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Beer Spotlight: Deschutes Cinder Cone Red


Cinder Cone Red Ale

Beer: Cinder Cone Red
Brewery: Deschutes Brewery
Style: American Amber/Red Ale
Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass

Named after a volcanic cinder cone turned ski resort, Deschutes Brewery’s Cinder Cone Red exhibits one of the same qualities that this pillar of Central Oregon’s Mount Bachelor does, its dark red color. As the warmer weather melts the snow “Red Hill” begins to show its face . According to David Gadd, Cinder Cone Red, “teeters on the brink of world-class. Gorgeous to look at, with constantly shifting coloration ranging from ripe apricot to molten magma. The slathery head gets all over the glass and stays there, while the crushed velvet texture delivers up lacquery flavors that put a shine on the palate thicker than a triple coat of Verathane. The complex, never-ending hops notes are the icing on the cake. Killer beer.” Sounds to me like a great way to enjoy the coming summer months.

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Beer Spotlight: Sam Adams Summer Ale

Sam Adams Summer Ale

Beer: Samuel Adams Summer Ale
Brewery: The Boston Beer Company
Style: American Wheat Ale
Suggested Glassware: New Samuel Adams Pint Glass

One of many Samuel Adams Seasonal Beers, the Summer Ale, has two unique twists. The first is grains of paradise. Katie Powell of The Boston Beer Company tells me, Jim [Koch] visits the spice markets all over the world to find the highest quality and best tasting ingredients for our beers – Grains of Paradise being one of them.” This seed is grown in Western Africa and imparts a mild pepper-like flavor with hints of ginger, cardamom and coriander. Originally used as a cheaper substitute for black pepper the spice has long been used to flavor alcoholic beverages. The name is derived from a tale that the grains were only available in Eden and had to be collected from a river flowing out of this mythical garden. The second is the addition of lemon zest to the brewing process. Americans feel the need to add lemon to wheat beers, though my thought is if the brewer wanted to add lemon he would have brewed it that way. The Boston Beer Company does just that with its Summer Ale by brewing with the zest of the lemon, which contains more essential oils and gives it the zing without having to add anything at all.

If you like this beer try:
North Coast Brewing Company, Blue Star Great American Wheat
Rock Bottom Brewery, Heartland American Wheat

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Beer Spotlight: Coney Island Sword Swallower


Beer: Sword Swallower
Brewery: Shmaltz Brewing Company
Style: Experimental
Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass

Sword Swallower is one of the “Freak” beers from Shmaltz Brewing Company’s line of themed brews inspired by the freak show on Coney Island. Great labeling is the first thing that catches your eye with any of their beers. This one pays homage to Heather Holiday a real life performer in the show. See the full post »

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Oregon Beer Tax


The following are two full interviews from our Final Word article in the April/May issue of Mutineer Magazine with Deschutes owner Gary Fish and the other being with Representative Ben Cannon’s office.

Gary Fish-Owner Deschutes Brewery

Alan Kropf: What do you think about the Oregon beer tax?

Gary Fish: If it was a one hundred percent increase people would think that was ridiculous; this is a two thousand percent increase, it’s hard to even comment on something that is so outrageous. They [legislature] have know idea how the private sector actually operates and they think this won’t hurt when it’s going to hurt a lot. See the full post »

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Beer Spotlight: Unibroue Maudite


Unibroue Maudite

Beer: Maudite
Brewery: Unibroue
Style: Belgian style red strong ale
Suggested Glassware: Chalice or Goblet

This is the Belgian style ale that started my love for beer. This red strong ale first caught my attention not from the taste but the packaging. All Unibroue ales have some of the best artwork I have seen on any beverage label and this is one of the most interesting. The label depicts the legend of the Flying Canoe, the story tells of eight woodsmen who made a deal with the devil to fly them back to their village to enjoy a festival. During the flight one man loses his nerve and invokes the name of God crashing the canoe and causing the men to never be heard from again. See the full post »

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Histoire de Mutineer (A Seattle Adventure)


A view from the balcony in Seattle’s Chapel.

The Mutineers rolled into Seattle last night for something of an adventure. We split up to start things off, with 2 of us heading to Elliott Bay Brewing to check out the awesome Elliott Bay Beer we’ve been hearing so much about, and the other two heading to the new Seattle food-Mecca, Purple Café. It should be noted that after something like 15 glasses of wine at Purple Café, my note-taking morale plummeted and I can only report on the vague recollections of the events that followed. See the full post »

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R2-D2 + Heineken Mini-Keg = Beer2-D3


If you regularly read the Mutineer Blog, you know that alcohol + anything = awesomeness. Today’s blog post is no exception. Enter Beer2-D3, a bold collision of fine beverage and post-modern science fiction. Created by Paul Loughridge, this is an ingenious use of the Heineken mini-keg. See the full post »

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Blogger Interview: Blog About Beer


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 4 we highlighted six beer blogs that you should be reading. Here is the third of six full interviews with those bloggers.

Site: blogaboutbeer.com
Blogger: Luke Livingston
Location: Portland, ME
Launched: August ‘07

See the full post »

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