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The Device


The Device

Have you always wanted to home-brew, but didn’t want the hassle of purchasing all the equipment and hauling everything back and forth? Well then, your solution has arrived, an all-in-one beer machine. See the full post »

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Cristal Cerveza = Awesome Advertising


Cristal Cerveza

Cristal knows how to market a product! I’ve never enjoyed Cristal, which I’m sure is a top-notch beer (or Cerveza), so I set out to learn. I found myself on this website: www.cristal.com.pe. See the full post »

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Budweiser Frogs


Budweiser Frogs

Sgt. Pepper is to concept albums as the Budweiser Frogs are to concept advertising. This campaign was EPIC. At the center were three frogs (they do kind of look like toads though) named “Bud” “Weis” and “Er”. The ad campaign debuted during the 1995 Super Bowl (49ers dominated).
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Alcohol in the Latest Men’s Health

Men's Health

The latest Men’s Health Magazine has two stories about alcohol in it.

The first story is called “When Beer is Bad”, and it refers to a University of Michigan study that links beer consumption to pancreatic cancer. Bummer. Apparently drinking one beer a day resulted in the onset of cancer five years earlier than those who developed pancreatic cancer without drinking beer. The study mentions alcohol being the risk factor, but doesn’t mention how the results of other alcoholic beverage like wine and spirits. See the full post »

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Spuds MacKenzie: An American Institution


Spuds MacKenzie

Spuds MacKenzie was like a marketing super soldier. Spuds made his world premier during a super bowl ad, and soon skyrocketed to doggie stardom. Spuds got all the women, and partied pretty much non-stop. He was a celebrity that middle America could finally relate to, and he became an institution in American pop culture. See the full post »

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In the Heat of the Day


Unibroue Ephemere
It’s hot and a little sticky, you’ve just finished washing the car and you come inside for a refreshing drink. All you have in the fridge is cola and an lmperial Porter. Don’t get me wrong I love porters, but on a hot summer day its not my choice for a thirst quenching beverage. See the full post »

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Blue Palms Brewhouse Opens in Hollywood


Blue Palms

Great anticipation has awaited the opening of the Blue Palms Brewhouse located in Hollywood. Located in the same spot as the original Blue Palms Lounge that’s history goes back to the 1930’s – owner Brian Lenzo has recreated the look and feel of the original place. Hollywood now has a real beer bar with only crafts brews and even a cask engine. See the full post »

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Schlitz Rocks America with The Who

Schlitz Rocks America with The Who

In 1982, one of the boldest marketing moves ever was made when two of the globe’s most compelling brands joined forces to rock the hell out of America: Schlitz beer and The Who.

It was a natural move when you think about. Personally, whenever I open an ice cold Schlitz, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Damn, I really want to the listen to The Who right now.” And when I’m listening to The Who in headphones, more often than not there is a delicious Schlitz beer in my hand. See the full post »

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