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Hunter S. Thompson’s Book “Hey Rube” is Full of Fine Beverage

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The man who once set out across the California desert with a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, and random mixers constantly involved alcohol in his writing in his search for the American Dream. Thompson’s ideas would eventually find their way onto a column on ESPN.com called “Hey, Rube”, which would eventually be compiled and released in the book “Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness—Modern History from the Sports Desk”. Here are a few select fine beverage quotes from the book: See the full post »

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A Child’s Right: Clean Water Challenge

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Source water at four of A Child's Right's school installation sites prior to filtration through A Child's Right systems
Source water at four of ACR’s school installation sites prior to filtration through our systems. Water high in terribly unsafe contaminants is evident in every part of the cities in Nepal.” (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Listen up people! A Child’s Right, the incredible water relief organization covered in the June/July issue, has issued a challenge: How much would someone have to pay you to drink a glass of dirty water? We’re not talking about over-oaked and over-alcoholed Chardonnay here, were talking about water with fecal waste, dirt, and bacterial contamination 209 times the safe standard. See the full post »

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Photolog: Huge Bottles

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Large Bottles of Castellane Champagne and Tyrrell's Wine
This much is clear, people love getting their picture taken while hugging large fine beverage bottle props.

If bigger means better, then these bottles are the best. Granted, they aren’t full of fine beverage, but they are huge, and a worthy conversation piece in any apartment or parking lot. I must admit that in 10th grade I stole a five foot high inflatable bottle display from a grocery store. It was incredible. Enjoy. See the full post »

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Fantastic Mr. Fox is Fond of Fine Beverage

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Fantastic Mr. Fox opens some Duc Renard Noir
Fantastic Mr. Fox opens some “Duc Renard Noir” for some furry guests.

Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is looking to be one hell of a fine beverage spectacular. Two stills from the movie are chock full of fine beverage awesomeness, with some bubbles being opened in the above pic, and below, Mr. Fox has a dance party with other woodland creatures in a warehouse containing “Bean’s Alcoholic Cider”. This is gonna be great! Did you see Anderson’s other fine beverage epic, Bottle Rocket?

Fantastic Mr. Fox and Bean’s Alcoholic Cider

See a trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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Movie Tavern: An Alcohol Fueled Cinematic Adventure

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Menu from Atlanta, GA Movie Tavern
The menu from the Atlanta, GA Movie Tavern.

Forget sneaking Red Bull energy shots and Nerds into the movie theater, Movie Tavern, the movie theater that offers food and fine beverages to its patrons, has you covered. There are thirteen locations in six states showing a big selection of new theatrical releases. See the full post »

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Random Acts of Beverage Part 2

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Free Ice Cold Soda
Yes, this is a real photo. It. Was. Awesome

The Mutineers are so geeked out over fine beverage that when they get bored in the car they make a game out of spotting random occurrences of fine beverage. Here is a glimpse of our recent trips to Santa Rosa for the 2009 Wine Bloggers’ Conference, Las Vegas to visit Patron HQ and the Edison bar in downtown Los Angeles for an issue release party. See the full post »

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Message T00201

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INITIATING > Mutineer Magazine Auto Blog Poster

… SYSTEM STATUS – Confirmed.
… INITIATE MESSAGE T00201 – Complete.

Message: T00201

Hi, I am Mutineer Magazine’s Auto Blog Poster, also known as ABP. I was created in the event that the team at Mutineer Magazine was unable to supply its reader with a daily blog post.

All staff members are currently working on producing the greatest issue of Mutineer yet, set for release August 1st. You can expect a new blog post tomorrow, Tuesday July 14th 2009.

Thank you for your patience.


Drunk Driving Art

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HELP University College in Malaysia has created art which was displayed in high-traffic locations in Kuala Lumpur, according to AdAge. The article also says that Malaysian young people “have a tendency to feel fearless and invincible”. Enter the car wreck/death chair art, which bears the message “Drink and drive and you might live to suffer the consequences.” This is a very cool effort to remind people of the dangers of drunk driving, and I know I posted about this same subject over the weekend, but it’s really important, and I’m prepared to dismantle the leased Mutineer Passat and turn it into a Mad Max death chair to prove my point.

Mutineer Magazine is on a one-way mission to bring fine beverage culture into the mainstream, and people driving cars into minivans full of kids make that tragically difficult to do. So be an upstanding Mutineer and NEVER drink and drive.

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