

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Simon Majumdar’s Fed, White & Blue Journey. Coming To a City Near You?

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Simon Majumdar

Simon Majumdar, author (Eat My Globe, Eating for Britain, Dos Hermanos) and TV personality (Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, and more), now prepares to embark on his biggest journey yet: to earn American citizenship. Living by the saying “Go Everywhere, Eat Everything,” Simon will use this mantra to discover what it means to be an American citizen.

This is where you come in, dear Mutineer readers. Simon wants us to help him discover what it means to be American by sharing our food and beverage culture with him. No, not by sending him to The French Laundry (though I doubt he would decline!), but he wants to take it beyond that.

According to Simon, “If you are a brewer, winemaker or distiller, I want to come and help you make your wine, beer and spirits. If you are a farmer, I want to come and help you harvest your crops and sell them at farmers markets. If you are a restaurant owner or run a food truck, I will come and help in your kitchens, serve customers and even bus tables. If you are a hunter I want to be with you as you show me your skills and how you break down the carcasses of the animals you stalk. If you are a fisherman, I want to head out into the rough waters with you as you catch some of the finest fish and seafood in the world and if you are a cheese maker, I want to join you getting elbow deep in curds.”

He takes this even further, to suggest being involved in chili cook offs, joining family celebrations in vibrant ethnic communities to learn about their cuisine, attending food festivals or festivals celebrating a single ingredient, and more.

The “FED, WHITE & BLUE” journey will begin in early 2013 and will form part of his research for a book and a potential TV show of the same name. Do you have a suggestion? Let Simon know at fedwhiteandblue@gmail.com

My suggestion, Simon, would be the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this October. Join 49,000 of your closest American craft beer loving friends for a celebration of all things American craft beer.

Brewers, winemakers, distillers, teamakers, mead makers and more, what are you waiting for?

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Less Than a Week Left to Submit Cocktail Recipes for Luxardo Cocktail Cup

Beverage NewsSpirits

Luxardo Cocktail Cup

Are you a bartender?

Do you live and tend bar in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Boston, Chicago or New York?

Can you make a tasty, creative, and original recipe using Luxardo products?

Would you like to be flown out to compete overlooking San Francisco at Anchor Distilling Company’s Penthouse Bar?

If you win, would you like to be flown to Italy to visit Luxardo?

If you just answered yes five times, what are you waiting for? Submit a recipe for the Luxardo Cocktail Cup! Less than a week is left before the submission period ends on August 14! Join us at the Anchor Distilling Company Penthouse Bar, as you battle the finalist from each market and present your original cocktail to our panel of incredible judges to include: Matteo Luxardo, 6th generation Luxardo; David King, President of Anchor Distilling Company; Francesco LaFranconi, who doesn’t need an introduction; Alan Kropf, Mutineer Magazine; and one TBD.

To enter and to view the complete rules, visit the Luxardo Cocktail Cup page.

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New Study Suggests Alcohol Is The New Milk

Beverage News

Alcohol Is The New Milk

Osteoporotic Bone: Low power scanning electron microscope image, showing osteoporotic architecture in the fourth lumbar vertebra of an 89 year old woman. The bone is heavily eroded in places by the action of osteoclasts and consists mainly of thin, fragile struts. Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Alan Boyde & Oregon State University

For you ladies out there that have been drinking a daily White Russian to get your recommended supply of whatever it is in milk to fend off osteoporosis, a new study out of Oregon State University suggests that moderate alcohol consumption on its own may help prevent bone loss.

The study was published in the scientific journal “Menopause”, which I personally read for its witty sense of humor and random beverage story nuggets such as this.

From the study:
A new study assessed the effects of alcohol withdrawal on bone turnover in postmenopausal women who drank one or two drinks per day several times a week. Researchers at Oregon State University measured a significant increase in blood markers of bone turnover in women after they stopped drinking for just two weeks.

The researchers found evidence for increased bone turnover – a risk factor for osteoporotic fractures – during the two week period when the participants stopped drinking. Even more surprising: the researchers found that less than a day after the women resumed their normal drinking, their bone turnover rates returned to previous levels.

“Drinking moderately as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and exercise may be beneficial for bone health, especially in postmenopausal women,” said Urszula Iwaniec, associate professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU and one of the study’s authors. “After less than 24 hours to see such a measurable effect was really unexpected.”

So, in summary, we now know that it is no coincidence that menopausal women, book clubs and cheap white wine go together like Kahlua, vodka and non-dairy creamer. If this study is correct in its conclusions, then women of an older variety are likely to be hardwired at the genetic level to get their daily alcohol intake in the name of bone longevity, and that’s a win(e) for fine beverages.

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Playboy Releases America’s Best Bars 2012

Beverage News

Playboy's America's Best Dive Bars

I read Playboy for the articles. No, really!

The Editors over at Playboy have just released this year’s list for the best bars in America, which they’ve divided up into four sections; dive bars, seduction spots, classics, and mixology. Overall, a pretty good selection, many of which I’ve been to, including Yountville’s favorite (and only) divebar Pancha’s. In the Napa Valley and sick of Cabernet? Need a place to drink a can of the Silver Bullet and smoke…indoors…? Panacha’s is the place!

Congrats to all those nominated.

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Pakistani Steam Roller Smashes 39,617 of Bottles of Liquor

BeerBeverage News


To celebrate a campaign fighting counterfeit and illegally trafficked liquor bottles, the Pakistan Coast Guard did the only logical thing: run over thousands of bottles with a steam roller.

According to The News International:
To observe International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, a huge quantity of drugs and tens of thousands of bottles of liquor were destroyed at the Hawkesbay beach by the Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) on Tuesday…The aim is to educate the people about the risks of drug abuse, especially among the youngsters, who are the future of the country.

It should be said that as a human male, breaking glass is woven into my DNA, so to utilize glass breaking as government protocol at a scale necessitating steam rollers is, well, awesome. It’d be like arming police officers with fireworks or deciding small claims court decisions with video games…while impractical, it does win serious points for morale and overall excitement.


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Jon Stewart to Mayor of London: “You are the Amsterdam of Mountain Dew”

Beverage News

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing to ban sugary drinks and soda a larger than 16 oz. in size from restaurants, theaters and other food and drink venues in the city. The ban is meant to help combat obesity problems, and those who violate the ban if passed could face a $200 fine.

The proposal has been met with great controversy, including Jon Stewart’s take on the situation which he discussed with London Mayor Boris Johnson on a recent episode of the Daily Show.

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