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Dairy Queen: The Game

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I was on Apple’s website last night doing some article research when I came across Dairy Queen: The Game. Dairy Queen is no slouch in the fine beverage department with such creations as the Mr. Misty and the legendary Blizzard. See the full post »

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FINALLY – A Gun That Shoots Alcohol

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Mutineer Magazine Special Edition Alcohol Shotgun

Alcohol has long been a necessity as bullets in a gunfight, but this variation that replaces bullets with bourbon changes the game completely. From improvising scenes from New Jack City and Sukiyaki Western Django to ascending to the rank of “sheriff” at your next raging social gathering. See the full post »

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The Happening: BottleRock & Drinking Green for Earth Day

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If you read Issue 3 of Mutineer Magazine, then you know the deal with BottleRock in Culver City, CA. This place is the real deal, with one of the best bottle for bottle beverage programs you’ll ever see. Helmed by the incredible palate of Sommelier George Skorka, I can’t say enough about this killer establishment. See the full post »

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The Happening: Twestival LA to Bring Water to the World!

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It appears things got pretty epic at the “Twestival LA” last Thursday at Club 740 in Los Angeles. The evening’s entertainment was headlined by Joe Rogan of Fear Factor (and the UFC) doing comedy along with Ben Morrison from Punk’d hosting with a score of other performers and notables present. The event was to benefit charity: water and those who struggle without water all over the world, which is a very cool cause and another side to the world of fine beverage. See the full post »

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Wine and Spirits Jobs…dot commmmmmm

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The fine people at Wine and Spirits Jobs sent me an e-mail introducing me to their job listing service this morning, and it is a pretty awesome site. The abundance of job offerings is modest but solid, ranging from Sales Representative to Master of Whiskey to Hispanic Market Manager. These postings have gotten me a bit concerned. I knew Mutineer Magazine needed another Sales Rep, but now I’m going to talk to the guys about investing in a Master of Whiskey and Hispanic Market Manager as well. Yes, I am confident having these key roles filled on our staff will get us to the next level, so much so that Steve Heimoff will have to finally start returning my phone calls. See the full post »

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Sirocco at The Dome, Bangkok

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One of the most notable bar locations in the entire world, Sirocco is an elegant and minimalist outdoor balcony bar and restaurant located on the top of one of the cities tallest skyscrapers. From this second tallest building in Bangkok, Sirocco overlooks the skyline of the sprawling city of almost nine million. It’s attention to detail that sets the atmosphere and cuisine apart from the competition, whether the sleek décor or the pan seared foie gras. Not only will you find a 360-degree view of the city, great drinks and a Mediterranean breeze, you can also dine on some of the cities best food.

Any mutineers in the Thailand area?
The Dome
1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

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A Drink a Day Keeps Age-Related Debilitating Handicaps Away

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A study recently released by UCLA revealed that light to moderate consumption of alcohol prevents senior citizens from developing age-related ailments. The age-related ailments that UCLA speaks of could be anything from walking to grooming themselves, or a number of other simple everyday functions. See the full post »

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Beverage News

Unlike Visa, military ID is not accepted everywhere I want to be. Case in point, in California I want to be in a bar and apparently California doesn’t recognize military ID as a valid proof of ones’ age to be served alcohol. This is a bit odd to me being that not only does military ID include a picture of you and your birthday, it also includes your social security number, a crazy blacked out picture of your face on the back, various scanable barcodes, Matrix Reloaded type holograms, oh and did I mention the computer chip in it? Big Brother’s watching! See the full post »

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