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Super Mario, Mega Man, and Link All Drink Rainier Beer


Mega Man, Mario and Link, enjoy a Rainier Beer while putting it on a hook

Of the 52,298 people that viewed this short video chronicling the angling adventures of classic Nintendo icons Mario, Link, and Mega Man, 72% thought it was “funny”, and apparently 28% want this video to “die”. The “Funny or Die” video for the song “Put It On A Hook” by Inhumans and Directed by Austin Valley features the 8-bit characters drinking some Rainier beer while they resort to extreme measures to catch a wily fish. See the full post »

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Blogger Interview: Hop Talk


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 4 we highlighted six beer blogs that you should be reading. Here is the second of six full interviews with those bloggers.

Site: hop-talk.com
Bloggers: Al Everett & Ron Nemeth
Location: Fredrick, MD & Saratoga, NY
Launched: July 2006 See the full post »

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Blogger Interview: Dr. Wort’s Buzz-erk Beer Blog


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 4 we highlighted six beer blogs that you should be reading. Here is the first of six full interviews with those bloggers.

Site: wortblog.blogspot.com
Blogger: Dr. Wort
Location: Portland, OR
Launched: January 2007

See the full post »

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I Must Have This #2: The Upside Down Beer Bottle Glass Device


Hopeside Down

Now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t remember there being an ‘I Must Have This #1’, and that is because it never existed…UNTIL NOW. In a move I’m sure all will agree with, I’ve made the incredible alcohol firing gun the first installment of this series.

Today’s item (and actually available for purchase in the real world) is the “Hopside Down” glass. This glass has been making waves on blogs, and it is pretty cool, I’m just not sure why. I mean, if you want a bottle of beer, why are you pouring it out of the bottle in the first place? This paradox is supported by Hopside Down’s motto “viva la longneck”. I don’t care, I’m into this and I must have this.

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Kells Irish Style Lager


Rogue Kells Irish Style Lager

The term lager doesn’t usually inspire much for beer drinkers, but when I saw that Rogue had produced Kells Irish Style Lager I simply had to try it. Rogue developed this recipe for Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub, but it is also available at your local beer store. I poured a few glasses and after my friend tried it, the first thing he said was, “This is the best beer other than specialty Belgian style sours that I have had.” I have to say he was right, full of flavor and without any foul after-taste that is usually associated with this style of beer, the Kells is a great session lager. For more on Rogue visit there website.

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Six Flags Texas Tries to Sell Beer, SoberTexas Forecasts Human Extinction


I came across a story today about beer potentially being approved for sale at Six Flags in Texas. According to Dallas News, “…Six Flags is only selling beer at six restaurants. You can’t walk around the park with it. You can’t buy more than one beer at a time. The park won’t start selling suds before noon and will shut down beer sales two hours before closing.See the full post »

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99 Bottles: A Beer Store For The Beer Lover


The Pacific Northwest offers beer lovers so many things; exceptional beer bars, brewpubs, breweries, and what I think is the coolest beer store ever, 99 Bottles. When you walk through the door you are greeted by a warm staff and a chilly room filled with over 900 different beers. Using traditional coolers for some of the beer and keeping the rest of the store at a cool 64-65 degrees assures that all of your purchases have been maintained with the utmost care. See the full post »

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The Happening: Philly Beer Week


You can find beer festivals all across America from small town gatherings to those large enough to be held in convention centers. As craft beer becomes more available and more understood people want to experience what American beer culture is all about. See the full post »

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