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The Eternal IPA



Many years ago, before the Panama Canal and Next-Day Air shipping, sailors had to actually forge across the great seas. Of course, one of the most important items aboard was ale. Now imagine the most salty, sultry, and savage environment possible and picture yourself hauling this precious cargo, only to find it spoiled and undrinkable upon your arrival. See the full post »

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Boldly Going Where No Beer Has Gone Before



Two hundred miles straight up, traveling at 17,000 miles per hour and circumventing the earth over fifteen times a day, is the International Space Station or Sapporo Space Brewing HQ. The largest brewery in Japan has taken brewing to new heights, literally. Sapporo’s, newest concept is beer from barley grown in space. Sapporo has taken the third generation of barley plants that were originally budded on the International Space Station and has enough to create about a hundred bottles of the “Space Brew”. No word yet, when and if it will be available for public consumption, but if it is the zero-g beer should cause quite a stir. To say the least, this technique is pretty far out, but it shows the lengths that brewers are willing to go to push craft brewing to its limits.

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Chimay Ale



Go to the store and pick up Chimay Ale, it is a must try.  Here in Southern California, you can find them at Ralph’s grocery store, which leads me to believe you can find them at any respectable supermarket.  I happened to buy the Chimay Ale White, which is their triple fermented ale. Chimay is one of the largest importers of Belgian Ales, but don’t expect great complexity; only a nice approachable Belgium triple. Make sure you use the correct chalice while drinking this as it does affect the nose, and that affects the taste.  This is an oversized example so that you don’t strain your eyes.  If you don’t have a chalice, then a red wine glass would be the best substitute. 

While you taste think: spice, clove and fruit.

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Rolling Rock, Moonvertising



Mutineers do things their own way, and when I heard about Rolling Rock beer’s attempt to advertise on the moon, I was intrigued.  No, they haven’t actually advertised on the moon as of yet, but they have managed (or so they claim) to destroy Mt. Fuji.  They call it “moonvertising” and it involves shining a massive green Rolling Rock logo on the moon.  Rolling Rock has been generous enough to share their pseudo-technology with us to help get the message of Mutineer Magazine out to the world.   (Actually, anyone can get a message on the moon, we just like to feel important).  So cheers to Rolling Rock, and viva the Mutineer!

Go take a look at Rolling Rock’s Moonvertising page, www.moonvertising.com

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5 Beers The Easy Way


The best way to find out what style of beer/ale you like is to try them. This seems obvious but it is so easy to fall into patterns of buying what we know. Here are some different beers that are relatively easy to find and have completely different signatures.

Blanche de Chambly: This is a great example of a Belgium style white from Unibroue and is very clean and refreshing. I recommend this for everyone and you can find it at any grocery store that has a decent beer selection.

PaulanerPaulaner Hefeweizen: A classic German wheat beer with banana and clove subtly woven throughout this tasty brew. American’s usually put a slice of lemon in their Hefe’s, but I would suggest against this and drink it as the Germans do, just the beer, no lemons or anything else.

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