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Anheuser-Busch and InBev One Step Closer to World Domination



It is official, Anheuser-Busch and InBev and are merging into, wait for it, Anheuser-Busch InBev, making them the largest brewing company in the world, and one of the top five largest consumer products companies in the world. I suspect it is Anheuser-Busch’s control of the “Chelada” brand that tipped the scales of this merger into a capitalistic orgasm. Now the new super company will control over 100 brands including Budweiser, Michelob, Bass, Beck’s, Grolsch, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Rolling Rock, Busch, Bacardi Ice, and my personal favorite, Hurricane Ice Malt Liquor. See the full post »

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The Great American Beer Festival


Great American Beer Festival

For beer lovers, this is the Formula One World Championship, the X Games, and the Superbowl all rolled into one massive occasion. For twenty-seven years, the Brewer’s Association has put on one of the world’s largest beer tastings. How large you ask? How about 46,000 attending and over 1,800 beers to sample with only three days to get it all done? See the full post »

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Polygamy: Not Just a Way of Life


Polygamy Porter

Do the residents of Utah have a sense of humor? Apparently so. In my continuing journey to find interesting beer I have come across a brew that pokes fun at the very culture in which it finds itself. Utah is known for a few things. Among those are snow skiing, polygamy, and now beer. A coop between Wasatch Beers and Squatters Beer, both founded in the late to mid 80’s, created the aptly named Polygamy Porter. I have yet to get my hands on one, but if the World Beer Cup gave them the silver medal in 2008 then that is enough for me to give it a try, or two. As the bottle says, “Why have just one?”

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4 Shameful and otherwise Appalling Days to Drink


Santa Flashing

Everyone knows that feeling. You wake up around three hours after your alarm has given up trying to wrestle you out of bed. Your hair’s a mess and your face is caked with make up from the night before. This is truly alarming as you don’t usually, or ever, wear make up to nightclubs. Having spent the night in your clothes has left that brand new suit you just got back from the tailor yesterday covered in cat hair and down-comforter lint. It’s ruined. Rising from the bed (is it even yours?) you stub your toe on an empty RU-21 box and mumble an obscenity. You should not have gotten so drunk last night.

In theory, every night has the potential to cause the above morning after. Standard hangover victims ought to consider themselves lucky, as they’ve most likely narrowly avoided the truly disastrous aftermaths that these “holidays” can cause. See the full post »

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Keep Drinking and You’ll Look Like This


Truffle Shuffle
The number one killer of Americans today is heart disease from obesity. So, when a mutineer talks about being fat it’s not a laughing matter… Okay, maybe the “truffle shuffle” is a laughing matter, but Jeff Cohen’s childhood obesity is merely a rare exception. Suffice it to say that us Californians undoubtedly place a heavy emphasis on staying light. See the full post »

The Great Belgian Beer Tour: A Connoisseur’s Dream, A Drunkard’s Paradise



Tired of your favorite pub or just want an excuse to go to Europe and get sauced? Here it is, Ciao! Travel has put together a Belgian Beer Tour that takes you from Amsterdam to Brussels and allows you to explore just how much of the good stuff you can really handle. Starting off in Amsterdam–I hope your hippocampus is still functioning after this–you have the chance of exploring the Van Gogh Museum or drinking, taking a sightseeing tour or drinking, and walking around Amsterdam or drinking. See the full post »

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Hopping Around Ocean Beach


Ocean Beach Pier

It’s the end of an era in San Diego. Thanks to a sizable contingent of drunken goons whose increasingly abhorrent behavior culminated in a melee at Pacific Beach last September, the City Council recently passed an alcohol ban on all beaches as well as bay shores and coastal parks. The ruling is unfortunate for those who call Ocean Beach home; a laid-back community where we don’t feel the need to pelt law enforcement officers with bottles and cans. Luckily for us, there are several bars in OB within walking distance of the sand and not all of them cater to the Jager Bomb and Miller Chill crowd. So, if you’re spending some time here soaking up the sun and surf, or live here and need a break from the usual suspects on Newport Avenue, here are a few places serving up some quality beers. See the full post »

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Excuse me, I ordered the “Real Ale”


Real Ale Fest

The Mutineer Team descended on Carlsbad’s Pizza Port this past weekend to attend the 11th annual Real Ale Festival. Imagine a land full of the best cask conditioned ales with the added bonus for those in the VIP section of twenty outstanding bottles to taste. Imagine no more, this becomes reality at the Real Ale Festival. I try to attend every event at the Carlsbad Pizza Port because I am never let down and this time was no exception.
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