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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Beer Pong Table


Beer Pong Table Costume

This costume is a great conversation starter, just beware of one thing: Stay away from balls. Any kind of balls. Anything even remotely resembling a sphere that can be launched will be thrown at you with a vengeance. This will be hilarious the first time, but when the first golf ball hits you in the cheekbone, you will quickly lose your sense of humor. See the full post »

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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Beer Keg


Beer Keg Costume

This costume is pretty awesome. Not too many hazards associated with it, that is unless you are an over ambitious, intoxicated, pseudo-gymnast who tries to do a keg stand on your shoulders. If you can avoid this obvious design flaw, this costume should serve you well. See the full post »

Elysian Fields: A Heaven of Pumpkin Beer


Elysian Brewing Company

The Mutineers made sure to visit Elysian Brewing Co. in Seattle during a recent trip, and as a result had some truly awesome pumpkin beer. The Elysian Great Pumpkin Ale is an award winning, truly tasty beverage that is best enjoyed in one of Elysian’s several Seattle brewpubs alongside some exceptional food. Look for a full story in the upcoming issue of Mutineer Magazine.

See more at our Mutineer Magazine Flickr page.

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Is the “Irish Car Bomb” Politically Incorrect?


Irish Car Bomb

I was in New York a couple weeks back hanging out at an Irish pub, and I ordered an “Irish Car Bomb”.

Irish Car Bomb 101:
You fill a shot glass with half Bailey’s and half Irish Whiskey, and you drop the shot glass into a half pint of Guinness Beer. Immediately after dropping the shot glass you must chug or suffer the fate of a curdled drink. See the full post »

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Sportscenter of Yakima


Eric Phillips and JJ Bagley

I love Sportscenter, both the ESPN version and the awesome food and beer version in Yakima. The Mutineer Magazine crew moseyed over to this Yakima stronghold after the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival concluded. See the full post »

Roy Farms: Yakima Hop Farm



As part of our invasion of the Yakima beer scene, Beer Mutineer JJ Bagley and Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf checked out Roy Farms, a hop farm in the bustling metropolis of Moxee, WA, just outside of Yakima, WA. See the full post »

We’ll Be The Judge of That


JJ Bagley

We don’t rate beverages at Mutineer Magazine; however, we are happy to lend our palates to a festival by way of judging. That is precisely what myself and Beer Mutineer JJ Bagley did at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival. See the full post »

The Mutineers at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival


Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival

We’ve returned from the land of hops and apples with our livers and reputations intact, and for all practical purposes, that is a decisive victory in the world of the Mutineer.

Mutineer Magazine proudly sponsored the 6th Annual Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival this past weekend and I can say with confidence that the only thing more beautiful than the women of Yakima is the beer. These people know how to throw a killer party; we were very impressed. See the full post »

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