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The Epic Task of Parking in Los Angeles

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Parking in Hollywood

The greatest adversary of Mutineer Magazine is not the crumbling economy, nor is it the Wine Spectator. The greatest adversary of Mutineer Magazine is the army of meter maids in Los Angeles. We collect parking tickets like ’05 Bordeaux, and I must say it is starting to take a toll on morale around the office. See the full post »

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Google Mail Goggles = Friends Don’t Let Friends E-mail Drunk

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Google Mail Goggles

Google has this new program “Mail Goggles” created to protect the inebriated from sending reckless e-mails.

Here is how it works: Mail Goggles asks you five math problems and gives you 60 seconds to solve them. Succeed, and your mail will be delivered as intended. Fail, and you will be sent to bed. Simple as that.

Granted, some people can’t answer questions like these when they are sober, but that is another situation. Mail Goggles is your friend, and your last line of defense against contacting that ex- in a drunken state of mind.

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Sipping Drinks on Virgin America

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Virgin America

First off, I apologize for the momentary lapse in blogs this week. We took the entire Mutineer Magazine staff up to Washington with us to attend the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival, so things shut down in the Mutineer Magazine office. See the full post »

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The Drunk Driving Situation in Los Angeles

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Alan in Audi

There is something about this town; it changes people. You straddle a line of being on top of the world, while being at your most vulnerable. The result is usually crazy actors driving while wasted – effectively their automobiles turn into 4-wheeled missiles seeking the unlucky.

This blows my mind, because these celebrities have the money and resources to enjoy taxi or limo service wherever they go. It begs the question of whether or not these celebrities are trying to get caught… See the full post »

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Since When Is France Afraid of Alcohol?

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Screenshot of Heineken’s French website.

France has long been a leader in fine beverage. This has been a position of pride rather than shame, so I was surprised to hear about the temperance movement this morning while talking to Randy Resnick after recording his New Wine Consumer podcast, which can be heard at www.newwineconsumer.com. See the full post »

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Drinking Game…Redefined.

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Video Game Bar

As if having a bar in your house isn’t awesome enough, these guys have taken it to the next level. It is a bar with a built in arcade setup controlling the game on the flat screen TV behind the bartender. See the full post »

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Why You Shouldn’t 007 Your Way Into a Liquor Store

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Make sure to watch the whole thing, it is quite epic.

We didn’t plan this, really. It just seems that it is turning out to be “Burgle Week” here on the Mutineer Blog. My brother, SPC Kropf, sent me this video and I had to get it up on the site. See the full post »

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Homeless Men Burgle Restaurant, Get Wasted, Get Caught

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Herradura Seleccion Suprema

As reported today in the Madison Capital Times, two men were arrested in Madison when the owner walked in on the two burglars trying to leave through another door. The men apparently pounded almost an entire bottle of what I can only assume is Herradura Seleccion Suprema, as the article says it is a “$600 bottle of Herradura tequila”. Keep in mind they enjoyed the tequila while STILL IN THE RESTAURANT. Probably not the best idea. See the full post »

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