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Bad Decisions of 2009: Drinking Chelada


The Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. A commercial airliner made a better [crash] landing on the Hudson River than they do under normal conditions on land. The largest underwater press conference of all time occurred with 61 journalists. Wait… What?

2009 has just begun and it’s already off to a crazy start with a failing economy, Michael Vick still in jail, and an executive branch for our government that 10 years ago nobody would have fathomed. With craziness all around me, I was feeling a little ballsy last night and I puffed out my bird chest and marched right into Walmart and grabbed a 24 ounce can of Chelada. What is Chelada you ask? It’s Bud Light mixed with Clamato, which is tomato juice and reconstituted clam broth. Wait…What? See the full post »

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Theobroma: Beer of the Gods



The Dogfish Head Brewery located in Delaware is known for its creative and bold approach in selecting ingredients for its brew, and Theobroma is no exception. Literally translated as “Food of the Gods” the inspiration for this beer came from samples of ancient pottery fragments found in Honduras. These ingredients include Aztec cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, honey, chilies, and annatto. The discovery of this early recipe pushes back the known use of cocoa for human consumption more than 500 years to around 1200 BC. By popular demand Dogfish Head will release this special brew for a second time in the summer of 2009.

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Savor: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience


Now in its second year Savor is the ultimate craft beer and food pairing event. This years one night tasting will include 120 craft beers from 65 breweries paired with over 35 different appetizers. One of the best aspects of this event is the opportunity to meet and discuss beer with the brewers responsible for crafting such incredible beverages. It’s the knowledge of these brewers and their ability to communicate the passion they have for their creations that will make this evening unforgettable. See the full post »

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A Beer Poem


I sit and sip my IPA, mulling over the now gone day.

The hops hit my tongue and lull my mind, I slowly start to unwind.

The beer is good the day is done, now it’s time to have some fun.

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The Star Wars Zone


Star Wars has left a lasting impression on many of us, but for some, things have gone way too far. Here we have a collection of Star Wars fans tributes, not only to the epic space opera, but to beer as well. How these two come together is for the fan to imagine and the observer to behold. So now I present to you what could only be seen in the world of, The Star Wars Zone. See the full post »

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Full Sail Brewing: Slipknot Imperial IPA


Oregon brewery Full Sail has released its Brewmaster Reserve Series, Slipknot Imperial IPA, and will be available from January to the middle of March. “As the name implies, every aspect of this American style IPA is amplified – from the up-front hop aroma and bitterness to the big malt body,” said Full Sail’s Brewmaster, John Harris. See the full post »

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ESPN on Beer Pong: Of Course It’s a Sport!


Beer Pong: Sink It - Drink It

ESPN Columnist Rick Reilly posted his thoughts on the sport of beer pong, fine beverage’s proving ground for throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups of beer. Beer pong players are the real deal,

You have never seen such large people throw such tiny objects into such small receptacles with such hair-raising frequency. The best teams hit about 70% of their shots on the eight-foot tables. That’s like pitching a quarter into a parking meter slot seven times out of 10. – Rick Reilly

Here is a link to the full story on ESPN.com.

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One For The Troops


This year, troops in Iraq will get something they have never been able to have; beer. On February 1st and 2nd, Soldiers will be allotted two 12-ounce beers each for Super Bowl XLIII. General Raymond Odierno, the top commander in Iraq, signed the waiver on Wednesday allowing Soldiers to drink alcohol which comes as a big surprise as all members of the military are banned from alcohol while serving in combat zones such as Iraq. See the full post »

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