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Stuck in the Middle


Beachwood BBQ

For me the beach has always signified relaxation. It just so happens this is the home of Beachwood BBQ. The signage atop the door reminds me of 60’s pop culture, inviting and colorful. Twenty-six taps and thirty-eight bottles available now and Chef/Proprietor Gabriel Gordon tells me that about twenty more bottles are coming soon. Click here for beer list. See the full post »

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Pumpkin Carving, Creating Holes in Your New Fermentation Container


Pumpkin Brewing

These guys are on it! Brewing beer in a pumpkin is not only festive but practical. There are a TON of pictures at Beer School about this, check them out and start making your plans for pumpkin brew for Halloween 2009.

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Skull Beer Bong


Skull Beer Bong

I told myself I would never use a beer bong again, but after seeing this skull beer bong my mind has been changed. Don’t have a costume for the party? Throw this over your shoulder and show up to a party with blood-colored beer. You will be guaranteed to either be the hit of the party or just piss everyone off that ends up with stains on their clothes because of your concoction. Either way you will be remembered.

Buy it here.

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Can You See The Beer Stash?


Can You See The Beer Fridge?

Somewhere in this picture is ice cold Stella Artois hidden from the prying eyes of supervisors, managers, police officers and AA sponsors. See the full post »

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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Bavarian Beer Garden Girl


Bavarian Beer Garden Girl

For you ladies out there that have been turned off to women’s Halloween costumes because they have been reduced to skimpy outfits with a “theme”, then this costume is NOT for you.

This costume will allow you transform yourself into the classic Bavarian beer garden girl, a character that was a childhood favorite of mine. This costume is pretty awesome on every level, and sure to be a hit at your Hollywood party destination.

Buy it here.

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iBeer goes to iCourt with iPint



Jay Brooks of RealBeer.com reports that Steve Sheraton, the inventor of iBeer, is suing Coors for ripping off his idea and allowing users to download it for free. Did I also mention that Steve Sheraton is a magician? You do not want to end up in a court room with this man. He is ticked off, $12.5 million ticked off to be precise, and he has a case. See the full post »

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Slumming in Dallas

BeerOther Beverage

The Flying Saucer

I headed out to Dallas last week to get an idea for what the beer scene was like, and how it has changed since my departure five years ago. After landing I took off to Fort Worth to spend some quality time at The Flying Saucer. This place had a great selection of beers available and after several of these beers the night ended and slurred into the morning. See the full post »

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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Beer Man


Beer Man Costume

If you want to spend Halloween humiliated and alone, you need this suit. Dubbed “Beer Man”, and clearly inspired by the costume work on SNL’s “Ambiguously Gay Duo”, this suit is the ultimate form of birth control. See the full post »

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