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Proposal to Raise Oregon Beer Taxes by Nearly 2,000%


Today is not a good day to be an Oregon brewer, because today Oregon brewers are asking themselves how they are going to remain competitive with their elected officials looking to raise the excise tax on the state’s brewers by nearly 2,000%. See the full post »

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Kate Moss: Beer Drinking Supermodel


We have all heard about the drugs and cat fighting involved in the shady underworld of supermodel fame. The bitchy attitudes and sense of entitlement that runs rampant in this elitist career never seems to wither. Well one of the high priestesses of supermodel stardom is back in the news and this time she apparently thought it was a good idea to pound some beers during make-up and snub her fellow model. See the full post »

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Chocolate & Beer Pairings for Valentine’s Day


For chocoholics Valentine’s Day is the end all be all of holidays. For beer lovers this is a perfect opportunity to show just how well beer pairs with this holiday treat. The best pairings are with craft beers and good chocolate. See the full post »

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Taking Down The Beer Tax


In 1991 the federal excise tax on many items was basically doubled, this included tax on beer. Since that time all the taxes on so called luxury items have been repealed except for the beer tax. Now, legislation has entered Congress that will take the excise tax back to the pre-1991 level and provide relief to brewers and buyers alike. This is an important piece of legislation that could help stimulate a hard struck economy. The Beer Institute and The Brewers Association have led the fight to repeal this tax. They have detailed information on how to contact your representative to get involved. For the complete story and information click here.

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Chocolate Stout Float


Beer and food combinations have started to make their way into restaurants all across America. This could be a food and beer pairing such as spicy food and India Pale Ale. It could also be cooking with beer, like when wheat beer is used in a cake recipe. Here is a simple dessert, The Chocolate Stout Float, that uses a combination of both techniques. See the full post »

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Magic Hat and the Night of the Living Dead


Photography by: nra45acp

Trudging through the Vermont countryside in knee high snow listening intently for any noise that seems out of place you finally stumble upon your destination, Magic Hat Brewing Company. With one more glance back you make a break from the tree line and dash across the last hundred feet looking back to make sure the evil one hasn’t spotted you. The door silently swings closed and you let out a heavy sigh of relief knowing that your return journey will be that much easier with your variety pack of Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead brews.

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Zombie Uniform For The Beer Lover


Beer Zombie T-Shirt

There is nothing worse when hunting zombies than accidentally shooting a living human. This is easier than you might think after downing a sixer of your favorite beer to rally your quivering courage get you out the door and on the hunt. One way to keep everyone on your team alive is to outfit them with uniforms. While your hiding behind abandoned cars and reloading your Smith & Wesson you may not be sure whether the staggering body coming toward you is a corpse or your buddy just coming home from the bar, but the beer zombie t-shirts from My Two Cents Clothing are the perfect way to differentiate between the living dead and the just plain drunk. Also available are babydoll t-shirts for the ladies, because the last thing you want to do is shoot the last remaining pretty girls on the planet.

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Gluten Free Beer at a Zombie Refuge Center Near You


The folks at Bard’s had two missions: create a beer that everyone could enjoy and develop the ultimate Zombie Refuge Center (ZRC). Both of these have merit, but lets start with the beer. See the full post »

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