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PETA Gets Crabby Over Lobster

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George, the 20 pound 140 year old crustacean was given a second chance at life when PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, fought for his life and spared him from eventually meeting the steamer at City Crab and Seafood at Park Avenue in New York. Also saved was some poor guy (or obviously not poor guy) spending $540 on a 20 lb lobster at $27 per pound. See the full post »

When Water Attacks

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Director of Operations Jeff Dorenbush at the Puyallup Flood
“Being close to danger is just part of the job”, says Jeff Dorenbush of Mutineer Magazine on location where water had devoured a road.

People always talk about water like it is this awesome thing, and alcohol like it’s the enemy (See Jesus + Hatchets = No More Alcohol). In some ways it is, but when was the last time tequila roared mercilessly through a populated area? This is what water has done tonight in the Pacific Northwest, and being that the Mutineers are dedicated to covering all things beverage, they jimmy-rigged a Land Cruiser snorkel kit to the Mutineer Passat and headed to ground zero for ultimate coverage. While the car snorkel was a hit, things fell apart when the Mutineers realized that no one had packed a flash light or umbrella. Furthermore, no one had any journalistic experience covering merciless floods, and with a rented copy of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and nachos waiting back at Mutineer HQ, things just began to feel not-meant-to-be.

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Skara Brae = Psychedelic

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If you had a time machine, and you traveled the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae in Scotland, you would likely enter a world that invented psychedelia approx. 5,000 years before the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Jefferson Airplane. According to Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol by Iain Gately: See the full post »

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Message T00199

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INITIATING > Mutineer Magazine Auto Blog Poster

… SYSTEM STATUS – Confirmed.
… INITIATE MESSAGE T00199 – Complete.

Message: T00199

Hi, I am Mutineer Magazine’s Auto Blog Poster, also known as ABP. I was created in the event of a major staff shortage due to over consumption of alcohol. This over consumption of alcohol was due to [New Years Eve].

All staff members are currently hung over and resting. Blog posting to resume on a normal schedule as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


New Year Count Down: 1

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Frank Ricard, Old School
Title: 10 Great Movie Drunks
Author: JJ B.
Date: December 9th, 2008
Why I Chose This: JJ put together a great list of characters in movies who are known for their inebriation. I love lists, hence the reason I am doing this list. Movies + Drunkness + Lists = A Great Night in My World.
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New Year Count Down: 4, 3, 2

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Alan Kropf's Unposted Comment on Steve Heimoff's Blog
Title: A Letter To Steve Heimoff
Author: Alan K.
Date: November 6th, 2008
Why I Chose This: Mutineer Magazines Editor-in-Chief, Alan Kropf, writes an epic post in retaliation to another writer (Steve Heimoff) who made false claims about not only him, but the magazine he started. Mutineer Magazine firmly believes that you in fact CAN fight fire with fire. Light your torches and keep the fire blazing.
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New Year Count Down: 7, 6, 5

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Title: 5 Myths About Absinthe
Author: Alan K.
Date: September 5th, 2008
Why I Chose This: If you don’t know already, the Mutineers are crazy about absinthe, and crazy when drinking absinthe. So it only seemed right to include this in the list. Alan Kropf met with Obsello absinthe distiller, Alex Davis, to do a little Mythbusting on this mysterious beverage known as absinthe.
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New Year Count Down: 10, 9, 8

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Martini Glass
Blog Post Title: The Devil’s Share
Author: Doug B.
Date: June 8th, 2008
Why I Chose This: I am sure a majority of you are going to be at New Years Eve parties tonight, and it is inevitable that the well-known martini glass will have a presence. I, like many others dread having to carry a martini glass around, but it was designed the way it is for a reason, gotta respect the purpose of the design. Besides, “it is also believed by some that the martini glass gained popularity during the prohibition days. You see, if the police came into a “speakeasy” club, the contents of the glass could be emptied and widely dispersed with a single and deliberate wrist action.” That is just awesome. I suggest reading more about Doug’s thoughts on the martini glass and allow him to drop some martini glass knowledge on you.
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